it will sting evil sapphire
you will suffer you will be solidary
you will be brave this is minimal version
affected that’s the basis we’re the killers but cold killer here is the
suddenly it is really a place you go you whole booster
you can chlorine and you can arrive at the highest level
This is the front line not alone with fifteen seconds you who are
there that will fight alongside him you win you notice it is the most
largest in the world 70% of people who came out here
signs a professional contract learned a lot you much
evolved positively I feel they are much
more physical than us lead May 15th against school I do not have much in December
what is the goal of every player returns and if tomorrow wear
jersey of the France team you yeah affected pole is hope it’s a bit endemol
like a dream of every rugby player they say it is not someone we
on the other there are plenty of monsters would it and savored like hello and
So we welcome this Gerard Bastide I coach
pole for the third year I almost that I get v raid
like that for two days with friends but really it was an experience
to live to talk all the time it was the war these two bones are
they always soda but that a group then savor the taste or culture
and frankly the first game in 19 it was something
still and not move for funny the first game is knowing where
one share of green web today is the official comeback
the Pole France in facilities the French Rugby Union
in marcoussis 27 trainees have now eight
months to prove themselves and try to join the 15 teams
France young people under 19 and 20 years for the occasion were parents
invited to an open day hello I have already invested in
some arrived yesterday others visited on site by
their own they will be guided by and séverine
sheave in charge of the organization sports and accommodation of the pole Following will capture the field of honor
following the France team or France team trains and then
quite deep over there you field pole France and thus any
the game will be out this change ground each time each year
do with the months of the vote on the field number 3 and with the team
France after the field So honor when you see
images when the drive of The french team
This is the ground where they are they are made and indeed the
stands are made for wings the public training
here it is he who see the his BMIP
I can go hand my father has beautiful village where
laughs a lot done he led so then
I think we started a rugby little thanks to him and then to see him here
they really want to discover there it made me something because
think many saw me the play games with the generations
but he had the same point in my father really wanted to have a good
photos when I came it was made much emotion hay but it made me
is weird because seeing the pleasure it get her to see that
I was there it gave me some second thing still has room
was created that is in front at gym who his morning regime
will instead be here and for those who have need
Finally, all have also to develop with your muscularly
physical prep it will instead face you talk about it much better than me
when you see them on December 1 little dry a little thin and you
finally see the next Christmas you will see physically they already have
exchange you will find that people come back
physically it will jump out at you What especially for some barons
you not see you not see often they return often in club
not appear in family so this is a big year is not
a small not for what colo France is beautiful is perhaps
a dream but at the same time that’s how I know it should not
stop there I continue to work forward
must advance monument valley ass to world but I am sworn is
we saw it we just tell you may be eric gayraud stone father
also traveled former top rugby player he
knows the constraints of this art and is eager to discover
the environment will evolve his son during these eight months so yes for me
all it touches me because he was professional to have him me it
lived I think that after more than me and he
has a career if I hope to touch that he come home you in
shower or not and this is one of people helping me the happiest
but it is to be the achieve this with words
with words to this accuracy and me for doing nothing m it is on this
much it affects me but I do it touched deeply that coming
iii gimont there and there under which I evolved in case I
tried to achieve the same objectives than he actually is doing very well is
good santos will be you but first without which
that the parties are saying he’s gone smart and leaves the very place
comfortable for a place that is still quite austere as good
notwithstanding all the advantages that the hanging high level athlete
just stalls everything bodybuilding preparation or care that is
hey it is optimal and then especially in this sort of
