Hi. I’m Hilary Knight. I’m an Olympian
and I’m going to show you a couple of medicine ball
exercises that are going to help you improve the strength
of your shot. In today’s game, it’s really important to
continuously work on the strength of your shot, because you need to be able to
shoot from anywhere on the ice and beat the goal tenders
and put the puck in the back of the net. Especially with
the evolving game right now, we’re physically
bigger, faster, stronger. It’s important to put the puck
in the back of the net and make sure
you not only you help yourself, but help your team secure
a win at the end of the day. I’m going to run you through
a rotational exercise that we do in the gym. I’m using an 8lb
medicine ball here, and that’s typically what
we use. The easiest way to look at this
is that it’s going to translate well for your shot. So similar to on ice, I’m loading up my legs
in order to transfer that power all the way through the stick
and to the puck, hopefully in the
back of the net. Loading up that back leg, transferring forward as
hard as I can, releasing the ball
and catching it, coming back, the same thing. Back leg, transfer
to the front. Releasing the ball,
catching it. Then coming back. With the rotational tosses, it’s important not only
that you work your right side but also
your left side. I’m a right-handed shot, so I prefer to work the
right-hand side. Cos it feels natural to me, but making sure that we have
good balance, working both the right and the left, so I’m going to work the
left-hand side right now. Same thing –
loading up my back leg, and I’m going to transfer
the power from my legs from back to front
through my upper body, then hopefully the stick
and the puck in the back of the net. Transferring. Catch the ball. Toss and catch. The next exercise I’m going to
show you guys is a medicine ball slam. It works the interior part of
your core and it’s going to translate well for on-ice
performance. I’m going to start with my
knees bent, the medicine ball’s going to go
over my head. And I’m going to slam it as
hard as I can into the ground. You want to make sure that you
don’t hit yourself in the face and maybe you test this thing
out before you go all out. But I hope these exercises help
you improve your shot, but also your on-ice
performance. If you do them consistently
and on a regular basis, you’ll see some changes here and there. But thank you
for watching and good luck. I’m Hilary Knight.