I’ve told you about
my classmate Devayanai Coffee is terrible
in this village Buffalo!
You drank tea If you don’t pay for it
you won’t even know its value – His wallet got thinner
– You are having a dig at me! Let’s get going
Stop bickering Hey! That’s the chap Let me ask him Don’t ask now
in front of the others – Might end up as a problem
– Nothing of that sort If I don’t ask, it will
become a problem – No need, please
– Just follow me 1 minute Oh you? What? – Photo…?
– Which photo? – My photo
– I returned it to you You did, but the cover was empty – It must have been inside
– What’s happening here? I checked it
when I got home also – Empty cover
– Are you suspecting me? Oh no! No, you’ve suspected me I don’t like anyone
doubting my words My father suspected me
of taking 100 bucks What’s wrong with that? I didn’t drink water
that day, not even a sip! I didn’t eat a morsel of food With that money, he’d have
eaten to his stomach’s content – I am angry now
– Oh! Please go ahead You anyway doubted me 1 minute…wait Keep it with you Thanks a ton- Don’t be in a hurry
This is my photo Till I return yours, keep this
safe and sound with you Let’s go Hello…wait But I won’t ask you like this
In the middle of the road Keep it Hello…? Take good care
of his photo I have a doubt to clarify What, friend? Isn’t this a new
love-technique? He took her photo and gave his
to her for safe keeping it seems! Develop it well, boss I meant the photo Okay, enough Now I know his hidden agenda
behind the ‘glass of tea’ offer! Don’t rub it in I give an inch
you’ll take a yard! Bro…don’t
Spare me I won’t do it again Just forgive me
this time alone Don’t kill me Please spare me Let’s see if we can help Why do you want to
poke your nose…let’s go That too in a place
we don’t know Fine, if you don’t want to, I’ll go You better come with us You’ll get a string of abuses! You’re such a scaredy-cat You’re the next contender
for the Param vir chakra! I told you, he didn’t
being us here for just tea! – Which village is he from?
– Kadiyapatti In his village, aren’t there
any teenage girls for him to gape? Why did he stalk
one of our girls? Sleaze ball! I told you to chop his neck
You chose to slice his hand Thick skinned buffalo! Send him back Only then it will be a learning lesson
to them if they stalk our women Our senior asked us to safeguard
our lunch boxes or else hostelites- Meenakshi…? I got to know in the last minute
you joined this college My father asked me to join
The American college in Madurai But I preferred this college This is for you For what? You were top ranker
in our school I visited your village
quite a few times But I couldn’t meet you Take it Thanks – Why the ‘thanks’?
– For accepting it Buddy, it seems you’ve lured her Get up…you’ll be
late for class – What’s the time?
– 7:00 a.m You wretched Saturn with
your malefic effect of 7 ½ years! Will anyone go so early?
I hardly slept last night You are to blame ‘Don’t pass the buck on to me’ What are you doing here? On my way to college Today is Saturday Oh! So yesterday was Friday? Tomorrow is Sunday Then Monday, Tuesday
and Wednesday will follow Look at that sheepish
crooked face of yours! Today is the 3rd Saturday in September
that’s very auspicious for Lord Vishnu Let’s pray to the Lord and ask him
to give you special intelligence And not wander around
like a roadside Romeo! You go, I’m meeting
a very important person Who can be more of
a V.I.P than Lord Vishnu? I’m not very
religiously inclined Student shouldn’t
be an atheist Powerful deity and a mind reader
He’ll grant all your wishes I wasn’t able to talk
for the 1st 5 years of my life Only after fasting and fulfilling the vow
my speech is loud and clear now All these people fast
and follow their vows Look at me, do they
pick some silly vow? What did you say? – Wow…wick?
– Awww! You said something
about fast work? You and your wick
lit in the wrong place – Don’t malign God
– Don’t turn the table on me What’s caught your attention
you can’t take your eyes off? If you suspect me
God will poke your eyes Sorry, friend You numbskull! Thanks, I deserve this