rather austere room dismisses all the little they will have
make sacrifices because when even he will leave the comfort for
can to for a place that’s difficult but it’s good
part of the game so engaging at least it will be centered on
on what to ie on rugby here for my body but not complaining scott has done damage and cobras
beauport it is true that at the beginning when you eat
with mom and dad every day when in 17 18 you do the little kiss
the girlfriend and thou hast thou tips here that you think you are is
isolated with an interest group it rains it’s cold and terraces
and pay a little shock and a little shock but it is true to say what to do
paul thing when we need another month following jo there and to the point
it is also of course but clothing it’s part of what we call
harshness to learning to good mental toughness
yeah it’s part of the Player training clothes that
is at sea and how you shoes going gently make points each
return the new promotion of the pole France and named after a great
Man of French rugby this year it will adrien Chalmin
member of pole France in 2005 adrien participating in the World Cup less
19 years in South Africa and some months after becoming a quadriplegic
Following a shock during a match with his montferrand club has it really is a
honor for me to be here I would never thought back again to
marcoussis sama is a great time emotion imagine and I just want
arrived after 5-year term if in So at first but even
will hold the French federation Rugby makes me the honor of being the
sponsor of this promotion the stage dic honor because I
remember the names that have sponsored preceding promotions such as jean
stone banks was therefore great Mr. rugby with a career
prestigious rugby of my career is less because I do not have the
time to create but is completely different so I
rebuilt a new life with discovering the different values
things I had never seen previously
after I’d just like to say a word all this promotion that makes me
the honor to my name I know how difficult it is to be be
So you need to be selected very talented and have a lot of
levels but you are at the beginning a great career I hope to
you anyway and I know only work pays you a
great tool here postponed work enjoy it work
wet the shirt and hopefully you will succeed the great things in
your life is my honor is everything Anyway I hope I can proud
from you Here thank you very much
and agree but watch habit is
always a broken leg attention because, in general,
first and charm or make anyone What put naked to close this
the president of the day French rugby federation stone
camouflage a final message to be delivered to everybody
sworn to welcome you very happy welcome us where nerves
parents I was not driving knowing just now we will
put in place all the means for you are men you
suffer learn to learn to suffer
exceed I will not repeat all that smells values ​​rugby
what is the difference of your bbcd difference be a man to build it itself
not hide behind others and we’re here everyone is
for you are already so be the best
the best is you will not be weep not say it’s the fault
the other hand you yourself systematically issue to watch
in a mirror to be champions to be called learning to suffer
learn overtake you in compliance the charter
it means respecting you even suffering I have mentioned the
President of the Federation Youth Trainees will not be long pole
to know the regularly in the year they will
having to undergo the tube of the dreaded endurance test that will validate their
progression to the material equipped with GPS they will alternate
intense efforts and make short recovery party 8 km Julian Deloire physical trainer
of fifteen of France is in control a first bearing these ale is 400 m
in three minutes the lap is one of the tests from battery
Testing a bit wide which aims to be the same for all the teams France
15 of France to young which fact that we really are elements of
reference and comparison and thus This is a test that is oh test
Energy empty the lungs to the max it avoids the point side
the cowardice error brad auron cowardice arm christ not on your
well relaxed race minutes at jean charles super fine in
tempo as everyone was the impression that it is never good
timing of year we say he always had to be
the year next week understand that one is better separate I am happy that as it may we
launches go it blows it eight minutes otherwise we are not tied to a
basket 3 to 4 km and after a when you’ve already bored you has
already tired and German even when you’re in a somewhat level
too low then you are obliged to continue continue great you are
all in the great noise issue pride you go I continue
until you start to do more breathe upcoming tests and more
