I’m gonna change my hurricanes though
now the question is do I leave that in the recording or do I start again oh oh
and welcome to the Super Rugby round 18 predictions brought to you by DrivingMaul hi I am Paul the guy behind DrivingMaul and the guy you heard in the background there
but it’s not on picture yes here he comes
it’s Steve from the cornflakes crib hey doing so I’m doing very well thanks for
having us on again this final time in the season almost for regular season a
bit so this stuff regular season yes absolutely regular season but not final
top floor we’ve got final week at least another three weekends off this to go
the excitement the joviality the jumping around there watching games in the
middle of the night but thankfully you know what this weekend could be the last
weekend of watching games in the middle of the night as long as the hag you are
is keep on winning they will be hosting it so that we have no game since Africa
which means that at least it’ll be a early morning start for those games
rather than the middle of the night so yes week we could be in for our last two
middle of the night games of the regular season I know anyway some I’m screwed no
matter what you do well at least you can use tissue sleep put one ear but in and
listen to the radio sports coverage as you’re as you’re at work when you start
jumping around and clapping oh yeah what’s he doing doing me so don’t need
any but they react so a so we kick off on Friday nights with the Highlanders
vs. Waratahs the quickly looking at The Hondas team Josh McKay in the holo
Thompson Walden Lee Ione Smith white lock Len cheese Squire Franklin Hema Poe
Lomax Coleman and Johnson on other the players
they’re so big news really is that Ben Smith is not in the slightest hamstring
has pulled up so he’s gonna miss out on this
last ever home game for the Highlanders and he’s not going to go else to say
goodbye to the boys down in Invercargill I know it’s not his hometown Dan Eaton
is but even so it’s a shame that he can’t so he can’t sort of see off things
on the picture yeah I guess the only thing that needs to remain to be seen as
it hopefully they wouldn’t get the job done so that he could come back next
week instead in the playoffs that’s that’s the ultimate goal but yeah I mean
it’s a waste way off next weekend it’s a way but it’s true but he’ll still play
for the Highlanders that’s what I mean I mean we want to see him on the field
before it is international time we’re gonna yeah you want to see him one more
time in Highland it’s colors whether it be here or or wherever up baby who
really knows that the stage that they’re you know they’re part of the competition
still pretty much in the ear we’re they’re gonna end up but still yeah
being Smith one the greatest All Blacks ever you you can’t really argue it and
for the Highlanders for Otago one of the greatest legionary players he’s up there
of the The Jeffersons and in those kind of play so yeah really up there for me
um and if we could see them back again but I’m down here and they the gold dig
deep deepest themselves and it’s gonna be interesting to see how yeah normally
they say this is the game with the Highlanders this is when they’re back to
them they’re that the the home I guess you call it in the cold and in the band
where the bombing they play under a roof now so it’s hardly even a factor if
anything you’d say the Waratahs you know they gotta be just as adapted
because they both coming to this different sort of climate now and we’re
just gonna probably be I mean their time and eyelets we gonna be getting rather
cold rather Joey it’s gonna be icy it’s gonna be not nice and they’re gonna be
wrapped up in blankets on the sidelines we don’t have any nice little covers for
the players down here you literally get let me think of you New Zealand or
warehouse stick Co or if you’re in Australia like a Bunning sticks here or
or gets something really cheap and nasty the salon so it’s not nice it’s not a
nice place to play the players but hey it should be good gave me the lease and
now Ben Smith yep well done son hopefully we see some more times in the
Highlanders jumper well there should be two Thrones really a throne for Ben
Smith there should be done those we made special and also hats it and a throne
for Liam common can relations on your hundredth game for the
for the club or for the Highlanders of the franchise whatever you want to call
it the Highlanders called themselves at love
so it’s hundredths cap so congratulations to leave comment on that
one turning out at number two and you’re to say looking at the injury list for
all these that the players not missing there’s any four players missing fraught
for injury for the Highlanders yeah they’ve arrived at the right into the
