in this video we show some of the best methods
and exercises to get your grip stronger for rugby. it should be no surprise that grip
strength is extremely important for rugby performance, so here’s some of our favourite
exercises and techniques to improve your grip strength for rugby. Pinch Gripping is easy
and great to chuck in at the end of a session. you can use plates or hex bar dumbbells. Fat
Gripz here you can chuck them on for any exercise pressing or pulling but pulling works best
for grip and it’s particularly difficult if you use them here for single arm row, high
reps on this and your grip will be singing in no time. Farmers walks are a great full
body strength exercise, but for grip they are even better. Try and work up to at least
half bodyweight in each hand for best results. Almost anything you do with a rope challenges
your grip rope pulls are best but try rope battles also. Kettlebells are another excellent
grip building tool shoot for high reps on kettlebell swings and snatches and you will
soon have a stronger grip. Barbell complexes are excellent for fat loss and conditioning
but if you consider the amount of time you’ve got the barbell in your hands, they are also
great at building grip strength. perform 5-8 reps per exercise and you’ve got a recipe
for much stronger grip. So there you go guys some great methods for you to try and add
to your training to improve your grip strength for rugby. please like and share this video
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