to test its endurance test tattoo mind also because it must remain hard
evil if after a while it starts going fast
you run three minutes you recovered one minute and this is
really very long time friends before working while the test is underway on
Field of Honor of a race different kind took place at the medical center
it is that of native florian Gassin in the Var he plays racing
Toulon club at left pillar victim of recurrent sprains to
two pins florian is now in the hands
chiropodist sports to try diagnose the origin of evil
ok you open the not how it ok market
you got no pain in the back what I can say yeah yeah you got
a small greenhouse turns you your nickname you have a small toggle peace returns
handing opposite ie that little short of the other people with
right leg Anyway I had the option media
back pain and may be associated with what I shifted
but here is what you wear a pair retest panthers week
Yeah yeah it should say how long
recent years have to last do yeah yeah
seen your templates today what you saw requests to your body via the rugby it
be that you are at least a loss of 6 months and are proportionate to
your weight must not either a pair orthez of experiencing your weight is
not painful so that was the great great difficulty of both the
Rugby and beyond this population under 19 and that when you are 20
one is hampered saddle nothing can happen to us, and so they
are struggling to integrate the fact that their working tool it will be their bodies
and that to be effective and above long performance they need
to take either I broke a tooth on game
yeah yeah yeah it protects teeth What was the score such a blow
have only chickens is an instrument pub which agree
the first line bow which is stronger and left foot then the game
first line is a clash So live with the enemy melee
so if you make it too good it is true that we often years before
small not big bread Injuries small pets are not very
serious but debilitating can our week instead of
train all week goes do some physical or
muscu many muscu we are back on the field of honor the endurance test to an end and
already several players dropped while if you come here it is for
give one’s best even their I often tell players mistake
not the objective is not to get to France center
the goal is to get out of the pole France or to rebound from the pole
France to go to the top level
here it is only a step so it it’s daily commitment each
week every month every game each drive means giving thoroughly
in order to succeed at the highest level you know know their donation calculations
Football is the shabby cei that you really my goal was to finish
before my post for you to mark territory yesterday announced that
not used to this much was fairly Here it was after this corner
what could give meaning to everything it
Finally, after you know even more people running is the head m
Betsch end and gives everything and you ended that creates one more lap and
the end you’re glad when it stop
you blow it’ll start studying but in three months or more just
Yet my teeth after ten years as it often show say it is
we not progress when training you have not grown there during the
Science you will progress because you will recover from this session
So that is the drive hidden just nutrition
hydration and there in the plate two hours if you want to attack
very thin people Afternoon slammed ok go this is good for us good recovery after a big
efforts inevitably means making choices appropriate food during the eight
months pole young people will be aware
the need to eat well to daily to be effective on bread
blessed yes yes as you do a super good according to their job requirements are not
the same and some will lose weight gain in muscle mass
where others have an obligation to thicken in all cases
they remain strict set ban refills for 1
ja rule is like going to cost more fallout paintings by
liberals stone gayraud game will contain Elisa’s export firing a shot
vain is gérald which blocked its forms like every morning since September
florian and some of his comrades promotion cnr leaves at 7:30
morning he goes to High School
Essouriau of the ulis around marcoussis with which the federation
French rugby has signed a convention
this is where young players France rugby pole are integrated
in classes where they receive of general education courses
technological and professional among them florian and Thomas pass tray
pro the end of the year Today they begin their day
with art classes small group Mom goes I have nothing over me
geo and I did not trick me Finally, I think I just
limestone please and here that’s the artist’s job
if there is something that should make Perhaps this difference between
Rugby training or perhaps forgotten too sport is that is that when they
come home is not only he trained top players
