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And now back to Jim Carr’s Sports Talk. Hi. Jim Carr again. Denis, I know that some in our audience
don’t know the finer points of hockey. Could you tell them,
for example, what is icing? Well, icing happen when
the puck come down, bang, you know, before the other guys,
nobody there, you know. My arm go comes out,
then the game stop then start up. I see. What is high-sticking? High-sticking happen when the guy take
the stick, you know, and he go like that. You don’t do that. Oh, no. Never, never. – Why not?
– Against the rules. You stupid when you do that,
some English pig with no brains… Denis, what is slashing? Slashing is like that, you know? Mm-hm. And there’s a penalty for that? – Yeah. And for trip also, you know.
– Oh? Like that. And for hook like this. – And for spear, you know, like that.
– Mm-hm. All bad. You do that,
you go to the box, you know. Two minutes by yourself,
and you feel shame, you know. – Mm-hm.
– And then you get free. The Chiefs are at home against
Hyannisport at the War Memorial at eight. Good seats are still available. – A look at sports.
– I think that went very well.