Before!!!! Day #1 – Demo & Grade NBA Spec Layout A little geometry goes a long way Pour # 1 Key & walkway access Color: Autumn Brown With Walnut Release 5 1/2 inch hardwood running bond stamp 1st reveal , Not Bad at All Pour # 2 Stamp – Large Granite seamless Texture mats Color – Sandstone With Buff Tan Release 3rd and final pour with a grand Total 24 Yards This property has every utility imaginable, That vault haunted us till the end and is considered an easement This street became very busy near the end of this Job Word of mouth Spread and People had to come and see.. Even the Edmonds Mayor made it out for a handshake Every inch was additionally hand brushed with our special accent mixture to give it a high detail reveal, and followed up by traditional 30% sealers homeowners could not believe the end result… Huge thanks for letting us showcase our skill set…. This is only the Beginning Here @ Concrete Picasso & Design Corporation. Lynnwood Washington 98036.. Founded March of 2014 “The Perfect Mix Of Concrete And Art” E-mail us @ [email protected] Like us On Facebook @ Concrete Picasso & Design Owner, Kevin Dauenhauer 425-501-4340 Thank you for Watching