season at this point in the season with a fully fit squad which is pretty
impressive pretty well yeah it’s all well and good to have a fit squatters in
it but I mean there’s still work for them to be done full of Highlanders of
course they need a bonus point win which is number one priority and they need the
chiefs of one of the other bonus point that’s going to get them the best
possible finish which will be in seventh and so either way you’re looking for the
Highlanders they could do the piece they could do with a stoning other results to
go the way to make it into their top eight so it’s not really in their hands
which it’s the biggest thing that’s really going to go against them hitting
into these playoffs for them yeah it is they put a 62 bench with any addiction
in the 23 jersey interesting love the Waratahs have done the exact same thing
they’ve gone for a 6-2 bench as well but looking at their 62 bench Jake Gordon
and Tassie as the backs replacements that’s a scrum half and a winger if they
lose their life if they lose Mac Mason at number 10 there is some real trouble
this time on Friday night yeah well hopefully hopefully there happens
because they the chance in the arm of it out night and well you talked about the
team already but of course if all all the players you’ve got out because
you’ve left all their rotations so late they’ve got not the best team out there
and yeah they could be in a bit of strife but I don’t know what they’re
expecting sorry sorry not their best team that sugarcoat this one on you
let’s pick those players missing Michael Hooper curtly bail so Kofi Kapoor
Bernhard Foley and Robert Simmons pretty
all the players there any good that haven’t been fired for being bigoted you
can pee though to what they’re losing yeah I mean Hooper I guess you could say
it’s a great player international quality player boo boo millets being
around Super Rugby for a while definitely a capable play alex Newsome’s
played a lot before the war it sounds as well for Kitty’s been in there that
midfield so yes they lose in quality players but not like the throwing of
guys playing there this seeking camp of Super Rugby so down is the step down is
pretty considerable really let’s be honest when you get take that amount of
experience and leadership team you’ve taken the heart out the team basically
they’re missing there but their five best players if the if the hunters can’t
put up a good win over this side then in all honesty hunters don’t deserve to be
in the finals well yeah I mean the biggest the biggest loss for me and
their and their Waratahs team is Foley I mean I can deal if the others oppose
Waratahs fan I could say okay I can deal with the others but Foley is a big loss
to me Nick Mason yeah big auntie stood guy and I mean the tasks they need
exactly the same result as the Hollister really they need to win it with a bonus
point and in the Chiefs to win without the bonus points oh and they could slip
into eights position yes it is still possible the Waratahs I’m not out of the
woods just eats so I mean they got Sun a playful still they think they have buddy
and say it’s a Newsome Clark Ashley Cooper forget 0 no Mason Phipps Sinclair
Miller Wells sunny forth Hannigan Robertson Fitzpatrick and Johnson Holmes
yeah there’s there’s it’s not a very scary lineup to be honest there is
experience in there we’ve got two dads in a 13 Jersey
you’ve got Phipps in there as well so yeah Curtis Rowan is playing some decent
rugby at the moment so I mean there are some there are some good players in
there but it’s a lightweight pack on the whole they’ve also gone for a 62 bench
but they’re 62 bench I mean the the the Highlanders at least have got muddy
banks on there so he can come on and play in the centres poorly but a plain
centres or at 10 whereas the water I’ve got literally all their eggs in that Mac
Mason basket now hey very promising play under 20 s
Australia player etc but ye as you say only played a couple of games at this
kind of level really is raw so I’ve gone with the with the Highlanders by I think
it’s eight or ten so now that hun is by ten what’s your prediction for this one
I’ve gone with you what your first seed which was Highlanders by eight points
but I mean you look at our fact that the harlots could pull a sudden loss if
things get really tricky I mean the sheriff Rahzel out in midfield know
about it oh now now that I that I would actually love to see result in this old
Jersey ah yes now mappy on stone well so I kind
of you know what I mean I’m not suggesting he’s his performance
enhancing intern lamb mapping sort of Godzilla kind of on a piece so from
there we can head over the ditch to the rebels versus the Chiefs this is the
other one that does matter these it’s nicely paired up back-to-back
because as you said if the Chiefs get a bonus point out of this and the previous
