>>Once the players are up-skilled on utilizing the software,
the starter software, and once they understand
the parameters of the GPA starter that we give them, the players are fully engaged. I think as soon as they
understand what we measure and how it’s measured
and what we’re looking for, it becomes something
that they really get interested in something
that gives them instant feedback and gives them an opportunity to measure
their performance but also, measure themselves
according to the players that they are competing
with for the position. We utilize the start software every day for the players to go
and look at the training footage. We also do sessions where they have to go and cut
their un-training clips, where they have to come
and present back to the group as to what
they thought went well, what they think we
need to improve on. So it engages the player to really become an extension
of the coaching staff, so that he starts
couching in small groups. He starts coaching his peers. They start coaching each other
in their specific positions. They start making plans
together and ultimately, I think that’s the best way
forward for players to learn. The more they can
learn from each other and the more they are
engaged in becoming coaches, the easier the transfer is from the coaching staff to the players and then
ultimately on field.