We are now in our first step. our pipes came here with this trailer from the main factory. After arrival we will unload the pipes form the trailer to our stock area. Then the stocked pipes or assemblies will be moved by a mobile crane to the workshop area. We are in the Nurol workshop area. First, we take our pipes from outside to inside. Then our surveyor will check the pipes. If it is OK the assemblies will be coordinated to the right place. First the rectangular and later the diagonal parts will be positioned to fit. And to finish the frame all welding and grinding will be done. We are in our blasting area. When we have finished our frame, we are moving it from our workshop area to the blasting area. Now we are in our painting area. When we have finished the blasting we are starting to paint it. When we have finished our painting, we are moving our frame from the painting area to the outside. After that a trailer will bring the frame to the erection area. The frame will be erected by crane.