What is up everybody! welcome back today we are
doing a weird I know you’re weird okay weird item speed trickshot battle speed
we’ve got well technically five weird items one normal item the basketball and
then we have six spots on the court we’re gonna do a speed around Caleb so
it’s going to be each spot you get to choose which item you use on that spot
only strategize early so there’s some strategy it’s gonna go into it and then
yes that’s the word and then at the end whoever completes all six shots in the
shortest I Spit a little bit there who completes all six shots in the fewest
amount of time wins wins you ready guys my name is it yeah yeah if they say
another day another bucket let’s get it the six shots are one behind the hoop
two over in the corner three which you have to do backwards
that one’s backwards four over here five there and 6 from beyond half-court why
okay oh yeah it is yeah it’s a huge advantage yeah Caleb broke his toe with
you you’ll see why you’ll see how he broke his toe on Wednesdays videos make
sure you subscribe if you haven’t yet we did catch it on camera it is on camera
like it is like actually broken I’ll show you a little bit gross footage
right here there yeah pretty disgusting sorry for that Caleb you’re up first
though behind the behind the hoop shot number one what are you going with shot
number one I feel like I’m gonna go with hard hat really I kind of feel it kind
of feels like a basketball so I feel like I can’t shoot okay okay
I’m will grab the timer real quick okay so it’s not about attempts it’s
about speed to get the shot done Caleb are you ready 3 2 1 go I was look I was I’m gonna call it 10
seconds I was a little short 10 seconds yeah
ten seconds gonna be tough to beat not that I’m bragging here yeah I don’t need
to beat I just need to beat you in the long game it’s not about one round at a
time it’s about it’s about your total score life is about one round at a time
Josh the marshmallows okay great I predicted that I made you do that in
three two one go six seconds six seconds that six what
says six more seven eight but you know if you’re little slow six o’clock six
seconds all right face number two is the corner over there no backboard no
backwards gonna be tough so I’m gonna go already know I’m doing in the middle
feel like I know what I’m doing over there this one and this one okay great
I’m gonna go with the shoe the shoe is he ready ready three two one go
oh you were very store yeah you’re hobbling is gonna cost you
this game baby you nearby such heavy shoes great 22 seconds not great that’s not a
great showing but you know what I’m third shot I’m okay with it I’m okay
with it for now okay great playing playing with a broken toe it takes a lot
of soul feel like I’ve used that joke on this channel so many times I’ll have you
really yeah well watch your tongue all right hat from the corner yep it’s gonna
be probably probably pretty hard shut that wasn’t even a pun that’s just the
truth great are you ready
three two one go yeah cuz the hard hat is light man so I
use it first seventeen seconds tops on time that okay somehow it banked it
in little the wind took in and hit the backboard and banked in so seventeen
seconds of skill 17 signing a book I’m in a winning what are the totals here
all right so I have 32 second sets at the moment and Josh has 23 29 seconds go
oh you got marshmallows yeah marshmallows backwards okay are you
ready with the malos three two one begin oh look short fine through the pain you can tell
Oh when 31 seconds just kicked my toe on the
wall when I don’t know what was that 31 seconds
not great guys every thumbs-up is one one little prayer for Caleb to Co thanks
guys watch this video have like 10,000 thumbs
downs has three thumbs up for my mom and dad math I’m taking the shoe great and 3
2 1 begin 3 seconds that’s I’m stupid mad a little bit I’m sorry
it’s all good not sorry okay Caleb you’re uh you’re down by a little bit
you’re going to go in pone come on pony don’t let me down
Barney you ready all right I know what you always play there yeah we three two
one go Wow two seconds two seconds pretty good else for you Dirk I guess
I’m trying to go pony – in three two Tommy’s going no one go yeah yeah yeah
oh this is good this is what I need right here see what I mean
why’d you even attempt to shoot a stuffed animal this is what I need right
here man oh this is what I mean this is what I
need the game will be tied oh that’s not a good look for you man do you want to
know what your scores I thought we talked what
yikes it means we have a closed ball game folks
what is it what’s the total 63 burn who remain 6363 is 65 and the only two items
left are a basketball and a juggling Club you couldn’t write a better story
seriously we got your specialty in my specialty
I got juggling and I have basketball and you have weight no we have my
specialties they’re great already gone what are you going for this is obvious
really yeah interesting Caleb it’s crunch time are
you ready this is this is big you might need you
might need a hustle you might need to fight through the toe pain these break
my club what’d you just do but if you wanted to by juggling clubs or say
juggling balls you guys can go to juggling warehouse stuff no practices
juggling warehouse.com to buy all the best juggling stuff including the Josh
Horton signature juggling balls which are selling like crazy to make sure you
get them soon Caleb you ready okay I guess you’re not okay your time starts
in three two one go oh my gosh three seconds if out a little bit the
best juggler would not not ideal not great for me I needed him to take a
little bit more time on that circle in the world whatever I am going basketball
not juggling Club I want juggling Club the last shot okay we don’t cool are you
ready sir in three two one go see I think you got 2.5 yeah because juggling
Club bounce bounce around a little bit here half a second over me right now well on that shot good job Josh 2.5 the
final scores that’s right knowing in the last round
going into the last round let me do a little bit of math here okay so as of
right now the score stands I have 68 seconds or some of you smart alecks will
in the comments will say a minute and eight seconds and josh has sixty five
and a half seconds it is which would be a minute in 5.5 seconds you were winning
by two and a half seconds – Wow Wow wow wow wow wow all you got left the
ball another day just rips easily playing another day another button on
their bucket you ready you nervous go already
oh I didn’t mean to start it yeah okay three two one go two and a half seconds
Lily two and a half seconds asking me if I’m nervous with the basketball you
forget my name ask me again does that mean ask me again say tell me
who you are like this Honda like in like that who are you who are you I’m Caleb
nasty pursuit son of the great Randy thieves the best shooter Allah baby okay
so that means I need to hit this shot in five seconds right less than five
seconds to win five seconds to tie it okay it’s basically first try yes
what it’s a juggling Club so I’m feeling good ego but the advantage I have over
you right now is the ball could bounce back
not even that the what happened in the last round I made the first one you made
the first one but you it was a second faster because the judges loved can
rattles ready if you is ready in three two one go do you want to know okay I guess it’s very expensive camera
is mine now welcome to my channel Caitlyn pasture because josh is love so
it’s all me now baby it’s all me I just got I just came forward and mine
hello what was it less than five seconds so stop smiling I
know but it’s just crazy how you’d literally beat me about 1.3 1 seconds
well how did it take that long to go is it rattled really yeah I didn’t
characters got to the net okay well good game was close you had you had feet and
all 10 toes oh no all 10 toes you probably beat me I’ll try to give you a
compliment you slapped my hand thanks for watching one here our Instagram
Janice for today follow us Caleb – Peter juggling Josh
Jeremiah yeah okay make sure you watch Wednesday’s videos you can see how Caleb
broke his toe please do it’s a fun video like any video deserve don’t like major
lighting major lighting change that shape as soon as we’re done we get some
shade love it well knees anyway that’s all for
now see you guys soon bye bye good
you nervous Caleb you want you want some more of this some more of this action
some more of this skill fun