game is a total waste of time in all honesty but if they don’t then
then it all becomes that getting method so looking at the rebels lineup hello
petty Hodge English Meeks Cora Betty Cooper Kenya Nasrani Hardwick Cottrill
Jones fit Phillip Ainsley rang e and Faulkner so we have Guinea a Cooper back
again yeah that’s Mesa for them isn’t it but I
mean the history doesn’t side with rubles and it doesn’t very often does it
but they need the peace team out there and then and they’ve gotta put it out
there – they’ve they’ve taken that a little bit risky of a rotation in that
last week’s game and they need to hit back and it’s simple for the rebels it
really is pretty simple for them um their innate so they’ve got that steep
up I guess on the other team so they’d seek to win I guess and win for bonus
point and it’s done deal there’s need to win well the wind of baseball to make it
completely keep quick wouldn’t it I suppose yeah but yeah essentially went
and it’s a done deal but I mean a loss here of a debtor’s slight you say throw
saket completely amongst the pigeons but it is this is the this is the best that
they’ve got to offer isn’t it if they can’t get the job done of this team
they’ve got no excuses and they’re closed out of season has been good
grateful again although they’re falling out they’re falling off of a cliff they
yeah they started out really well top the Australia conference look to be
coasting it and then have just as they just walked off the edge of a cliff and
distance been awful the Chiefs they’re bringing Alomar low Stephenson Lynette
brown and then Cavill why no II Deborah’s any weather
Sawako Lou Kane Bashi artron Brody ripped alaric say although Harris and
Molly as you might have guessed there’s one name in there that’s that I think is
important for them actually well that two three four
Harris Tuvok tail though and retaliate call returning to strengthen that pack
that’s that’s a good pack isn’t it yeah that’s the Chiefs to offer could seem
when they’ve got actually foot players that and they’ll it’s the biggest
Achilles heel four seasons now is it’s a reoccurring theme with the side I’m
going through yeah Bradley italic back massive and in a good pickle round I
mean it’s it’s high-quality Peck even the back row as well look what the old
old so cooler he’s been just a mints at number eight for that team as well so it
looks really good the big matchup though although not much I was a player Jack
deep Rossini of course against his former club I mean what a time to come
out and essentially he could land a bit of a killer blow to this season if given
that opportunity as well so yep that’s good thing for the Chiefs I think the
best if offered up in a number of weeks in the way they’ve been performing you
gotta say they probably won the form teams hitting into this end of season
and the end to the playoffs if they can make it they are I mean they’ve still
got Sullivan McKenzie and then a nice Itoro
her Etta James MacPhail a Powell but so Paul Walt Jacobson allerdyce brown car
pick O’Neill McNichols Co and Falcon missing it’s not this is not a fault
this is not a fully fit squad by any stretch of imagination they are kind of
it is yes who’ve we got fit who can come on the pitch please please come and come
forward and play so yes it’s when we look at it it’s a full strength side for
who they got fit but they’re still couple of players short of what they
would like to have especially on the bench and that’s where it’s gonna where
it might sell in this is that yeah is when you have that kinda led them
injuries if you got you you canes and your italics back you can like yep okay
so this is a pretty good good good one on fifteen but then you start like it
replacement some goat new okay there’s a few there that you like mmm
not who I’d like to see there if I could if it was full strength so I’ve gone
through spy seven is that heart overhead now I I agree with you I do agree with
you I guess I’m probably in the same sort of boat it’s what he did see cuz a
chicks win offers up so much more in possibilities I guess coming from when
you want the Highlands to make it into the topic you know the Chiefs able to
get that win without a bonus points and then the possibility of the what other
Highlands if they when the previous game could come into the top eight as well um
before the Chiefs so they they said teens at the moment a bonus point win
there does a job for them of course that will get them into the top eight which
obviously is their goal I mean they could go as high sex believe it or not
it’s a bit of a complex situation basic a scenario for the chief so you go ready
for this bonus point win and they have to win by forty six or more points and
