– This is a great drill
that you can practice to improve both your stick handling and a couple other techniques and slides, such as focusing on your
core, getting on one blade, and always keeping your
outside hand moving. So, I’m gonna demonstrate
this in a few different ways. I’m gonna use my inside hand,
which will be my left, only and as I’m skating, you’ll focus, you’ll notice that I’m
always gonna be using my outside hand to keep myself picking and then we’re gonna do
the exact same direction but I’ll be stick handling
with my outside hand on the circle instead,
my left hand will be the one that’s constantly picking and then we’re gonna reverse it as well. So, to begin, you’re just gonna want to get some momentum,
push yourself around. You’ll notice that my left hand is at the bottom of my stick. My right hand is up at the top and that’s gonna allow me to get a stride at any point around the circle. So, I’m going to be
pushing, stick handle, push, push, stick handle, and as I get speed, now, all of a sudden, I’m
balancing more on one blade versus when I begin I’m on two, right? So, I get some more speed and as I got momentum, now,
it’s just about stick handling and then every now and then
I just do a little tap around with my outside hand and as I wanna increase that speed, just give myself one
hard push, I got momentum and I’m going around the circle more. Now, once you worked on
it with your inside hand, left hand only, now we’re
gonna do the same direction around the circle using my outside hand to stick handle the puck only. So, same idea and I’m still gonna have the opposite going on,
so now my inside hand is up top, my outside hand is below and this is, by far, going
to be more challenging because your natural tendency is that you’ll probably lose
the puck to the outside, so, when you’re doing this a lot of time, you’re gonna wanna focus
on closing your stick and cupping the puck
to hold it towards you and pulling it towards your body every time you’re going
around the circle, right? So, just gonna begin by just
getting some general speed and because I have legs, I
have to constantly go out to kind of maintain my balance, but just focus on some
basic stick handling. Getting myself on line with the circle and then as you become familiar with how you have to
pull the puck towards you going around the circle,
then you can start to increase your speed. So, keep on giving yourself
a couple hard pushes and it’s about getting momentum. As you’re moving around,
you’ll start to notice that you begin on two blades,
like you always have two, but as you start to tilt on one, you’re always gonna be
holding your core strong, balancing on that one blade only and it’s those hard pushes in between that’ll give you the momentum
so you can actually focus on some stick handling. Alright, so now once
you’ve practiced going, I began with counterclockwise
around the circle using both my inside and my outside hand. Now, we’re just gonna reverse directions and that’s gonna force you inside to, of course, use both hands. So, going around the inside of the circle, what I didn’t touch on in the first part is as you’re moving the
puck around in the circle, it’s gonna be, kind of,
like an in and out motion and a front to back in
line with your sled. So, it’s gonna be a bit of this, might push it in front at one point but as you’re going around the circle, it’s like a front, back, front, back, front, back, front, back, in my body and then every now and
then, I can push it forward while I take a stride,
stick handle, stick handle, stick handle, push it
in front, take a stride, stick handle, stick handle, stick handle. Alright, I’ll show you
a couple real quick, just kinda show you what it
looks like in a regular motion. Push in front, and now you’ll notice that I’m always using my outside hand to kinda
just keep myself balanced and another little small push. And as you start to develop more skill and speed and momentum in the drill, you’ll notice that,
like, I can continually be doing a circle with only
pushing with my outside hand and I don’t have to do
that kind of power push, I guess you could call it. Alright, now same thing,
gonna work my outside hand with my left hand only. That’s gonna be really, really difficult for a lot of players ’cause
most are right hand dominant and you always wanna work
the inside of your sled. So, we’re gonna go left hand only outside, right hand’s on the top of the blade, left hand’s at the bottom. Not only tightening your core is crucial, but you’ll notice that
the more strength I need to kinda pull myself, my
body, and the puck in, I’m also gonna be leaning forward, especially on the outside
versus the inside. So, we begin, I’m leaning forward. I got my core strong and I’m
just pulling the puck in. Give myself a push and as I’m
losing the puck away from me so I gotta reach and lean forward. Okay, so just lean forward,
gotta stride, stride. Now, I’m gonna speed it up a bit. And as I get more speed, I’m
gonna balance on one blade and I can just focus on cupping the puck if I wanted to, just using
my one stick keep pulling me and what I’m doing here, I’m just keeping the
blade of my stick closed and sometimes, as I’m
going around the circle, the puck might shift back to my hand and if I’m dragging my
knuckles on the ice, it can stay cupped in there, so, I can, like, constantly
scoop the puck forward or if it starts at the
toe as I’m skating, right, and it slides back, I
can just bump it forward with my hand, right? Just different little,
like, nuances and tricks to maintain control as you’re skating. So, I’ll do it one more time
in, like, a regular speed. And it’s really hard to figure
this out at the beginning. You might get a little bit frustrated but just stick with it. The more time you spend learning how to work both hands,
both the inside of your sled and the outside, is gonna
really step up your game in both stick handling and skill level and make you a recognizable
player out on the ice. Hey, everyone, thanks
so much for tuning in. I hope you like what you saw. It’d mean the world to me
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