music hey guys welcome back to EB and J and it’s
about to get LIT guys i dont know where that came from we’re gonna do something a little bit different it’s
not gonna be about basketball or maybe it is
so that’s because hashtag basketball is life so we’re gonna do a review on these shoes right here I
mean look at these guys I mean come on now like these are amazing okay so what
what are these guys called are theyre the lebron 13 are they?
what these are called I know they’re the lebrons but I don’t know what number they
are so we’re I mean look at this shoe I mean super nice quality anyway look they have three cushions on them, i mean four so we’re
gonna do a review on this shoe what we like about it what we don’t like about
it is it a good game – does it have good grip can Jen jump higher what else
should we do like looks I think we should compare it to another shoe okay
we can compare it to another shoe and quality – it’s like kind of like a fly knit
material you know fly material some that you find it so lets get to it! okay guys so after doing the I guess
performance review you would say I think this shoe is overall a good quality shoe
I mean material stability being a college basketball player thing that I
really like my basketball shoes is stability and this one it has decent
stability it’d be something I might play pick up in but as far as the college
game I don’t think I would be playing it so as you see it’s kind of a sock in
a sense so right there you put your foot in and then the laces really don’t go
all the way around up here so you can get it so tight right and since it’s
kind of a stretchy material like putting on a sock you definitely need your
ankles taped it loosens up over time so I wear size 13
I would suggest getting a smaller size just because of the stretching material
so it’s probably like a 12 12 and a half to keep it super very tight stuff like
that another thing that I did not like about the shoe is the grip so being
college basketball you do a lot of cutting suicide stuff like that and when
you go to kind of cut there’s no like it hasn’t been as well I mean it’s super
thick like it’s a super thick thick shoe so as far as like height wise when you
put it on and gives you about an inch of height things I did like about it I said
it likes the stability but you feel like it’s bulky it’s like it feels like a
timberland and shoe how Timberland boot it’s like super like comfy it’s like super
padded that’s what I liked about it and I felt like a jumped higher I don’t know
you guys coming down though see she put the shoe on and try to jump watch watch
watch that thing grip I didn’t like the grip too much so the price of this shoe
is $185 it’s kind of high I might try playing this year was Paul Georges so
maybe we should do a review on that comment below if you want us to do
reveal on the ball the PG’s but other than that what would you give
this shoe out of 10 probably six out of ten just I like the design I
love it I kind of liked the bubbles I don’t know I like everything about it I
thought it was super comfortable I like this knit actually called a
battle knit it’s super comfortable but for basketball-wise I don’t think it’s the
best shoe out there I mean overall great shoe love Nike if
you’re new to our channel and you like these videos comment below and tell us
what other basketball tips or basketball things we should do or review I’m EB
and i’m J and thanks for watching we’ll catch you guys next time