This is Tartan Touch; a fun, simple way to
get fit, make new friends and enjoy playing rugby. There are 20 Tartan Touch hubs across
Scotland; simply find an event in your area that works around your schedule and come along. I’ve never played rugby before. It’s been brilliant, I’ve come down today and really
enjoyed myself, got stuck in and had a great time. There are only 8 simple rules, so you’ll
be playing in no time. Teams are mixed and for all levels and abilities. Playing with people older than me has helped me develop my skills , I’ve improved quickly. Rugby is a fantastic way to get fit, the more you play, the more your skills will improve and you’ll
get fitter with every game. I play rugby at school but probably not as much as I’d like to. That’s why I joined Tartan Touch, it gives the opportunity to do it of an evening and
at the weekends. I played a lot of rugby but gave it up a few years ago just due to work
commitments and social life. I’ve got reintroduced to it through Tartan Touch. It’s been a really
great experience, met a lot of good friends from it. It’s got my fitness back up as well
and I’ve just had a lot of fun so I will definitely be back. It’s all about bringing people together
through the best game in the world. Find out more and sign up at Tartan Touch, a game for everyone.