My dad for badminton specifically. He just
played at a local club a few minutes away, and I went down, I was six or seven years old. And you just couldn’t drag me off the court. I think representing your country is a real honor.
No matter what tournament you go to. But when it comes to Commonwealth Games or Olympic Games, You’re part of something much bigger than yourself. It does feel special pulling
on that Team England jersey, or Team GB Jersey. I think our biggest competition
at Tokyo will be a lot of the Southeast Asian countries, they dominate the sport in general. Round after round you’re going to have to beat these players, if you want to progress
to the latter stages, so they’re the ones who we’ll be looking out for, definitely. I wish that someone advised me that it’s not easy, and you will come across so many
different hurdles, whether it’s when you’re younger
or later on in your career. But it’s so worth
it for when you get that reward. The most important thing that anyone needs, whether you’re in sport or not is your work ethic. If you don’t work hard, then in my opinion
you set yourself up for a loss. And I’ve always believed that there’s never
an excuse to not work hard, because everyone can do their best. You know when it whenever I go and speak to younger
people of that age, I always say that you should just try every single sport, just because you
never know, for whatever reason, it might just take off and something
inside of you that thinks, “Yeah this is exactly perfect for me”.