8 Failing Teams
– You weren’t suppossed to do that 8 Olympian Super Coaches 1 week to make a difference
– Now we wake up Out! Out! The Z Team Hey, why don’t we start
that one again? Fallbrook are a struggling
fourteens and under rugby team Hey, hands ready. Communication ?coached by school PE
teacher, Steve Hernandez A lot of you now are just using
one hand, the power hand and that’s why the ball is
going all over the place? The Braves have just
completed their 15 aside season where they won
just one game out of nine We did?how can I put this graciously? We weren’t as good as I
thought we were gonna be? They are about to embark on their
first season of Summer Sevens? ?and expectations are not high Three boys have never ever
played rugby before, only two players had
played sevens before? Hey, it’s not over yet! in six days’ time they due to compete
in their first sevens tournament That first tournament is
gonna be a huge eye opener. Day 1 They won’t be going it alone.
Jetting in to help them is rugby superstar and Scotland’s former
sevens captain, Colin Gregor. Going a bit into the unknown, a week
is not a lot of time but hopefully having played at a high
level I can have a really positive
impact on them. The Braves know a Super-coach is on
their way?but they don’t know who. Applause Morning, I’m absolutely delighted
to be here at Fallbrook, work with you guys. I
realise it’s your first seven’s tournament at the weekend so
we’ll have a real fun week, we’ll work hard, we’ll enjoy
ourselves. So let’s get going. (Applause and cheering) I’ve never had, like, an
international coach or player from anywhere before
so it’s really cool. Colin wants to make the most of
every minute he has with the boys? I think it’s important just to see
what their basic catching/passing skills are like, how they
realign off one another communication is obviously a big
thing: are they asking for the ball? That’s the motion and the spin will
come just from that right hand Have your arms in that motion and
just throw your arms to your partner With the static drills in order,
Colin wants to see some movement Let’s get noisy? Ready, ready, ready…balls out? Good ball, and again, nice, Carlos? You’ve gone quiet again, as
soon as the ball went down everyone went quiet. So let’s
stay in the game, stay animated? Colin steps in to show how it’s done Keep following through, keep two
hands on the ball when passing. Going through basics of catch
and pass, once we’ve got on the move that’s perhaps where
we struggle a little bit more with the actual, just,
process of passing. The whole point of sevens is to get
the ball to space, there’s less people on the pitch, there’s more
space so the basics of catch and pass are hugely important so
you can free up the quick guys but also get the ball to space, make
yards and score tries that way. As the space opens up,
mistakes creep in Too many balls are hitting the deck
cos were expecting these big passes. Let’s just get a bit tighter so the
accuracy of the passes goes up. Let’s go think about where
the space is, let’s talk to each other now. Good
hands, and again. Unlucky, just keep a bit of depth
on the outside. That’s fine there’s space
there, good recognition. As an attack they get very
very flat so put a lot of pressure on their skills
to get the ball out Defender, go! There we go, good
work moving into space. The Braves show heart but
clearly have a lot to learn? – Couple of areas we can improve?
– Don’t drop the ball?? Accuracy of basics, catch and pass.
Communication is a big one I think. Happy with it?? Yeah? It was really good, most of the
stuff we did was pretty new to me. I think he’s a really great
coach, I think he can then hopefully rub off some
of his experience on us. Let’s grab the cones as well There is a fair amount of
work to be done with them, the basic skills they can be OK
with their catching and passing but they lose focus quite quickly,
they make some fairly basic errors Can’t fault their enthusiasm,
their desire to learn and get better so hopefully
a promising week ahead. Day 3 Super coach Colin wants to make the
Braves braver in their tackling Today we’ve got a slightly smaller
group, we’ll look at the, tackling, get them involved
in a little bit more contact. What do we know about
tackling, what are the key things that we look for
when making a tackle? What we looking to, grab with arms? So we’re wanting shoulder, and
we’ve heard cheek to cheek I think so that’s what we’re
looking, face cheek to bum cheek. So it’s live now,
you’re looking to score a try here, you’re
looking to stop him. This is now a game situation…go.
Yep good work So we are progressing day on day What we need to think about is when
we’re tired or when we’re caught up focusing on something
else, that we’re still able to talk to one another.