the Lions have to live by four picks or more points the Lions have to lose not
get a bonus point and the storm ones will have to draw their possibility will
get the Chiefs into sex their Chiefs fans out there get the calculator out
and get it’s our ruling on for the Lions to Toulouse and zombies to draw and that
could be on football that could lead to the Chiefs going to the Brumbies
for these quarterfinals if that’s if that panned out when it’s unlikely we
think those two games that were then going to gain that some the only matters
insofar as who finishes second and third a QR is versus some wolves I mean
without even looking at the lineups you’ve got to say initially this is this
is got try bonus point win for the hacker are is all over it right but I
mean that’s how various team is built such a cluster or a core or a group a
crowd almost of good who have performed at this level now
that they can rotate and I mean you look at the other teams like we talked about
the Laura tarts the you know risks of a few key guys I mean this like we’re
hosting can rest a few key guys and they’ve got other key guys income and
fill that role they have got such a strong group of players there they could
name two teams and you’d say well do you sleep over pretty good so yeah they’re
all over this you don’t even need to look at the team to know that they’re
pretty much all over this and they can risk so where they like they are right
up there right now they are cream in it so I will run
through the team there for you to collect country Larry Orlando in glacés
Carreras me ot it’s Cora into the pack now now there’s a few names here you’re
not probably going to find a bit you might not recognize as much as Brunei or
Britney leg Wisman lisanna power loss petty Perez o Montoya Shapiro so
definitely some players being rested there in the pack and also players like
beef Ellie for example has also been has dropped out of the match today 22 23
sorry yeah I’m not concerned but I know I know a name some people super ugly
people not to know is the title paparazzo arm a he I know exams of
Tinian caps so got a problem near whatsoever yeah you put a new guy but
I’m in the back row you got it good zoom on lisanna Tommy I’ll take that guy
under the wing salt or Bruni and they’ll sort them out no problems so no no
qualms wants to be but it’s good see glacis back they haven’t seen the old
Santiago gonzález Iglesias for quite some time and you talk about the beach
what a beach as well it’s crazy you bring it on Todd’s cube belly and
Mattias Maroney you guys they could easily start and continue again out we
need to get tide so that’s the crazy at the moment it’s awesome it’s great
though I mean don’t get me wrong it’s fantastic and I love looking at these
teams and the depth that they’ve built just goes to show up what they’ve
developed and Super Rugby over the last few years
yeah an absolute and yeah wet wet and we’re not we’re not we’re not in the
field current bandwagon with the anti him saying that dates that they
shouldn’t be in because we’re a national team no we love it though
hilarious love them yes bring on more so to visit them we have the some wolves
obviously masquerade were Vander Hiva samake laughs la to MU Parker booth
Gunther matters who mocchi Matt let’s go Matt Matt Matt sorry that’s the text and
has UK were row Abbot O’Donnell Vella and Macau me there so me there’s only
one player here I’m right there’s also a couple of players in here but the only
one that I’m really looking forward to is he’s watching matters and masquerade
WA and seeing him get another Troy buddy yeah son will Sunday gonna see Mercer a
religion he’s a great little player I mean we’ve talked about the hug Juarez
and how we love them and it’s exciting and it’s great for the game but I mean
the Sun was when they had that passion back of the startup season when they
heard that their purpose I guess their values they were they were much in the
same boat that the high Glaros are in right now yeah we talk about a lot of
times we’ve fallen off the ball big time since the announcement not be demise
next year but I mean it’s still this is actually building up to be a nice little
team we know of course they’ve got the 19 combination which is actually proving
to be pretty decent at this level booth was actually cool man pretty sure as a
hurricane’s player before he’s really stood up amazingly from what he was when
he was there of course Hardy Hayden Parker we know about him
because like laughs órale really last season ones that were amazing and the
honor of these new talents and these these old guys I feel but Ming’s calling
Masseria an old guy but he’s been around the block for a while then we took about
this in the review he’s only 27 so he’s not super old but he’s been around and
he’s not really shook the world like he has this season so they’re giving these