level but they also have a school or university education or
professional who keeps up now
Whether in training centers anywhere in France is pole
exactly the same land the idea again to form
men before forming rugby players
this is the most important people can reintegrate into
society Alain regularly Fiore Director
the division’s research comes on site to monitor the evolution of
school project each artist Mrs. issoufou less I start
fear not but I always felt quick thank you to be present for
Douala is really a golden boy then florian is a character
character that is especially in the sense under his tunes often small
little careless a little casual a little bit sometimes gently wanker
we’ll say it is quite invested in what he does
and that it was a surprise that is that in perception and a priori
me this is the first I had also I was pretty skeptical about her
investment and in fact it is the back teachers who showed me
that he had a will to succeed not too much to see it is not what
imagine for sneakers you can you can the also the shutters
career of a rugby player and it can do ten years as she can
three months it enough that you have the knee slightly away or anyone
and here you have trouble So that’s something that’s that
for us is paramount even if it not only benefits
there are days when I say frankly if instead of going to class
or here to support classes he could train train
more it suit me where the solution of the differential equation is a
particular form the two ffr Polytechnique are present all
year to give lessons support for young trainees on the
xv tom and alex who is preparing a engineering school next year
the rhythm of the days is intense but it is the shape a bit
complicated but also form the interested in more frequent physical
them that they can succeed as their life and have not cut directly
social reality that is what they have the ferry that calls the bin where they
are passing on if we said good Coming home you stop everything you
should more than rugby players a child of one of morons will make
people who will be unable to reintegrated and we’ll unemployed
clearly so it’s not the interest of our sport and especially not us
present an artist born in car the values
or time you had a small embankment line a little application she moans
to stone is it’s great that confirm
these are good bah yeah cows are confirm firm estimates expressed
affection lot of love for you and you work hamas rut ​​and
that’s the first reason it will be completed the acquisition of my mac
row and because thou the stone Grave positive they buy right
as in May because of the charm dead good grades was the characters the
hands of large sheets was told to So make a bomb landscapes
announce rigor which we see from all over
and it is bonnard super g here is who plan rugby
which are red bull GYPA that make it and often they do it a lot, and then
if allowed to make a down they that they make the game boy are there there
not necessarily to an opening world sees culture to expression
the artistic aspect and I Makeover particularly because it is one of
also means to take out the middle rugby that was joinville former battalion school
Joint Sports Fontainebleau ensures good physical condition and
sports about 60 top athletes level
a good way for the division’s staff France strengthen the group in order of
upcoming international matches one apartment is on a sports
Collective combat it’s true that many also like to go
in a structure in quotes a some military
and then there is some passing batel also play live so we
know how it goes and the pole France looks a lot like her formerly obstacle course
agree they are supervised by lilian Alméras later to become their
specific coaching techniques of battle of the five media teams
soft start is was the maton lawyers and great emotion
because my father had passed fs Military France team and must
we will say additional emotion me
when will you put your hands on the head garden
as soon as the hands on the gold head each ear gives the team a name
but it is not lying each team gives a name with a shaved head cry
if I get up each team the team leaders one month I go to
Martin each team will give the name his team alex gibney third
4th grunts agreement broken arms Seven mind and we will this Post
fixed So you go from in this order
there ports every two minutes agreed at the end of term
arrival when you cross the line arrival
google is the name of the good team agreement ok this is our attention is
left m the obstacle course and I have
we always are in course that Training and yes I know
not that it was also natural that lasts for us it will last five doll
minutes all by what and frankly in the end we were
also a really really was with things that lived there down
