guys give us a room he’s having a
seizure get me some towels
okay stay calm it’s gonna be fine help me get him on his side alright listen up fellas before we
practice want to go over a couple of things first like to welcome back
Michael good to have you back we all know Michael has epilepsy and he shared his seizure
with us in the game he has something he wants to say yeah um thank you all for
supporting me and thanks to coach for knowing what to do
I’m sorry if my seizures scared you guys it could be scary for me too but what’s
even more scary is if people didn’t know what to do so today we are going to
learn seizure first-aid thanks to the Epilepsy Foundation
we’re teammates right we take care of one another we count on one another and
when anyone with epilepsy has a seizure in front of you
they’re your teammate and they’re counting on you so first stay with him
stay calm and keep others around you calm and out-of-the-way protect him
keep him safe it’s also important to remember that the person having the
seizure should be lying down and that there is nothing harmful in their way
turn them on their side and support their head so that they’re not banging
it and so they don’t choke never put anything in their mouths and do not hold
them down time the seizure till the very end okay knowing how long the seizure
lasts is important information for the doctors to know if the seizure lasts
more than five minutes call 9-1-1 when you see somebody having a seizure you’re
going to feel a little powerless but if you protect them
and if you stick with them by their side you’re doing the right thing okay
alright let’s practice this blue dogs on three one two three