guys a new new lease on life essentially up there and bringing these guys up but
I guess like Japanese rugby has often struggled with it’s the pec that
probably has really had them to struggle with in I mean experimenting they got an
Irishman in the front row as well so hey what could possibly go wrong can
possibly go wrong will ever know something rather luck of the Irish so I’ve gone oh yeah I’ve done anything
that lucky I’ve gone hagu Aries by a by 15 exactly same yep so I think that’ll
secure the then the the second place making again we’ll talk about in a
moment Brumby’s versus red pretty much
irrelevant but before we go there so we got Oh spit in one little extra thing
about this game they’re probably surprised me about the hug wires and
Suttles it’s actually one one between these two teams have only meet twice and
it’s one one yeah yeah there we go surprising wouldn’t it the home sign is
always wanna might often there that’s historically hilarious there that’s
there for tape yes and so this year until this year so and that’s tacitly
warning I’ll be doing potent lifeboats reaction with Herman for that one I’m
sorry I lost when I first met reaction to the Highlanders one and I’ll also put
in person attraction to this one which is a hurricanes versus at the Blues um a
bit of an interesting line up by the Hurricanes mean at the beginning you
said I might be changing my prediction on this one because hey you know what
this one could be this one is an interesting lineup so here we go
Marshall Lam language Jensen to lower racy Gordon bash up Judd
Evans curry fee pin Princip Walker Walker Lawrence Lawrence re Lea Pepe
geldan hos Cole’s and Armstrong Ross cheese Wow
Highlander full mind okay there we go it’s behind spire I think if you look at
that back line there is only one first-choice player in there which has
been lamb everyone else in that despair it is an
entirely changed backline and the younger Proctor still can’t make it into
the side well I mean if you look the scene the other day won’t you look at
say yep hurricanes boy teen something like that
you’ll be pretty simple and before I seen the lineups here that that’s about
arson but yeah they’ve really mix things up completely heaven they they’ve
changed it I mean and why not – um they’ve got nothing really – Lucy do
they I mean but a pride no one likes losing to the Blues but you know I mean
it’s good to see somebody out here like ray I see good team gets dark so I think
needed even the player of the future looming a decent another young guy it’s
definitely something worth it here for the Hurricanes and I mean they’re in the
position naked door so why not I mean still they’ve comes out as they burnt
the right to do this right there yet they’ve got themselves
fourth place they can’t get they can’t get higher than forth they can’t catch
can’t catch the Crusaders fifth place isn’t going to catch them so hence what
they’ve managed to do and this is what John plumb what country’s days he’s
managing the workload remember place played lots of minutes in recent weeks
well there you go yep exactly um an up against them come the Blues who have not
won away from home yet to this season um a few players missing for the Blues my
phileo para feta trainer Collins Turner caffee still ill I saw met it’s been ill
for over a month for about a month now and I’m said what it is yet look man flu
for right knock mold Brown to poo and Faye on E as well Oh TJ felony was he
was act he was out which which means yes so it’s a quite a few players out there
which means that we welcome back Sonny Bill Williams into the into the side so
it’s own ni Clark Taleo Sonny Bill Williams yeah I only Blackpool ooh
I only Gibson happily he scruffed and to plot to rape Renata Parsons and Hodgman
so not the not the strongest plot props in the world is it missing both Carl and
well actually met deal play must Who am I thinking I’ve gone blank now telling
that Farsi 20 faster that’s it yeah not mention so 21st is not pink is
is clearly fit but it’s being rested to this game which interesting call timing
this much is the same situation is that the Blues have have not ruin earned the
right to being contingent for the playoffs so you know I mean why not look
to the future I guess I mean guys he’s got one away win please worn away win the last time they beat the Hurricanes
was team matchups to go back in 2014 2014 there was the glory days of Super
Rugby I mean the glory days of not coming lost yes absolutely those are the
glory days these losses still finish 14th
Tommy let’s stop they stop put too much heat of them that they can actually do
well here and and put something away I mean good to see Sonny Bill Williams
back I mean most people have forgotten about him to Steve Hansen still no Sonny
