tomorrow morning we start the tournament three on three snow volleyball we have no idea what to expect we’ve never played before fun but we got this guy yeah hopefully you can still jump in the snow hit him figure that we’re all somebody worthless and we have Chelsea holding camera let’s show you what this looks like so [Music] let’s do the whole do the whole thing whole thing if we rewind about a week ago Riley tells me that the promoter is cancelling the tournament there’s not gonna be enough snow and protein Evo so we had to cancel the CD tournaments because they were not the best condition to organize it we’re like okay what do we do but I guess all the Italian people who signed up to play in this whole tournament begged Matteo to put it on say I don’t care if there’s no snow I’m coming to play volleyball in the mountains but in the very next days we received so much support from all the snores that’s how we called there’s no volleyball players they actually prayed us to please organize the event you want to come they want to have fun we want to play and have fun with you and as well we were lucky because the weather condition just for three nights they got lower than zero so pretend it was a ski resort did an amazing job and place three canyons all fully dedicated to snow volleyball today they still got some snow in the area and this still was a success and lo and behold a hundred and twenty teams show up for this event it was out of this world I thought it was gonna be one of those situations where no one was gonna show up someone just asked us to come out and like I was like oh there’s not a soul there on Thursday except for the three people who are setting up these ten courts on the bottom of the slopes so day one was Friday the three on three tournament which we played in just pool play the entire day which should we show some highlights exist some highlights right now yeah actually just choice [Music] your bathroom [Music] we had some drinks these Italians right here waiting for you it was a disaster to say oh these guys just kept ordering us drinks and drinks injury and they just kept ordering Asuna grones undergirds water in the currents ero Nizar Campari and gin they taste awful I don’t know [Music] don’t went home we dressed up because that night was the 90s party I like to be early to parties because it’s respectful but these people don’t party until really really late so they invited us back to their dinner which started at 9:30 [Applause] we went to dinner here like 30 minutes ago and so all I know is we’re back and we’re dressed in 90s attire and no one else’s dress except for us and then we didn’t get to the 90s party so like 11 p.m. key thing about the 90s party is no one was dressed out the only three dresses ninety party people I think I’m the official flyer said party til til 2:00 a.m. but some people part until four am some people party from till 7 a.m. and then played in the to stern event at 8 a.m. from the party straight to the snow to plays we however did not do that yeah yeah we played it well like we cut it off at 4 and then we woke up at like 8:00 in the morning we did some yoga who’s on a jog a jog yeah we stretch rolling about hearty breakfast like everybody should before you play in the semis ok what actually happen is we woke up with new normal boys showed up and these people from Wilson Italy are like oh you guys have to play in a in a tennis match I don’t know what was highlights will be shown here well the worst part with that is my racquet eye coordination is tragic and then you add that in when you only had six hours of sleep equals [Applause] [Music] [Music] at least four times harder than and then immediately right into that is the semis and finals and those were some pretty unreal matches yeah well show also some of his highlights here actually knows your grips best match I killed it in the semis that’s it his on to game right after the finals are done there’s this chalk party the DJ literally played from 7:00 to morning till 7:00 at night just blaring it you could even like sit next to it but the party was color of the chalk in my opinion was because of me cuz it was pink I said pink was the cheapest one right at the bottom of the ski slope right at the bottom of Caesars there was EJ booth shock party and snow volleyball it’s funny because the people in the US like you need like dark lights maybe like strobe like okay now I can feel myself dancing you sure we’ll go ahh I don’t care good music I’m going to get yep I don’t care who’s looking I’m gonna dance so but should we get more wine or no would it open another bottle yeah you know say something for Chelsea so that night Matteo takes all of us with all the all of his friends who work this entire event to like this cabin logy like just really amazing restaurants basically the cove restaurant that’s located in between like the bottom of the slopes and the top the food was like typical Italian mountain people food which is when you just put a piece of meat into a boiling or like semi boiling pot of water and cook a bunch of delicious stuff right in front of you and one has their own little furnaces Cheers all right oh wait so we learned something new this is for all of you that don’t look each other in the eyes in Italy they all look each other in eyes after they Cheers because guys if you didn’t during World War two that meant that you were a spy so if you didn’t make eye contact people in Italy knew that you were a spy hey you were German there you go prego so we salute they cheer Ching look each other in the eye tap oh yeah that’s totally different now totally different meaning they say if you don’t tap you don’t you can see those lemons yeah yeah there look like more like oblong than ours anyway and this is the first step or just no boy a ball just follow us Oh [Music]