My name is Shannon Lane and I play rugby
I am the captain of NUIGalway women’s team. So my role would be to link the
backs and the forwards together and basically just roar and shout at everybody and tell them what they are doing and what they are not doing. When it took it up and when I came to my first training session I just loved it. I love the physicality of it. I love the
communication between the girls. And the whole kind of friendship and team- mate aspect of it as well. And from my first training session I was hooked. When I come out to training, I could have a really hectic day in College or
in placement or I can come out to training, clear my head and it really helps me to sleep and relax in the evening times When I go home I can train and I can
keep my head clear and focus then on College work when it comes to exams. Obviously physical strenght is a huge aspect of rugby as it’s a hugely
physical game however I think mental strength is also a huge part of it and
be able to deal with you know setbacks that might happen due to maybe injury or
something which happens a lot due to the nature of the game. Results or games that don’t go our way -you know the physical strength to be able to get up, to be resilient, keep coming back, keep driving forward and there’s always something to play for.