Hi everybody. What is up? Welcome back to another video today’s video we’re going to be looking at the Legion of boom I cannot wait to watch this you guys have suggested this heaps of times. It’s about time. I did it Alright guys legion of boom. I know this video is going to be popular. I can’t wait to fuckin watch it. I believe the Legion of boom is between four players, or maybe three players for the Seattle Seahawks including kam chancellor And who else let’s see Legion of boom Was the nickname for the defense group of the Seattle Seahawks a term widely popularized Following their emergence in 2011 to 2017 the most recent version of Legion of boom included outside cornerback Shaquille Griffin and Byron Maxwell Inside cornerback. Justin Coleman and safeties Kam Chancellor Bradley MacDougall and Earl Thomas the group also known as legion of boom quickly earned a reputation for consistently Leading the NFL and numerous defense categories. The earliest crowning achievement was their team’s victory in Super Bowl Xlviii While originally only the defensive bat group the term came to include the entire defense many analysts believe that the Legion of boom was dissolved in 2018 following the release of Richard Sherman Michael Bennett, and with the uncertain futures of the playing careers of Cliff Avril kam chancellor and Earl Thomas so basically they were just absolutely ruthless and Worked together and just cleaned up everyone. So let’s watch it. I can’t wait the Legion of boom by Joseph Vincent It’s got to be good Ball ha get it Arab Thomas, governor Thomas moon have about old Thomas on the list Hill Campbell I’ve got Played three seasons and wide receiver that Steve There are people that wasn’t evolution they said I was like the sixth or seventh round know it’s an anniversary Right, he’s a cornerback Jinsol he is the enforcer Bamm-bamm is McLennan. He helps people Sing bamm-bamm get it get up. Yes Man you look at What makes this ball Hawk so special So all Thomas gives an orchestra points to the side the side man To get a score nice nice run Richard Sherman at first made himself a household name by the tacky remember that’s Tom Brady after a game up in Seattle You wouldn’t pick too many of Tom Brady’s passes off would you I already gave radiant Gum Get off walk, where’s the fuck is Going He just got turned around his life Because a lot of us Nationally, I guess we know Richard Sherman was until that statement tired of Anu you accept it you love it Where are you guys with the legion of boom thing? We know that name we protect that name I don’t think anything about the Legion of boom. It’s friendly Oh man, look at that fucking Stadium I’ve got to get that I got it Does the other guy get it get it go Smith turn around Richard sherman to me had just made the play of the year in the National Football League It’s very simple very played you got, you know, the best defense against the best office and they say defense wins championships Except you’re going against You out so you gotta make sure you know where he is alcohol times Fuck you just got launched about two meters in the air Well, I made a video on both Ken Chancellor and Wiz welcome oh My god, he looks like a body but what there’s fucking arms Jesus I’ve got to say man. I do love that uniform the green the green gloves and boots looks sick From Kowski. Oh no straighten the chicks. Oh, oh he took down the grump A woman chemical chancellor is a freak of nature Because the best course No, son Please fast Holy shit, Richard Richard Sherman fuck, you know, he was quick. He look this guy up Um Richard Sherman Is he still playing yes for the 49ers from this year onwards He got a ten point seven seven and a hundred meters in high school he got a four point five six in the 40-yard dash and 16 reps on the bench, press six foot three eighty eight kilos. Fuck me. He’s probably heavier now to be honest He’s quick man Makes Crixus Joseph in Joseph Vincent with the sound of face That touchdown back to a wide-open Julio Jones Richard Sherman really upset on the Seattle sideline with his own Team bay line guys that get ticked off And this is after they disgust Give up that room bang There you go the Legion of boom now I know about it and apparently it’s been broken up in the last year so I’ll be looking for all these players in the upcoming season. That’s for sure But in the meantime, if you have liked this video, please press like if you want to see more please subscribe And that was the Legion of food