My heart is heavy at the thought of
leaving you after being so close We can even stay away
from our own parents But this separation
is too much to bear! I feel I can’t even breathe I’m choked up I’m so glad to be a friend… …of a friend who knows
the value of another friend My dear friend! You should do well in life Dialog was for her? Lunatic! I couldn’t bear it That’s why I dumped
all my thoughts on Silukku Where will you
dump yourself tonight? Care of pavement! Why be on the road when
we can stay with our friend? We’ll stay in our friend’s house,
eat, sleep and study from there Who is that wonderful friend? You, of course!! If they can make out with a poster
of Silikku, imagine my sister’s plight! “If youth wilts,
scent on the incline” “If you indulge,
inhibitions will decline” “Why hesitate?
Delay please negate” God forbid! “To caress softly, enraptured
You too, my silken rose petal red” “Desires melt
when hugs perfect” “Mind went crazy seeing you
Desire flows within me anew” “Shall I kiss you nonstop?
Will you reciprocate or not?” “What does my body desire?
For that smoldering fire” This is not heading
the right way for me – Where are you running off to?
– Why won’t it work out? I have a sister
just like me at home Then you’re right! His face is bad enough
How can we see a photocopy? Wait…his sister is
like our sister too You think so? You think you can
take me for a ride? Don’t get mad All you want is
a place to stay, right? You’re right, friend Just utter the word ‘Arunachalam’ and
doors barred or locked in Pullankurichi… …will open wide for you! You should not tell a soul
you’re Arunachalam’s friend If anyone gets to know? Then you’ll be
‘c/o pavement’! Who is Arunachalam? Quick on the uptake! Between 31st and 1st of every month,
you must wake up your landlord… …and pay the rent to Chettiyar
at the stroke of 12 midnight We won’t delay
even a minute (whooping cough) Don’t be scared Let’s scoot Wait That’s just our Chettiyar coughing This is a repeated occurrence If you don’t hear him cough
you must inform me immediately Why? I must inform
some people, no? That’s all?
Not a minute will we delay Haven’t they really lived
in royal style those days? – We’ll follow suit
– You think so? 1 minute, only because
Arunachalam begged me… …I agreed to get
this place for you Otherwise, for your act of
temerity the other day…! Temerity…? Joseph, what is
this boy referring to? How innocent! I ‘tamed’ the bull
and you got the pats on your back! Really?
Ahaaa! – He let the cat out of the bag
– So you didn’t tame the bull? No, he’s the brave-heart! I went to get hay for the bull
and he preened away to glory ‘Thought we’ll at least
be better off with a dhoti’ I should have shown
your true colors that day! You’re one of us now, so keep
your monkey tricks under wrap Don’t dare disobey me ‘What brave faces
to tame the bull!’ Is this the way to get
false applause? Forget it You win some
You lose some We removed
the bull’s dhoti He stripped me
of my underwear! Not we, but I I think it’s Burma teak Don’t change the subject That boy was better
He’s like a dog with a bone I’d hang myself rather than
pull a fast one and show off! Let’s bathe and get along
with our daily routine She and her silly bets! – Awwwwwwww!
– Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! Alamelu…maybe she
isn’t waiting up for me? Alamelu…? Alamelu from the Tamil film
with that same name? Don’t act smart with me Who asked you to jump into
our pond when girls are bathing? Who asked you to come out
when guys are bathing? I like that!
What gall?! You’re in our pond and answering
my question with a question! Move…I must bathe
and leave soon Move aside Seems very hot Whaaat? I meant the water! Better be water Looks as clear as marble Whaaat? I meant the water again!! How long will you
scrub yourself? Water has become yellow
with your turmeric paste I’m done, you can
help yourself to the rest Hey! Crap…! ‘On top of our chemistry, I think
even the geography will work out!’ ‘Must enquire if any house
is available nearby for rent’ Hey Saravana!
Is this your house? You never told me
Looks soooper Won’t you invite
your guest inside? My cycle…pot…to get
water…chain got undone! Thank God!
My girl didn’t see this Maybe he forgot He has forgotten
How humiliating! They are slowly becoming
real pains in the wrong place! Mustn’t let her study
sitting on the steps Aiyaiyo! Maaa…! For me? – Sonny?
– Sir…? Are you new
to this village? My name is Joseph
I’m from Dindigul I’m studying in Pullankurichi college
and staying at Manicka Chettiyar’s place You can stay, study, fine
But move, you’re not transparent! Only once a week
they telecast film songs He has come all the way
from Dindigul to block my view “Turmeric powder, while anointing
you touched my heart too, enchanting” Jesus save me Look how I drive you away Looks like he won’t
let me sleep in peace! Wretched broom! ‘Who is hitting me
with a broom stick?’ See you Hello, why are you standing
in front of the girls’ room? I want to see Meenakshi The 1st years have gone for NSS camp
to the Shiva temple in Nemam Runs in the family?! Nothing, I came to pray! Lord Shiva, please help me Hello…Sakthi? What brings you here? Your cycle seems to haunt
Meenakshi’s house?! Cycle’s chain gets undone
right in front of her house I’ve told her father to put up
a puncture shop in front of her house Stop pulling my legs
Do you know what happened? Devayanai…? I don’t want to interrupt
your important chat, I’ll leave I came to talk to you – Then I’ll leave
– Good Wait What’s the matter? Really the chain came undone
I had no clue that was your house I swear I didn’t come
to flirt with you – Hey! You leave
– I thought as much What did you say? I didn’t come
to flirt with you Why not?
Don’t you like me? I like you but if you put the broomstick
aside, I’d heave a huge sigh of relief! Go this side, but keep
ringing the bell Why? Just listen to me Sit properly
without shaking That was a pothole Hold tight then ‘I like you
Do you like me?’ What are you giggling for? Nothing – What’s in your hand?
– Nothing Why has she stopped? – Tell me
– Really nothing – Give it to me
– No, don’t insist Will you give it
to me or not? Love letter, huh? No He gave it to you, right? Trapped! I had a hunch, when you
changed the route And on top of it, I should
announce my arrival…move Wait and watch
what I do to him Please don’t Follow me Is she also
‘hitting’ on me? (mumbling equations) What? Buying trouble with love, huh? You should stay, study
and go your way quietly You don’t know this village That’s why
Come along Come with me She’s jealous
Green eyed monster! She doesn’t like us talking
and spending time together Don’t get her wrong What are you still
chitchatting there for? Basket fell down You don’t end up
as a ‘basket case’! Look how mad she is! Doesn’t matter
if she doesn’t like it