Good work. I like to think I’m having an impact
or I certainly hope so anyway, it’s just trying to give them a bit
of a pointer in what I’ve done, how I’ve been fairly successful
and let them learn from that. Two days before the Braves
first ever Sevens tournament their Supercoach
wants to inspire them. Colin is taking the boys to the US
Olympic Training Centre, where the US Rugby hopefuls are preparing for
their first ever Olympic Games. Great that the US 7s team are
based here so gonna have a look around, a real chance to
be inspired by what they see Colin has arranged for the Braves
to meet two members of the Team USA Olympic rugby squad,
Shalom Suniula and Kelly Griffin? We just got back from
France on Monday night? Obviously winning’s fun, to be
at that end of the stick but it just takes one little mistake ?
it’s about taking those chances. If you have belief in your
own ability you know whoever you’re playing against, there’s
a chance you can beat them, if you get things right on
the day anything can happen Seeing these players
here it just inspires me so much and I might wanna
be like them someday. For them, rugby’s just all
about having fun. Really, I mean even for me a lot of rugby
is just about having fun Plenty of communication,
let’s get jogging, let’s go. The tour guides are
excused and Colin gets down to training on
the hallowed turf. Don’t want anyone standing still. five pushups?Nelson, five pushups? Let’s go then leg drive, wrap him
up then. Yeah good leg drive. – present ball, present ball.
-Today Colin is focusing on defence If he runs into that
you just say I’ve got ball ball, I’ve got ball, I’ve got
ball and you make the tackle. – I’ve got first?
– We can really focus on improving the physical side of rugby, I really want to give them a couple
of pointers to make sure that they’re really confident whenever
they’re faced with making a tackle But with progress in one area,
bad habits reappear. Wait wait wait wait
wait?everyone went silent! That’s the last thing we
want to happen, we want all of you talking
rather than none of you so let’s just make sure now
that we’re nice and noisy. Let’s start looking to pass to space. We’re just playing up the
guts, where’s the space? Complete the tackle, up we get Devin.
Good presentation. Let’s think about the aim of the
attack is get the ball to space. The Braves start to come together
as they find their voices. Good running Right lads good work,
we’ll call it there. Communication got better as
boys were getting into space as the game freed up a little bit,
guys were getting more vocal. We’re very good in the little
drills getting shoulder contacts, then when we get into a game we get a
little bit guilty of trying to grab. Braves on three. One, two, three!
Braves! To be honest to start with
things weren’t all that great, the boys went a wee bit quiet again
and it was a wee bit headless chicken stuff. We worked on it, got
them talking a little bit more and the quality then
improved and by the end we were almost looking
like a 7s team! Today is Scottish rugby legend Colin
Gregor’s final coaching session with the Braves before their first
ever seven aside tournament Just want to build confidence, we’ll
look again at our defensive shape but for one player training might
be over before it has even begun? I didn’t even know I
was bleeding until? Hopefully nothing too bad then? Alright put that back up on there? – You got a headache at all?
-No If you have a headache then
we have to deal with that Just let me know if it’s too tight? Croix’s team mates have just
one thing on their minds. Are you gonna play tomorrow? I dunno? Checked that he didn’t have a
headache didn’t feel in anyway unwell so we’ll just monitor him a bit
more closely than we would normally He’s obviously an important player, Criox recently moved in to live with
his Dad, a U.S marine please go in… come on! before that he had not seen much of
his father We are still figuring each other out
cos he just moved here in October and even though we are almost
literally the same person I think our relationship will
get tighter over time because I have been gone for so long It was like every other year, I
would see him for like three weeks or a month It’s a lot harder now, to
kind of.. interact. It’s difficult. Ohhhh! (LAUGHS) With Dad now stationed nearby
they can make up for lost time. Out of nowhere he started playing
rugby. I was.. ok, I guess he knows what he’s doing and
he was really good at it too. For Seven’s my posistion
is wing, so what I am responsible for is as
soon as that ball gets snapped out, its got to
get to me and I have to take it as far as
possible to the try zone. Right lads, in we come. In an effort to re-focus,
Colin is firm with the boys Obviously important that we
have a real high quality session, if the quality’s poor
we’re gonna keep going and going so it’s up to you guys to make sure
you’re switched on, good quality session Good and go, go, go? Croix is determined to prove he is
fit to play in tomorrow’s tournament Let’s get real urgency
we’ll just do it for 30 second blasts or so.
