I ask people all
the time, you know, when you catch and you’re
ready to shoot, I’m like, what do your eyes lock
in on as a target? Some people just
say simply the rim. Some people say the
back of the rim. Some people say they
look at the square and try to line up the ball
right in between the square. For me, what I feel
is most comfortable, when I look at the rim, I look
where the rim and the net meet. There are always
these little hooks that attach the net to the rim. And for me, there’s always
two, sometimes three hooks facing me, which
are almost the same width as a basketball. And so my goal is to put
that basketball right on those hooks, looking
at the front of the rim so that I remind myself to
have as much arc as I can, so that the ball is traveling
down as it’s coming to the rim, instead of having a flat jump
shot that’s most likely going to hit the back of the rim. I want to look at
the front of the rim and just try to put that ball
just over the front of the rim with a little bit of
touch, a little bit of arc, so in case I’m not
perfect in swishing it, I give myself a good
opportunity to get a soft bounce on the rim. [SWISH] [BOUNCE]