it allows to reunite the group really unite to find have
trusted partners we have a field must we all need
therefore result what it was it was something hard streets
physically mentally it was a really good sequence and
my mind is not in the second portion of the tuning path
you follow me trotting off you go when you put the uniform necessarily
he put yourself in the shoes of a hero you imagine it yourself having already
crawl on the floor and shoot target when in fact it was because
others it was not what we we expect and we were victims
were not the years text protects
party level with your people try jumping as high as possible
his little momentum it really is my art sucks estero
north we did not eat three days virtually no market as in
movies full metal jacket was told shoes
we woke up at 6 am to rescue it frankly
it was something to really make a thing to do and now it will be in
the team to bring a time car
over there is pushing quickly be like that until the tires
I eat a good agreement properly by cons when the wind might
end can not bring you car Here at the starting point we
m at here good going on all this we know why we
know why we wait so we thirteen seconds they exploded the
clock at the back the vehicle and brings with them c’mon good Bastia
any good news it is said you doing I pass because we all emerged
MISSILLIER finally it all so we were all happy and I’m not if it was
to redo it but it’s really remain etched in our memories I
think it’s good care this is particularly low elect
best symbol that was what was really good experience pc
Human especially because it already that helped bring the group then
found in uniform in the dough wishes to all those who have known the
military service who follow in g related buying often this is not
done for me today is a very special day for the pole
France expects a significant event all trainees dream of this
moment for a long time it will take him
yeah they went to bed at 9 o’clock Christiane expected and then after we
going to see me how to fix how the great France team is
Marcoussis to prepare three matches of the autumn tour
these three games will serve as test view the tournament four of the six nations
months later Every year players fifteen
France and their coaches ask that the players are from the pole
available to them to refine a phase of play where setting up a
strategy adapted to the adversary they face experience
now there you go get in your little shoes agree that it
makes you a little sly devils and still when you saw surely try
turn off the demo sure I can but when you go see the types
next door you used see on TV that you cross
where you admire certain it will you’ll have a while since
anyway that’s feverishness Normal it is normal that we must
anticipate must know but then the thing to do on
after this is to say that this is it it’s done but now I
train with the group and when I was training with them I take this
training there would be happy out putting on fucking
I was so petrified that I dared not do anything you have to dare it be
dare to do things well we must dare to bullshit to see switch
Cape a little excitement to return quickly after the
technical work of the Technical Working and anyway no matter what
no matter what you’re going feast that’s for sure there you go
out with banana and it will be a good experience
it’s clear yes to answer the question if it’s
Fuck and both the players coaches from fifteen to France
each year would not ask the dock Take the balloons against by both
flawless nights the same what the goal of every player who returns
and if tomorrow wear the shirt of France team was once in
time the opportunity to go face Field of Honor during
training players see their idols see that others before them that
were there are now other side on the field of honor we are
trains field number four over there quite deep
it’s really something great for the players to be able
still dreaming because dreams this is something important when
top player is going realize that firstly what is available
players are available as our share is still much work
in order to get there award and Jauzion for the first time in their lives the
students will therefore have the privilege to train with the great team
the drive rugby France will take place on the field of honor with
very specific phases of the game on the front side and a
rear of the other young Jean Luc Arnaud found the
preparer of 15 who had box during their first internship
cohesion chambon on Lignon three months ago its price is something I say when
you will go I want you Complete open like that are formed
stage by her victory in Six Nations tournament 2010
realizing the ninth grand slam its history the France team
one of the best teams in the world success due in large part to
superiority of his pack led by morgan parra