Bill Williams is around I mean it’s it’s I I’d love the Blues to get at least one
way win this season they’ve not had one for a while now I’ve come where they got
and last year or not they didn’t get what haven’t got one this year
but at the end of the day I’m a blues fan and I just can’t see them doing it
hurricanes by 7 for me you’re still gone for the games you know I’m not no I’ve
checked on myself but I’ll sing about double backtracking but no no we’re
gonna we’re gonna remain the same I’m gonna blues by 2 / – blue since I’ve
ripped you up all season long and I’m giving you this one chance of redemption
to do something good for my pick so there you go it couldn’t get much worse
so you go blue Spence do it for me so that’s why that’s the only game going
into this weekend that absolutely means nothing as far as positions on tables go
really Brumbies versus reds probably won’t mean anything as we’re expecting a
chorus to have already beaten the some wolves and they’re even need a bonus
point to stay ahead of the Brumbies so this game probably won’t mean
anything but the Brumbies so far I’ve not seen a lineup from them but they are
debuting a first-ever Pacifica Jersey which is interesting so
not not a find that they’ve they’ve had a I forgot what the Wallabies call their
Jersey that’s indigenous to if you think you um so it’s not an indigenous Jersey
this one is looking at the the Maori Fiji Samoan cook Island Tongan
roots parrot over half of their players Burmese players this season have got
Pacific island heritage oh well there you go
and why not sue well no it’s good on them the Brumbies I think the Brumbies
have really built up a good season this year and you’ve got to give a lot of
credit see how they’ve gone about their work have been called boring they’ve
been called all sorts of names but they’ve done very very well to build
themselves to this position to pretty much be safe and and done heading into
the playoffs but I will wear too but if you Cassie memories back to round six
do you remember what happened then when the Reds hosted the Brumbies in Brisbane
there was 36 to 14 other aids actually took them to pieces one occasion so I
mean look at the situation now when you look at the previous Jos a blast you
know two three four rounds it is you do yes a form wise Brumbies all over this
potentially should smash the reeds but I mean it’s a derby matches in Australia
always does lift up the Maroons its breadth or likes to call them but yeah
last time they met the Reds will be remembering that very well in the memory
and they’ll want to call that back but I counter to that is that the last six
meetings between two sides the home team has always won
yep so the the we have got a couple of players who are who are back from their
rest from their World News rest period so that’s some foot for the Reds I say
for bromine Swede Abbott we’ve not got a lineup yet but hey Gertie Campbell for
Louie Sura curry dugu new Magan Melua scott-young
right so lucky lotto hawkings Roda to poo Mathi
Smith JP that is Rouen Smith is on the bench hidden bot Morse on the bench or
two so some power to him off the bench and yeah that’s it spits what’s what
it’s nothing in here to play for except for pride so
so ya know not much on the line is here I mean for the reeds I mean if they do
perform well and they they get a bonus point when and and how far the
competition goes their way as well they could get up to nine good and they leave
it all the last round it’s that close I guess what does they tell you that
they’re closest or the competition in this season when you’ve got guys they
can go fourteenth the ninth in the last round well you think the Reds have got
six wins in this competition it’s in seventh and eighth of the swords rebels
with actually the Bulls in fifth have got seven wins there is one win
difference between fifth and 14th in the table that is super crazy
so actually yeah this latest table so yes it’s one win between between between
them and they’re the Reds problem this year’s they’ve only got four bonus
points which is which this isn’t some isn’t enough when you think that sharks
got like 7 bonus points and they’re not even in the playoffs yet so the they
really that’s been their big big Achilles heel this season and it’s
exactly what you’re saying that really does but sleet the table you say in the
reeds in 4,800 on six wins but these three teams above them they’re only on
five ones and it’s bonus points it’s purely beyond two bonus points in the
Harlan’s case straws that put them in their position so it’s keep out of the
game I mean for bonus points there’s a win essentially and it can really change
the season so yeah poorer breeds but I mean would you put them anywhere else
something dead probably deserve to be there how they do me to my son yes I’ve
