Stanford University. [CHEERING] There’s a game board that’s
divided into two halves, and you get to score
points either by shooting on a one-point hoop,
which is in your half, or a two- or
three-point hoop, which is in the other person’s half. Vectronics, for
those who don’t know, is basically the
interdisciplinary field that involves the
mechanical, the electrical, and the programming side. Once we have the basics
down, they set us loose. Said, you have three weeks. Build a robot. Go. [CHEERING] I think what’s very interesting
about this is that there’s no number one best way
to solve the problem, and you’ll see 34 robots that
are 34 different solutions and different combinations
of sensing and moving and shooting. Eventually came across this
flywheel design, which is just simply a wheel with
a ball fed into it, and the wheel’s
spinning very fast. And the ball, when it
comes near the wheel, catches it and shoots it out,
kind of like how baseball pitching machines work. So we sort of set up our
three sort of main goals as, get our bot to drive,
get our bot to collect balls, and get our bot to shoot. We have this nice
shooting mechanism that basically flicks a ruler,
and we use that to shoot. And we mounted the whole
thing on a lazy Susan, so we can actually
adjust our angle. The real exciting
part of the class is once they start designing
and building their own robots, what goes wrong? How do they solve
those problems? How do they rethink
their objectives? It’s a very dynamic
learning experience, and I think very relevant
for their future careers. I think that you learn
so much from doing, and that’s one of the things
that I love about this class and that I love about Stanford. There’s so much that I
learned from building the bot. They talked about the importance
of pull-down resistors. I forgot. Then we didn’t have them,
and the bot didn’t work, and now I will
never forget that. And so I think classes
like this are just really incredible for really
applying the knowledge that you’ve learned
and solidifying it in a way that’s going to be
effective in the long term. For more, please visit
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