former member of the pool and was the top scorer with 61
items on him alone and it’s a bit magical because
lice returns to TV talking has is weighing tells us that we really
is a place where we could not better What there’s no better and no progress
wanted to dream appeared also because it allows me to us if it is
compares today even if it is very away and very well why not me
especially younger I like my part in its gaming site etc.
So you lead to see in real life and that’s what I hope it will
to interest these cases karate players battle
all weekend 15 days since she plays in top 14 for anything that is
hand is to train our examples with them is really something
Magic after the rear forwards it
begins the training warming up with rehearsals
key combinations under eye Trainees who plays the same position I see them arrive early first
something to impress him sq they have a presence they have
charisma physical or whether the say three CDs are we masters 20 kg
Maurige or two days the team France meets Argentine his beast
Black marc recent years Lievremont coach of fifteen
expects young pole they play the role of Argentine in shares
maule of these consolidation phases usually comes after a
touch guys what we will we will make a
meeting the blood will work together tomorrow rather the opposite is integrated
1105 hp elbow to defend me by two floats against you France
blue is striking aura so you mount it
not want his life to interfere in the air and to fall away very quickly
pressure after the summer or 22 Argentine yes if you infiltrate you
push orientate early soon they fall big racial pressure
ok you can cheat a little these dangers however well placed a little too
depart children in addition to our template we really can
considered as children and there is really plays on the dimension
So physical all that was the word characterizing some aspects of
Battle of the sport they technically are very strong at the investment
they are very strong in that we leaves very little space we can
for music hall and after and if happens to catch this place
army quickly cleared by their strength
very very complicated physical but very much one learns et regarde s’était comparé un peu et
là dessus divers des manques du travail à dire c’est pas mal à s’affirmer en
question mais après ensuite voilà tu apprends beaucoup à leurs côtés même
si c’est des toutes petites séquences tu apprendras observons déjà et c’est
vraiment je trouve un bon travail permet d’améliorer les individus le programme
scolaire de florian durant cette année de baccalauréat va l’empêcher
d’assister aux entraînements du matin la situation génère forcément des
frustrations sécheresse a entraîné contre le 15 que d’aller à l’école
mais c’est comme ça c’est chiant effet on a envie de ça on est là pour faire
du rugby principalement donc on veut nous c’est s’entraîner c’est vrai que
c’est frustrant dans les gradins surtout contre le quinze de france s’il n’a pas pu faire partie des rares
privilégiés à se confronter aux avants du quinze de france florian va
pouvoir se consoler en assistant à l’entraînement des lignes arrières ils
veulent tester de nouvelles phases de lancement de jeu et de relance toujours
avec le concours des jeunes du pôle on a fait une semaine de jeu bon
c’était pas plaquer et cetera on pouvoir défense collective donc penser
on arrivait à les passer aussi en défense et frontale est vraiment
thoniers ont essayé de m’apprendre mais ces réactions parce que niveau de la
vitesse déjà on était pas on était un peu dépassée avec contact pour un
peu compensé des fois avec un peu plus envie on arrive des fois on compensait
intelligence collective mais là il n’y avait pas le contact on voulait vraiment
tu te dis dans la tête donc c’était un peu dur au début mais vraiment c’était
une bonne expérience ça fait trois ans que je suis là assez
régulièrement que les premières fois ce sont vraiment deux petits enfants qui
regardent les jours de france comme leurs comme leur idole et offert mesure
qui s’entraîne avec eux et à leurs contacts qu’ils apprennent beaucoup au
fur et à mesure qu’ils sont capables de tenter des choses
ils s’aperçoivent que des fois il passe des petits trucs alors certes c’est pas
monstrueux en tout cas ça leur permet de savoir où ils en sont et verrouille
doivent à leurs rivales sur le plan inside
peut-être qu’un match on se fait bloquer mais en tout cas on espère une
sortie d’une situation où on avait zéro intervalles et 0 situation en
faisant celle-là on s’adapte et on a bien fini
ça c’était important pour la stb et rigal est fier de ses ouailles
gérald bastide l’entraîneur du pôle va maintenant faire un point avec emile
ntamack et didier retière respectivement entraîneur des arrières
et des avants du quinze de france c’est intéressant des trucs bon c’est
