The Sri Lankan cricket team is going to Pakistan to play a cricket tournament from 27th September to 9th October. They will play three ODI matches in Karachi, as well as a few T20 matches in Lahore. Terrorist groups have warned the Sri Lankan Cricket Board that if the team carries on with the plan, they will face a terror attack. 10 Sri Lankan players have decided against going to Pakistan for the match. Sri Lanka’s PM has said, the cricket board needs to decide if it wants to go to Pakistan or not. The Sri Lankan Cricket Board have not decided whether they will cancel the tournament or not. They have decided to check the security arrangements. Then they will decide. In 2009, the Sri Lanka cricket team went to Lahore to play a Test Match. While the team were travelling in a bus, gunmen open fired. 6 Sri Lankan players were injured, 6 Pakistani policemen were killed and 2 civilians were killed as well. After this incident, international cricket teams have refused to visit Pakistan to play matches.