I’m the Clubs Sports Development Officer at Manukau Rugby league, very happy to be a part of the sober driver sorted programme and very happy with the message it tells for our community of Mangere. One of the educational tools we use around the sober driver sorted campaign are the fatal vision goggles, we find them a really good
teaching tool, they’re great for educating people, they are also a lot of fun, so we
careful how we use them.The idea behind them is it shows people the effects of alcohol on the mind, I suppose if you like, but without actually having anything to drink. Got a bit of a drinking culture so its always good to I guess educate people and make sure you always got a sober driver. I thought it was pretty easy until I put them on. It just changes your perspective
of getting actually drunk. Educate people to sort their driver before
they head home so Auckland Transport have put together a Facebook page that says make it home and part of that is sober driver sorted game and the idea behind is that as you go onto your Facebook page you must be 18 or over by the way to play the game, it’s our recommendation and you go on and you pick your 4 friends that you want to go out with, you hit spin and it
randomly selects your sober driver for the night. Think we should go to every club , just make everyone realise that to get a sober driver after the game, just look after your mates after the game. Dont drink and drive, get a sober driver, sweet.
Dont drink and drive.