– Today, we are going to try
to identify hockey players and spell their names, which is not gonna go well. There’re so many Hs, and Js, and Vs. – I’m a terrible speller. – It’ll probably be a fail, but we’re gonna try. – Every time one of us
spells something wrong, we’re gonna get a little surprise. Or so I have been told,
it’s probably not good. Typically, you don’t get
rewarded for failure. – That’s cruel. – Pour ice down my back? – Lovely. That sounds fantastic. – This is either Patrick
Kane or Jonathan Toews, I can never remember which one is which, because they’re like synonymous, they’re like best buddies. – Looks like a friendly guy. – Already not happy about
this Black Hawks situation, ’cause fuck the Black Hawks. – Did I get it? It’s my future last name,
I better get it right. I’m kidding. No, no, no, that’s really
creepy, I would never… – Is it Taows? Survey says? Aw, fuck. Of course Toews is T-O-E-W-S. Yeah, that looks more correct. You know, both of these look like words. – I’m rollin with this. Tayves. Damn it. (cheers) – Yeah, I guess I get iced now. I’m actually kinda warm, so this isn’t gonna be the worst — oh nope, it’s the worst. – Oh my god, really? Okay. – Oh, Ove. Alexander Ovechkin, the bear himself. – I’m gonna first spell it
how I think it’s spelled and then I’m gonna change it to how I think it is spelled wrong. O. – O. Solid start, I feel like we’re good there. – Yes! – I put an exclamation point there because that’s how I feel his playing style is. – I’m gonna throw a J in here. O-V-E- J- – This is what I’m rollin with. Ovechkin. Of course it’s incorrect. Why would it be correct? – Ovechkin. Aw, shit! I thought I would have to hockey it up a little bit. – Warm it up for you a little bit. – Thank you. Still gonna be Still gonna be ice though. Really wouldn’t mind
getting one of these right just so I could skip that. (giggles) – Every time, it’s ice cold again. Because it’s ice. – Oh my god! He’s my favorite. Jaromir Jagr. – Jaromir Jagr. – Yes! – Jaromir Jagr. – Yes, he is a national hero in the Czech Republic. (sighs) – Jarmeer Jager. Was any part of it correct? Just put that O in there
so I just barely missed it. No, see, I was so close. – Ready? – Yeah, I guess. So unpleasant, every time. I was like oh, it’ll get better. Nah, it’s not. – Go ahead. Drop the ice. That was more than last time. – Gostisbehere. – He’s German. No, no, no! – This may be wrong. This is probably most likely wrong. Oh no! – Let’s pretend like this might be right but it’s not. How far off am I? – Shane Gostisbehere. I know it’s wrong already. – It’s incorrect. (shivers) – Oh, it went right
down through the bott — no, it’s stuck in there. – Oh my god. (shivers) – Well, we did it! (rock music) – This is both the spelling for a toe and towing your car smashed into one word.