– Alright, Stephan,
we’re about to put together a hoop house. Can you tell us a little
bit about the advantages of using a hoop house? – Okay. A hoop house is a
structure that’s used to actually extend
your growing season. So that way you can
have more time growing, actually start
earlier in the spring, and extend your
growing season during the fall and winter months. – It’s gotta be popular
’cause I see it around town all of the time. Are you putting in
a lot of hoop houses in some of the areas
around Shelby County? – Absolutely, I typically
install about six a year for Shelby County and some
of the surrounding counties that touch Shelby County. – While you mention that, I mentioned in the opening
that you are a Master Gardener right here in Shelby County,
but you also work for the Shelby County school
system as a farm manager. So you actually
have experience in actually putting together
hoop houses, right? – Absolutely. I’ve done this for
the past three years, I’m Shelby County School’s
farm manager educator. And I operate the
Farm to School Program that we have over
about 60 school gardens in the Shelby County area. – 60? – Yes. – That’s some good work. Alright, so you want to start? You know, with
the demonstration? And how to put it together? – Absolutely. Let’s grab our parts. – Okay. – First we’re gonna
start off with our PVC straps. – [Chris] Okay. – That’s actually
gonna hold the PVC into the raised bed. Let’s start down on this end. You wanna actually
install this on the inside of the raised bed. It’s gonna hold
the PVC in place. And it’s gonna be temporary, so you can take it in and out. – [Chris] There he goes. See it under there okay? – Mmhm. – [Chris] How did you
first learn to do this? Did somebody have to
demonstrate it for you as well? Trial and error?
– It’s one of those things, trial and error, and
actually just trying to keep growing during your season. Just seeing what actually
works and doesn’t work – [Chris] Okay.
in the area. You acutally want to
use your exterior screws so that way they won’t rust
if you actually want to take them back out
of your raised bed. We’re going to put
them on both sides. And we’re going to do six
going all the way down for each of the hoops. Which’ll be three hoops. – [Chris] So now that
we have the pipes down what do we do next? – Okay, next step
we’re actually gonna go get our PVC pipe. You’re gonna have
three PVC pipes, it’s gonna go one hoop here, one hoop here, and one hoop here connected. And these are actually
gonna be half the length of the hoop house,
of the raised bed. So you’re gonna slide this in. – There it goes.
– This end. And then you’re
gonna bend it over. – Aha. – And slide the other end at this length. – How ’bout that? That works. – And you’re gonna
do that for this one, as well as this one. Alright, our next step
is gonna actually install the purlin, it’s
gonna be a PVC pipe that’s gonna go from
this end to this end, but we’re gonna overlap
by an inch on each side. – Do you need me to
hold it up there? – Yes sir.
– Okay. – Alright, and what we’re
gonna use to attach this, we’re gonna use U-bolts.
– [Chris] Okay. – And we have three U-bolts
that we’re gonna slide in place to lock it in place. – [Chris] Alright. And you can find these supplies
just about anywhere, right? – Absolutely, any hardware
store, automotive stores, will have these supplies
that you actually need. We’re just gonna
hand tighten these to secure this in place for
all three of the joints. – [Chris] Do you consider
this to be pretty inexpensive? – It’s very inexpensive. Most of the time
it’s cheaper than actually going out
and buying a kit. – [Chris] Now is there a
difference between saying high tunnel and hoop house? – No, a lot of times
they’re interchangeable. – [Chris] I’ve heard both terms. – Hoop house and high
tunnel are basically exact same thing. There are different types of
hoop houses and high tunnels. There are the temporary
hoop houses and high tunnels that you can make out
of PVC pipe like these, you can make ’em any size. But most of the ones
you see around the city are actually the
permanent styles. They’re made out of metal, and they’re actually
the round style, or the Quonset style. And they’re made to last. – [Chris] Okay. I’ve seen the Quonset style a few times around
Shelby County. So our next step would be? – Our next will be PVC end caps. – End caps. – And that’ll actually prevent
the plastic from getting torn once it’s placed over. If you’ll do the honors
of sliding this on? – Oh yeah, I think
I can handle that. – Alright. And it doesn’t have to be tight, it just has to be on there. Alright, and then our
next step will be to lay out the plastic
that goes over, because this is actually
one secure hoop house. – Now, what type of plastic? – What you want to
use is a six mil polyethylene plastic
that’s gonna be clear, that’ll actually go
over top of the frame. We’ll just roll this out. – You want me to roll it out? – Mmhm. – Okay. – And you want it
to actually extend to the ground.
– [Chris] Okay. And then go to the end. – Do I need to extend this down? – Yep, extend it
down to the ground. And then we’re
actually gonna cut a little bit more than you need, so that way you don’t
have to actually have to go back and
buy more plastic. And if you’ll do the honors, you will take your end. And I will take my end. And we’ll just spread this open. As you see, we have enough
length to cover up the ends on both sides. Our next step is to
use a plastic tubing. It’s cut in a length
of three inches, and it’s slit down the middle, so that way it can actually
go around the PVC pipe and clamp onto the plastic to actually hold that in
place so nothing gets torn. – Alright, our next step, we’re gonna take our clamps
and place them on our plastic to hold that in place. So that way nothing’ll blow out. – Alright, I think I
can handle that too. Alright. Think that works. – And our last step is
to take the piece of wood to set on the outside edge of the plastic to hold
that down so wind does not go up underneath it or
anything, insects or bugs. That way high winds,
anything, snow. There are alternatives that
we can use instead of wood, you can use some rocks
or anything that’s heavy to actually lay on the
plastic, in order to secure it and make sure it
doesn’t blow away. – Okay. Let me ask you this, what do
we do with the excess plastic that we have here? – The excess plastic
you can actually take and bunch up, and place
something heavy down, another piece of wood or a
rock to hold it down in place. – Alright, Stephan, so
interesting question. How long will this extend
the growing season? – The growing season, you
can start early in spring and you can extend your
growing season until fall and into winter.
– [Chris] Okay. – Most of the time you want to
plant something cold variety, but I’ve been able to plant
all the way to January. – Okay. You definitely need
the sunlight though, that’s critical. – Absolutely. This is warmed up by the sun. If you have two weeks of no sun, then the temperature
inside this is gonna be the same temperature as outside. If the sun’s out, it can
go up to 15 to 40 degrees above the temperature outside, and extend your growing season. – I appreciate that information.