intéressant mais sûr c’est intéressant parce que moi j’aurais
vendu ce monde est assez réaliste pour voir et moi m’avait tout critique en
disant voilà ont été primés qu’évidemment on pouvait peser un peu
plus avant dans les intervalles parce que tu écris d’intérêt qu’on n’a pas
fait et puis piment il a fallu aussi que julian je pourrais pas trop ressentir de
l’entraînement avec les 19 marques de prêts que nous donc tombé dedans et c’est là l’autre
averse et non pas plati j attends moi 2006 attend de voir tomber de haut à 8
e ou moins quatre mois donc c’est pas du jeu immersive azan
sahil plaisir nous sommes à quatre heures du coup d’envoi de la rencontre
france australie le dernier test match de la tournée d’automne du quinze de
france appelée à peut-être faire partie de la grande équipe un jour ou
l’autre les jeunes stagiaires du pôle vont chacun leur tour et par petits
groupes durant l’année participez à l’organisation des matches
internationaux qui auront lieu au stade of France ce français
on va l’inter carrosse ok vous allez pouvoir vous rendre compte
que l’organisation d’une rencontre ça c’est pas au hasard qu’on veut
s’appuyer sur un certain nombre de people
une manière de leur faire comprendre concrètement ce qui peut se passer en
coulisses le jour où ils joueront le même devant 80000 personnes comme on a
touché le rêve du doigt quoi sinon j’en ai eu le monde a pu visiter le
stade de france axa s’était reste c’est un moment je
vais à l’hectare occasionné soit plus sa machine un peu une bonne ambiance
normalement ça être une très probable ambiant c’est pas tellement qu’ils se disent
voilà ce qui se passe en coulisse ski qu’ils sachent que eux qui ont la chance
d’être au milieu du terrain mais pour un match et pour quinze joueurs ou
trente joueurs il y a dix mille personnes qui travaillent autour
pour le feront sur la ligne des 5 mètres comme d’habitude mais il est
vrai pas sûr qu’il sache que c’était des images qui mettent à la télé mais
en plus voilà mais c’est qu’ils se rendent compte aussi ce que c’est qu’un
événement international toute l’énergie qui est déployée derrière
eux pour là pour les soutenir et pour leur apporter le maximum de confort la
left je te laisse pas ce que we
I tom et sébastien ont été affectés au
département animation qui gère l’aspect vidéo et audio de
event mais dont il veut arrêter ou dirhams
sont connus ouais on va bosser et on va aller voir les enchaînements à côté
ici la légère les écrans géants on gère la musique systèmes de sons
dance and le speaker passé l’entrée des joueurs avec la musique ça vous
allez le voir c’est leur sont aimés grand public sa carte je vous asseoir sur nous donc on va sûrement donc le quinze de france est
toujours dans ce vestiaire contrairement contrairement à nos amis
du foot qui ont le look qui utilisent l’autre provinciales ont toujours un
sujet tabou plié contre les rams en france on est présent pour habitude d’y
rester une heure une heure et demie jusqu’à ce qu’ils aient bien détruit
le bouclier dans le tournoi tom et sébastien ont une mission très
precise trois minutes avant le coup d’envoi ils
vont devoir installer un micro au centre du terrain pour sonoriser la garde
républicaine qui interprétera les hymnes de chaque équipe les enceintes aux seules permettront aux
joueurs de bien entendre la musique j’ai une poignée là bas vous ne pensez pas
fait un grand match de rugby avait autant de personnes qui travaillent
dessus pour peindre détail est nouvelle en regardant la télé c’est le sport en
premier qui m’intéressent quoi le match les innus cas au tour l’ambiance et
après le match le jeu n’a pas récolté après le mach
1 restera comme ça a ajouté deux crises internes après deux choses sont
claires pas fait le sortir après coup pas le connaître c’est ce qui passe au dessus du travail
qui c’est qui ce qui fait du son qui se fonde et là ça nous a fait prendre
conscience qu’il ya un engouement autour two
match 3 soit pour des enfants pour des oeuvres caritatives pour des deux choses
pour les jeunes qui travaillent le plus c’est une fête qu’on sait non mais on se rend pas compte quand on
est sur le terrain où on n’arrive pas directement dans les vestiaires suite
aux sorties sur le terrain on s’entraîne un petit peu on rentrait
ensuite on joue le match con sen bat et il faut savoir que derrière tout ça il
ya toute une organisation donc faut le respecter
on regarde si je fais rien de son côté carl devra s’occuper de
l’accueil des personnalités qui t’appelle de l’officier de sécurité
d’eric besson malheureusement une pop classique à la
rencontre donc on va changer un petit peu la composition la tribune
presidential des gens des traditionnels du prix
giller c’était n’a eu accès après on a parlé a créé un retour à tous
