Williams, now to Samuels … two-point shot
from just inside the arc, no good, offensive rebound there is Giblin – her put-back is
up, count the shot and the foul … plus one on the glass so far, as Becker can’t hold
the handle on the dribble and it’s taken away by who else, but Caitlyn Clark, now Clark
all the way to the basket, nobody around her, lay-up’s up and good … drive Mudiay off
of Clark, pulls up, shot, no good, and Caitlyn there for the rebound .. now Clark, trying
to push it quickly to the near side, Krahling, nice pass, extra pass to Quattro and the lay-up
is good … to Williams, five seconds, Williams to Clark, Caitlyn drives, Clark, no one around
her all the way to the basket, lay-up is good … as inside now Jones bullet pass down low
to Clark, wide open behind the defense lay-up is up and good … Jones inside Quattro to
the basket, Cassidy shot is up, count it and the foul … almost stepped out of bounds
and then not sure if that was a pass or a shot but Washington gets it, up ahead the
pack is Giblin off the pass from Clark banks home a shot.