(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Standing room
only crowd in Tarble pavilion Wiley, look at that
acceleration through the lane Offensive rebound, counts the basket and the fist pump, and the foul
for Robbie Walsh, the junior (upbeat rock music plays) (♫) (♫) Now here comes Bourne,
Wiley for three, hits, Lebryk, bang, in front
of the student section it’s Lebryk for three in the corner (♫) (♫) Celebration for Garnet as
they hoisted their first ever Centennial Conference
tournament trophy it’s Henry Cousineau for three (♫) (♫) And the ball is in the hands
of the senior Michael Rubayo The final score in the Garnet
NCAA Tournament Game two It’s Swarthmore 86, the
College of Staten Island 61 The Swarthmore Garnet will host the Captains of Christopher,
Newport, in a top-25 second-round NCAA tournament matchup (♫) He’ll pull it out, Cousineau straight away (♫)