also gone Brumby’s BER by 12 let’s now we go then we head into where
it really gets fun to be honest and that’s the overnight games now I am
thinking about if I can find some way of getting a second screen is watching this
watching these two games on a computer and then also live streaming during the
games to keep you up to date with how the playoff picture is going but I’ve
still got to find out to find a second screen from somewhere so if I would like
to wire me a few hundred bucks to buy a cheap laptop that would be much
appreciated and otherwise yes by begging and screaming
Stormers versus the sharks noting news yet we very rarely do at this point at
this stage of the weekend it only happens overnight tonight the only the
only comment I’ve got really about this game is that the Sharks are still
advertising season tickets on their homepage and yet wins the last game of
the season seriously I know there’s curry Cup coming up but really
advertising this the the digital or the social of the digital media for the
South African teams is pretty poor and the Lions website is horrible
and yet it’s seeing the Sharks still advertising there the season tickets
this stage decision just shows you that they’ve yeah they’re not they’re not
switched on at all of it well I mean yeah the website may not be switched on
but sometimes on the field they’re not switched on too well either so I guess
they go hand in hand a little bit between those two don’t they they could
go on here and these ones doesn’t the cloth picture in discus gets way
complicated with these ones draws would really throw everyone into the picture
these are the exciting games it’s but there’s there’s nothing we is quite to
talk about the players in these these ones yet um the anything I would say is
the Sharks have to play Bosh at 10 if they don’t they’re gonna lose and I just
don’t trust Dupree or to do the right thing so I’m back in storms by 7 I think
neither side is gonna take any any risks are they with resting anyone or anything
silly like that there’s no time this game it’s gonna be the the best of the
best they have I mean yeah it’s it’s simple for the Stormers don’t they they
need to draw I guess and that this has been um they need to do to actually make
it into the playoffs so yeah if they lose here yeah that’s when she gets
really interesting the Sharks not but to pay for that
playful though shots a lot play for me good yeah they could really mix it all
up but they still need a lot to go on the way a win puts them in but I mean we
have a end up why is all a big Mis so you kind of need what you’re gonna do
that you try will be scored and be like oh so the Sharks moved up to 8 then the
rebels have moved down it could be a it could be a real mess but around 3 of
course the storm would beat the sharks 16 points to Livan so err bet to your
equation for the weekend of course the loser will be the wooden spoon up for
South Africa – so no one wants to do this and fired five between the last
team matches between these sides as well so it is really 50/50 between these so
it couldn’t really get any tighter three home runs two away wins in the last five
so yeah I mean there’s steps that don’t help you on this occasion so it’s all
its equivalent so which way you’re going then five points to the Stormers five
points the storms we both think home advantage you’re going to do it but who
knows then we head to the balls lives our balls are the best out of also
African teams as far as naming their side to go because they get it out much
much before anyone else so well done to them like their media people well done
guys and also they have some really fun players so Gallants Hendrix coach coach
see Odin doll spec man who plays sevens on a 15s pitch Pollard Warner the
Newland Lindenberg van Stodden diamond Chris Kristen Lyon Kane bizarre V and
cabaco and now yeah spec bid will be fun having Dwayne from unum back is
important they’ve got Pollard in there this yeah they’re pretty much up to
abduct a full-strength on me I mean they got a couple days missing like like come
shot grips and Jason Jenkins I think but apart from that yeah this is looking
like a nice and slightly putting out I’m calling this a 1 eights final that’s
what I’m calling it v versus 6 I mean what wait you got a call a final so just
just spreading it out of it or 1 eights final love 16 doesn’t sound quite as fun as a 1 8 1 or
no does it the balls are safe are they they’re in the the topic no questions
about it or regardless what happens but the question will be where it’s 5 6 7 or
8 so there’s a lot that could change for them now to route the weekend but I mean
they still gone all out and there they still gonna where they’re putting out
the big guns the be sick team they can and I really