Here we go, great work. However, after battling
through the opening drills, he is unable to continue. Is he ok? He’s feeling a little
light headed? That’s fine yeah. I’ve been waiting all week to
play the game, but my head hurts. Good work, into space.
Excellent work, yep get support with him.
Good running Elias. Colin brings final
practice to a close? Right lets come in? Yes Wallace? He hands out new jerseys
for the tournament that’s a proper
Scottish name?good man Bellamy and makes Croix captain even
though he might not be fit to play Just over the week we’ve been
looking a bit about leadership and how you work as a team, the
dynamics and basically we’ll go for a leadership team I think
we’ll have Croix as captain? CLAPPING We want Devin, you to be
vice-captain as well. CLAPPING Braves on 3. 1,2,3?BRAVES! Feels really good to
have a rugby jersey, just makes me feel
part of the team. I feel like we’re gonna win now It’s a big day in rugby. It marks
the start of the Sevens Summer Season and the Fallbrook Braves
U14s first ever tournament. Losing has become kind of
normal to me almost?I’ve had a lot of losing?so it’d
be nice to start winning Before Colin can send out his team
he needs an update from his captain how’s your head? Ah its good, it was
just like a little cut. So is it alright? You’re
just making a meal of it? Space, communication?teamwork,
passing. Let’s just talk to each other, gee each other up.
Have a real fun time yeah There are six teams competing.
Each team will play three matches. The Braves must win
TWO out of three to finish in the top
half of the table I’m a little nervous, I’ve never
been captain before, I think I’m ready, I’m ready to lead
my team one way or another. WHISTLE BLOWS The Braves start their first
ever sevens tournament in style Go on Croix and with tries
from captain Croix? And prop Mikhail? Beat their local rivals, the
San Clemente Gators —2 ? 7. Great work lads?
-CHEERING AS THEY COME OFF THE PITCH Next up are the South Irvine Rhinos Lets get our defence then Despite a strong defence
from the Braves? the physically superior opposition,
prove too much for them and they lose the match —4 ? nil! Now with light fading everything
rests on their final match Go Braves! They face their tough challenge of
the day in the Coastal Dragons Come on drive those legs.. Go Croix! (Cheering) The Braves take the lead less
than a minute into the game Excellent start yeah?just
good scrum and then Croix just showing how dangerous a runner
he is, bursting straight through. Just what we needed really. and fly-half Devin regains his
form to make the conversion. Putting
them seven points up He helped his team mate score
a try and then he made his conversion kick and that was awesome. They soon have more to cheer SCREAMS OF CELEBRATION ?as Nelson extends the
lead to fourteen points Good work. Refusing to give up, the Dragons
overturn possession at a scrum? ?and crash through to get
on the board. At half-time Fallbrooks lead
is reduced to seven points. With victory by no means a done
deal Colin rallies his troops Let’s start screaming for it so
that we get the ball to the width Last 7 minutes of the day, of the
weekend so let’s really enjoy it. CROWD CHEERS
GO BRAVES The Dragons continue to
pile on the pressure – Nice tackle
– Cracking tackle Nelson We need to dig deep now,
play with that confidence that they’ve displayed
in the first game But Fallbrook remain calm and start
to work the space with their passes? Into the safe hands of their
captain who does the rest On we go?(CHEERING) (CHEERING)
Oh my God.. Devin adds the conversion,
putting more points on the board to give them an unassailable lead The Braves seal the all-important
second win of the day and finish in the top half of the
tab—e ? a triumph for the team who last season
won only one match Cracking effort, really good.
Great way to end the week, You guys are great, I freaking
love every single one of you Alright man, I’m just freaking
happy right now? Rugby is just?rugby.
It’s a lot of fun, a lot of contact and it doesn’t
stop that’s for sure. It’s been an awesome week,
really fun. Coach Gregor being here and everything, it was
just an awesome experience. – Are you a proud dad today?
– Absolutely, I’m gonna start crying. Really good, certainly a lot
better than I thought it would be when I first arrived on Monday.
So to win two out of three games, They showed tremendous
character and just their belief in one another
to stick to what they could do and they scored the tries
and got the win because of that. Coach Colin on
three?1,2,3 Coach Colin!