welcome to tabatha yoga and welcome to Yoga for rugby training now today’s class is dedicated to core durability and flexibility okay let’s get going you’re gonna start standing up and let’s get moving straightaway so good posture first of all standing nice and tall with your feet rooted focus on grounding down through the earth hopefully you’ve got a little bit of grass between your feet okay standing nice and tall and you’re going to just soften your shoulders I mean your shoulders get such a pummeling but it’s really good just to soften them roll them backwards and forwards and you might feel a little bit of scrunching but that’s fine just keep them soft lovely and then squeeze it up and drop down squeeze up and drop down and then take curl it up over your shoulder again your shoulders and neck get such a beating then it’s really good to take a little bit of care and gently take a look over your other shoulder lovely come back to the center nice big breath in reach up and push out through the lips big breath in I’m breathing and again let’s take a nice deep breath in push out and one final time here’s your breath in and you just interlace your thumbs or bring your palms together you’re gonna take a side sway you both to be rooted just lengthening your waist keeping you nice and mobile in the spine keeping space between each vertebra down again it’s time look up and you feel another lengthening happening here which feels really nice so this can be done before or after your game and then fingers nice and spread squeeze your elbows down between your shoulder blades no down to your ribs and then lift up again reach up the impressed breathe out good breath in again for use down squeeze and lift your chest lift on so you’re getting a nice opening in your chest movement in your shoulders and upper spine and lift all the way back up lovely and elbows out to the sides so I’m looking at having elbows shoulder height keeping your hips facing forward you’re gonna take a twist on an outlet in rats return out this is just to keep all this area nice and mobile also a lot strengthening and come back to the center reach your arms up and then you’re gonna sit back in a squat so I’ll show you from the side it’s easier to see but a crease in my hips Awesome’s drop down if you have a tendency to curl in the upper back just tuck under a little just to protect it to that back and then bring your arms up hold it squeeze down a little bit more just giving you nice and strong through the thighs great for agility take your hands down straighten out don’t worry if you can’t straighten can work on that straighten out end your knees again and sweep your arms all the way back up tuck your tailbone under if you over arch you’re gonna do that one more time hands down straighten out as best you can drop my head end your knees and arms up one more time at this time we’re gonna come into twists so a nice twist through the spine safe elbow to knee and elbow to sky then notice my back’s nice and long I’m not dropping keeping everything strong the spine is how it should be come back to the center and twist the other way remember nice long spine come back hands to the floor straighten your legs but this time sweeping up but you’re not gonna bring your arms up you’re gonna take your hands behind you we’re at once again working on your mobility in the shoulders squat down love Holt give your head a shake arms come over have a little wiggle bring your hands to the floor scoop the belly in roll all the way up oh nice big stretch up push your hands away again and once again relax your shoulders okay we’re going to come into a Sun Salutation in yoga and that is a brilliant way of stretching your whole body a good way of moving into each joint but also a lovely way of conditioning your body and bringing a little bit of core strength into so you come to the front of your mat to begin with feet hip distance take a breath in and a breath out hands to the floor you bend your knees if you need to and your right leg comes back drop that knee lift your head and chest look ahead sink in your hips and then step back again both legs back hold yourself in a core for a moment in a plank and then drop your knees autum high chest down hover and then upward dog again shoulder strength flexibility and then you’re gonna curl your toes and come up into a downward facing dog the perfect post-game stretch close your chest to the thighs spread your fingers and then step your right foot between the hands now you might find if you’ve not done this before your leg will come here and that’s fine you just pick it up place it and then your flexibility will improve over time and bring your feet together right there breath out that’s one side so let’s do the other inhale exhale hands to the floor left leg back let’s drop our knee lift your head and chest looking lively ready to pounce and stepping back hold knees down hips high chest down slither through upward dog spread your fingers feeling nice and strong in the shoulders and then let’s lift in down dog again and you can rock right up onto tiptoes ears down head shape look to your hands left leg right leg breath in and breath out and roll your shoulders okay similar but slightly different now this is working more on your agility which will improve your rocking experience so it’s going to be a lot about falling down jumping up and just improving your agility in that way so similar to what we’ve just done now let’s start at the mat back to that nice strong no-one’s gonna budge me Tadasana posture gonna take a breath in reach up and a breath out take your hands to the floor bend your knees if you need to and leap back now slowly elbows into rips cover cover and again and then push up into upward dog lift your chest curl your toes down dog and take a breath or two here this time you’re gonna jump through but your hands are gonna go either your feet sorry I’m gonna go either side of your hands so look where you’re going enjoy that squat get nice and deep in your hips and again and then straight you’ll come all the way up and push away let’s go again with wide legs reach up fold down hands to the path flick back slowly elbows into ribs and hover push up pull the Terios down dog look to your hands and you’re gonna do the same again leap squat nice and deep elbows into the knees take a breath in come up good push up let’s go again we’re gonna get two more reach up hands down jump goose down up top down dog look to your hands Oh bleep nice deep squat stretch out let him come all the way up just one more and down are you ready nice big powerful leap back drop down upward dog downward dog hold it here it’s the big light your resting pose downward facing dog look to your hands you ready and leap hold it straighten out breath them come all the way up push away relax your shoulders and again so it floats out and your hair and then bring your feet back and come back to the front of your mats so we’re going to come back into down dog so from Tadasana reach up and take your hands to the floor stepping back to a nice easy down dog you’re just going to hang there shaking the head maybe tiptoes em down and then from here I’d like you to right hand to left shoulder tap proving shoulder strength stability my shoulders are really stable and strong other side and again more more each side well it hit me at the center and then hunt a hip and two hip and again and again lovely this time right hand to the outside of the left leg and squeeze through turning looking under the armpit and then we do the same on the other side come back to down table all the time building up strengthen your shoulders then take your right leg up reach it up high bend your knee squeeze the foot to your bottom and then bring the knee between your hands take yourself back up me too elbow back knee to opposite elbow [Music] but end your knee and step through let me back toe curled under sweeping your arms up squeeze your elbows together behind you again your lifting your chest reach up and again squeeze lovely reach up squeeze elbows in line with your shoulders and take a twist come back out breath twist come back final time out breath twist come back brilliant take your hands to the floor stepping back lovely now the leg comes up bend your knee bring it between tucking your top take it back knee to elbow and spectrum lovely root down through your feet feel stable come up squeeze that back leg is long and strong inhale exhale inhale exhale elbows in line with your shoulder and twist come back and twist come back final one twist brilliant take your hands to the floor step back down dog shake you lovely step your foot between the hands and your other big breaths come all the way up out breath push away roll your shoulders and again lovely wide legs fine a little bit a little bit of stretching that nice wide legs your outside of your foot is parallel with the other and nice big breath out bring your hands to the floor and then I’d like you to sink down whatever feels good shake your head connect with the ground and then straighten your hands till your tailbone to the sky lift your head and chest and take your arm up good other side other side look up at the top hand good bit of our neck movement back safe neck and then turn your toes out heels in nice and deep squat hands to your knees there your knees because your hips might be quite tight your knees will want to come in you need to keep them nice and open so they’re like a magnet towards your little home hands to your knees and roll your shoulder in and the other and another out again one more each time really pick that shoulder up roll it roll it HAP’s final breath one final breath out there you go brilliant I hope you really enjoyed your rugby training with tabitha yoga namaste [Music]