Congratulations. First of all, I was
rooting for you, So I was very
excited that you won. I always root for the underdog. So I was like this
is so, what a game. I mean the entire
game was incredible. And the gutsy moves. Every play you all did
was gutsy and brave. And especially that one,
and you called that, right? It’s just sort of a gut feeling. Coach Pederson and I
had talked about it and, we had talked about
it a couple of days before when we wanted
to do it, second half, different situations. But fourth and one
in the Super Bowl, you’re going against
the Patriots, you’re going to have to
do some stuff that is sort of risky to win this game. And the Philly
Special came to mind and went over there
and asked him. And Coach Pederson
being the great coach he is, he’s like all
right, let’s do it. It worked! So, the whole thing, is it
a blur or do you remember? Do you remember that
feeling when that happened? Yeah the feeling of playing
in the Super Bowl, that’s a question you asked, friends
ask you, and it’s just, it is surreal. It was a dream as a
kid and to do something like that in the Super Bowl. We were so fortunate
to be a part of it and just to be the
underdogs, like you said. Everything that happened,
it’s been unreal, and I’ve really had time
the last couple of days of just getting away, resting to
sort of reflect with my family. And to sit there and just
be like, what just happened, this is unbelievable. So that night, because
you play the Super Bowl, first of all, the night before,
can you sleep the night before? You know I sleep really
well before games. And then that night,
can you sleep after? I mean that. No. No, did not sleep
for three days. I was too excited
I was too excited. Wow and your daughter was
just listening to music the whole time,
didn’t even care. She had more interesting
things to listen to. She doesn’t care. To be able to share
and have that picture to show her when
she grows up to say, you were part of dad
won the Super Bowl. I mean that’s– There she is. All alone on the
field you left her. She’s somewhere. And then you did these
interviews afterwards and you talked about failures. Which I loved that you did that. And people would say,
why, but explain why. I think just I spoke
from the heart. I spoke from my experience. I was going to stop playing
the game two years ago. There was different things
going on in my life. My wife and I and
in my career as well to where I’d lost
the joy of the game. And I can’t do something
unless my heart’s in it. Especially the game of football,
that’s a seven day a week job. You got everyone depending on
you when you play quarterback. You’re in the huddle,
you’re doing everything, it was like if I don’t love
this, and it’s not in my heart, I can’t do it. I didn’t touch a
football for a long time. And then I had my family
there, the support of my wife there support me through it all. And my wife wrote me a
letter and in the letter she just talked about wanting
me to go back and play. But not to be out there and
play, but because she knew I wasn’t finished yet. She knew that I had so
much going on in my heart that I had to face
my fear, basically. Because it was almost
paralyzing to go back and play. And I prayed about
it, and I realized that the tougher decision,
the thing I was more afraid of was to go back and play. I would’ve been fine going
in a different way in life and I would have done whatever
and helped people in any which way possible. But I knew to make
more growth, I had to go back in
and face that fear. And face my failures,
and I did it. There was never an ‘aha’ moment. It was a tough decision and when
I took a step in that faith, I still was like, this
is going to be tough, I don’t know if this
is the right decision. But I did it and it was the
fourth day of training camp with the Kansas
City Chiefs where all of a sudden, like
a veil was lifted, and the joy came
back in my heart. I remember I broke down one
morning, I was journaling, and I always read the Bible
in the morning and journal and I remember just crying
because I was like I love the game of football again. But it was a different feel. It was a totally
different feel because of what I’d gone through
and it was those failures. And as athletes, we have an
opportunity to speak about it because I feel like athletes
we try to be perfect. And we’re not, we fail
just like anyone else, we have issues
like everyone else. We have life, life happens. It’s OK to share
those things because I think that’s what
makes us strong is overcoming those failures. Yeah I agree. We’re going to take a break. I know that Drew Brees texted
you right before the game. What a great guy he is, right? I know you love Drew. As you should, as you should. He is a good man. We have that,
there’s his jersey. I mean, that really got me
into the game of football. Because I hadn’t really been
paying attention till they made it to the Super Bowl. And now I’m obsessed. But that’s why I was just
so impressed with you and how you played in the game. And I agree with you, I
think failure, it’s cliche, but builds character
in a way that you don’t have unless you have failed. If people just
succeed and succeed, you have to have failure so.