enjoy your pronunciation of their Bulls team it was just time not I’m sorry
anyway so yeah so did we’ve got a good eye
they’ve expect the lines to also roll out their first choice team as well
because they don’t know before name decides what they need out this game
they will know going into the game what they need I mean both these teams could
have finals fully already locked in and I’m the other big thing about this is
that it doesn’t matter where they finish in those between between fifth and
eighth they are going to have to travel overseas so it’s gonna be a long haul
trip anyway where so there’s none of this kind of playing around of oh if we
lose this or if you draw this we can get a a away semi-final away quarterfinal
but in South Africa now that all of these games are going to be played
overseas so in all honesty there’s it’s much of a muchness really as to who they
who they travel to I don’t think the Lions can afford to do anything but play
their best team mate they just can’t afford to I mean I wouldn’t suppose
we’ve the Bulls did that hurricanes the situation because like say I mean you
probably want to go play the Brumbies or something you want your as opposed to
playing the Crusaders in Christchurch but unless something they’ll take what
they can get but the Lions they could still get in with a bonus point loss so
they could scrape the away it depends on a lot of other things happening
throughout the weekend to lead to this point they could potentially even
leapfrog the bulls so it still had to put riding on it and they’re in their
perspective for the Cerio teams but either way like say they’re on the plane
and and if they don’t get it their own way if they do get pumped by the Bulls
they could completely drop out down tonight spot so yeah it’s a lot happen
in the last weekend so what would be funny is if these two teams are both are
in fifth and sixth and going into the game and that’s how they’ll finish
depending which way around with both teams trying to lose it to go the
Brumbies rather than having to travel winning yet to go to go to the
Hurricanes so yes that would be that would be amusing but but but it won’t
happen and yeah there we go I’ve gone Bulls at home oh there I mean the other
big thing about this game obviously is this is the closest you’ve got to a
local derby even Super Rugby they’re only about a half an hour drive
from each other they’re only like 50 or 60 times your case between the two of
them so maybe a bit more than half now but hey
basically you can get an away supporter for this one this is this this is a real
this is because it’s the two closest sides geographically in Super Rugby they
have hit there is history between these two provinces from way before Super
Rugby so yes Kleenex Transvaal versus northern
Transvaal this is yeah this one this was one you should actually have on the on
the calendar if you if you kind of like have a had a Learjet and could fly
around go to games this is one of the ones you want to be in the ground for
because the atmosphere will be cracking it will be a massive game so a great way
to finish finish the round robin with I do agree with you with your prediction
on menopause as well on by eights and i mean their backs up from around three
isn’t it when they met it was thirty points to 12 so maybe you should have
gone by eighteen instead however there we go I mean the polls don’t have much
history in this in in terms of wins recently before this year there was 2015
before they beat the Lions last time but as we know that was prime Lions wasn’t
it that was the cream of the crop for the Lions and um it’s not quite as good
as she was back then sadly no I’m getting Bulls by five in the end but the
and the other thing is that the Bulls are coming back from their tour to
Australasia where they got one win two draws on the loss so there will be
travel fatigue but they’ll be coming back in a very good mood having had that
having had a wonderful tour that mean they’re the the Bulls normally away the
form outside Africa is a is more historically I think they had one of the
longest losing streaks ever out of any team so to come away with a win and two
draws and just that one loss is is a fantastic result in sheds are informal
yeah they got me hard to beat you just got a question though looking
forward travel coming back on a plane again they’ve just got back for them but
I mean yet there are good touch you know if any of this African teams from
actually South Africa are going to put up a fight you’re probably putting money
on the poles would be the ones who to give it that big punch so that’s it
that’s all that’s all she wrote as far as
previewing the round 18 of Super Rugby st. Roch Stephen for joining me and
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