allons donc présidentielle on se retrouve dans des lieux quand même
qu’ils sont assez particuliers assez ou très peu de personnes semblent donc là
it’s something et vu la prestation forcément cette
grande personnalité finalement qu on s’y fait bien c’est pas compliqué car
au pire ou qui apparemment ne vient plus bas environ 23,4 à lima par les poches
à haute voix sur la gare ça y est l’arrivée des deux équipes est
imminente là encore les membres du pôle france sont aux premières loges the station l’équipe de son mc ce quinze de france je voulais voir
arriver à west ses fins à côté d’une il s’est fait des joueurs quoi mais
c’est le mec on vers la télé qu’on sait à certains bourse à peu des
idoles de lumière à jeter contre chant c’est vraiment à toucher leur idole this le centre alsace en raison de son
palmarès l’équipe d’australie de rugby à 15 est considérée comme l’une des
meilleures équipes nationales au monde tout au long de son histoire à la conte
et un grand nombre de joueurs d’exception et les idoles du moment
défilent devant tom et alex j’ai une liste et en anglais tous veut
dire j’ai en l’air il s’agit d’un tirage au sort à pile ou face entre les deux
capitaines avant un match celui qu’ils gagnent décide d’engager ou de choisir
sa moitié de terrain s’il décide de taper le coup d’envoi
c’est au perdant de choisir son terrain c’est spécial comme comme ça sur
puisqu’on assiste au tos comme si on était un peu larbitre vous mêmes
joueurs comme si on allait dire à montrer qu’ils peuvent terrain a gagné
en amène taux sont bas et je le redis aux médias wilfred c’est l’australie
qui ont gagné le toss troisième à dix engagements de la france en irak en
pleine bulle qu’elle se ferait de l’australie a gagné l’australie ans
d’âge et la france choisira son candidat les 25 prochaines minutes alors que les joueurs rentrent aux
vestiaires après l’échauffement karl accueil michèle alliot marie
fraîchement nommé ministre des affaires étrangères et européennes 14
jours plus tôt au niveau politique change pas je sais
pas très bien quelle est donc bon je savais qu’ils s’étaient jeu la france
de les voir à la télé on commence un peu à les reconnaître
après moi mon point de vue j’aurais préféré avoir un jour de les croire
mais c’est déjà quelque chose de deux grandes voix de voir ministre et
ministre à l’époque donc ça a été c’était sympa ça va
me rappeler l’inauguration du stade j’ai pas si vous sonnez je sais moi ma chance
in Spain mi temps 1 0 j’ai eu la chance comme
n’est ce pas avoir un rôle assez particulier à ce que le protocole
j’étais bien au chaud dans les salons à manger des petits fours compte que
certains étaient sur le bord du terrain un peu dans le froid et comme prévu
tom installe le micro des hymnes au centre de la pelouse tu es
m dans le long couloir qui va des
vestiaires au terrain les joueurs attendent que le speaker du stade
finissent dénoncer leur nom l’habitude de lui nuire à la télé sur
le moment et la être si près intéressés près de radio 3 m ok c’est
fantastique c’est richard moyon tout ça c’est on est fier fier d’être ici fier
d’être d’être français jeanne avancés avec un tout petit
déjà on attend enfin là dès qu’il est petit niveau des murs des français
la marseillaise qui chanteur d’aller public de l’abîmé les supporteurs
français les seuls champs qu’ils ont c’est la marseillaise ça donne beaucoup
pour nous et chez les jeunes encore plus parce que grâce quelque chose qui ne
peuvent pas vivre i am à l’image je n’en connaissais que de contrôler
les émotions mais cinq ans et d autres cas sont tous les grands et qu’on est à
côté comme ça qu’on peut voir aussi qu’elle ils sont venus ça me fait sa
mission ne te connaissent magique ces univers magique dans 80 une personne
lacourte al iman 13 pas si ce sera eric
ni le sexe pour le dernier test match de sa
tournée d’automne le quinze tricolore s’est incliné 16 à 59
les australiens ont marqué cet essai résultat difficile à digérer pour les
joueurs et les supporters français qui donnera matière à réflexion aux
jeunes stagiaires du pôle france touchez stop entrez aller le combat
c’est le coeur du rubicon me définis sur un sport collectif de combat france
à défaut d’un certain niveau et on peut pas se permettre d’être en dessous
de ce niveau à chaque fois qu’on a en club il attire entre l’angola alors j’ai
voulu premier acteur pas moins de l’état attend de l’eau des montagnes
numérique nettoie le moto tour we
ça va plus vite il faut pour de partout c’est ça c’est marion physique il ya des matches là thurial france en
sky blue je pense que n’a jamais été aussi
motivé de ma vie pour un match de rugby à sept mois d’entraînement ensemble
pour seulement ce machin est coincé depuis des trois
mois une petite housse entre on savait qu’on le retrouve mois à deux conditions he