According to numbers at this year’s
Rugby World Cup, 16,000 NZers have flocked to Japan
to watch the All Blacks. Reporter Rapera Tawhai
found a whanau who are part of that number, but they’ve come from all parts of
the world to come together in Japan. Maori walking the streets of Tokyo. Memories flood when you see
familiar faces, I have many friends here. These family members are scattered
across the world. They have come together to watch
the rugby world cup here in Japan. That’s one of the reasons
I came to Japan. Firstly, to watch rugby, secondly to see my family
and friends who are also here to watch rugby. Some are in Saudi Arabia. Some are in Sydney. I’ve come from Sydney
to see my friends and watch rugby and also to see my brother
play rugby here in Japan. Some also in Japan too. I want to go back to NZ now. I want to go see everyone at home
because a lot of the time there are heaps of people
but I don’t know who they are. They haven’t seen each other
in a while, so it’s good to see each other
in person. I miss my family a little bit,
my four brothers. Other than rugby they are also experiencing
what Japan has to offer. Kina sushi! Portraying true camaraderie and close family relationships
to the world. Rapaera Tawhai, Te Karere.