All right, what is going on everybody welcome back to another video today’s video We’re going to look at a guy by the name of JJ Watt. I don’t want to talk too much I want to get in to this. I think he’s extremely impressive. Apparently, he’s a white guy not that that matters But yeah, I’m about to be blown away apparently. So with that said I’m gonna take my first look at JJ Watt finally JJ Oh wait what’s up with his nose? Oh shit JJ Watt one of a kind JJ watt JJ’s swatt JJ watt career highlights? All right. Well, whatever we do We gotta go here and see some stats first I looked at Doug Flutie before because I wanted to see the last drop golden had ever been scored in the NFL and we did Here we are JJ Watt Born March 22nd 1989, so he’s 28 There’s an American football defensive end for the Houston Texans He was drafted by the Texans with the 11th pick in the first round of the 2011 NFL Draft So he’s 6 foot 5 nearly 2 meters tall 134 kg Look at his arms. He’s not that fat either Well, that was in 2012 Well, I hate to think what he looks like now What did he do six or five Four point seven and the 40 no, sorry cancel, that was four point eight four and the 40-yard dash you’ve got a 34 ret bench, press Wow, 37 inches vertical jump and this guy’s 6 foot 5 and 130 kilos and got 37 inches. All right, so I could try and rattle off what he’s done But I’ll just look at this. So he’s played for the Houston. I was a Houston Texans 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 for 7 years, but in the last two seasons, he hasn’t played that much for whatever reason He underwent back surgery in 2016 for her native discs On September On September 28th, he was placed on injured reserve the following day He underwent back surgery again and was officially ruled out for the rest even though what played in only three games He was ranked 35th on the top 100 players of 2017 what returned from his injury to plan the season opener against the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2017 during week 5 What left the game with after an apparent leg injury? It was later revealed that he suffered a tibial plateau fracture in his left leg. So got a broken leg He underwent surgery the next day and was ruled out for the remainder of the season Right Ok, this is interesting The 2017 season would be marked by what raising upwards of 37 million dollars for relief and recovery efforts for this Houston area The entire son was raised through an online Drive after donating a hundred thousand dollars of his own money to start to start it He commented that this season was always about more than football What was Coe named Sports Illustrated sports Person of the Year for his humanitarian efforts He was also named Walter pace and NFL Man of the Year Wow, all right Well, I pray fingers crossed. He’s gonna come back for this season and be alright, but with that said, let’s have a look now this highlight video was made two years ago, which is probably you know, Pretty good, cuz he hasn’t really played the last two years. So I’m comfortable watching this People Tomatoes tone. I’m thirty kilo He’s gonna did look like oh fuck. You know what fuck that was a dead lift. Not a freaking clean-and-jerk Mention getting hit by the Big boy Ha what a machine People and that’s fine with me I’ve been doubted before and I have confidence in myself as a football player, you know what JJ? What a new team you’re mad It looks like it reminds me of Gronkowski Oh max what happened Another one but he’s got taste. That’s the thing Jesus. He’s got he’s got some speed. It’s got some long legs Nice Oh, how do you get that? Let me see that? So You know, sometimes they just completely crash into each other No one goes anywhere but sometimes someone gets through is that because the guy like JJ what’s lighting up against his defensive lineman? I sorry offensive lineman and He’s giving him a little you know a little shimmy at the at the and he’s giving him a little shimmy when the ball is Hiked was that what’s happening? And he’s sort of getting past them or is the blocker just not doing his job properly like But really even if he is doing his job properly, you’re probably not gonna be able to stop this guy oh, yeah It’s my first look at an actual defeat defensive tackle it is Reminds me of Brock Lesnar Walk down nice work brah North How did he get there Who let him go? Let me see Beer with me guys How did he get that caught about the same? Where is he there he is There he is there. He’s got this is he going through that line there? Yes, he’s too fast off the mark that guy there just didn’t have a chance at stopping him now. He’s gonna get around him Okay, so that’s so that number 79 this is fall Did you not get that nose fixed bruh, I Hope you did. Ah, yes No running backs getting past me boy Happy He kind of receiving touchdown you’re kidding me yes And another one I Was actually wondering if the quarterback ever throw it to linemen, I Know they do it to the tight end a lot because the tight end is Very similar to that of a flanker in the game of rugby or a number eight sort of like that link Between the the lineman or the forwards and the backs or you know the court about the running back the wide receivers It’s there a link they um, they can do the best of both worlds. They’re fast and strong into everything Anyway, like can be everywhere on the field as This guy played tight end before I wonder he’d be pretty good Oh Oh the end see what a catch I just have to keep that Wait for Starla The guy marking him must be just having nightmares Oh Look at that nose 2014 AP Defensive Player of the Year is Right why the hell is Chris Hemsworth giving up an award with Randy moths? No, not Randy Moss. That’s bloody. Um Ray Lewis legend Let’s liam hemsworth So many sex All right, we’re gonna okay we’re just gonna go JJ Watt Biggest biggest hit just to finish it off All right top ten JJ Watt career plays so far I know this video is going to go for a while, but you guys who are JJ Watt fans? I’m doing this for you Awesome Number 10 Sec pace many, how is it 1/2. Do you get a half when you do it with someone else? Strip sack Rogers, oh you can’t get away from JJ Watt. He couldn’t do his little He couldn’t scramble from the pocket as you guys say I called it a spin move around the outside Wow Man you need to double-team this guy To receiving touchdown, I think I saw both of these Round the outside, he’d better stop him. He’s got no helmet doesn’t matter But he looks like yeah, let’s take Brock Lesnar you run to Brock Lesnar with the flattop haircut Scary Do you think be a safety 29-yard and thus it return touchdown Don’t walk 80-yard retouched words you an 80-yard touchdown you kidding Gotta walk Definitely wouldn’t expect to see that Awesome alright guys, so I now know who JJ Watt is definitely And I can’t wait to see him playing the 2018 season. I’m hoping that his injuries have cleared and he’s feeling good What oh he got the top one he got the top player of 2015. Where did he get in the 2018? JJ JJ Watt, ok number 84. That’s cuz he didn’t play that much. Alright You know what we’re gonna watch that I Want to see what other players play our save on Walter Payton Man of the Year Award winner JJ Watt Stepped out of the sports world and into the national spotlight when he helped raise over 37 million dollars for the victims of Hurricane Harbor No problem We all know that this is so much bigger than football see the power of when people come together it’s been so incredible to witness What can happen when the world he likes? see He’s maturing now, isn’t he? You know, he’s 29 28 and he’s still gonna broken notice by the looks of it Let’s have a look at that noggin, did you get a fixed mate what earned the admiration of an entire nation? But as to respect from his peers that again, so he’s made it. He’s made it every single year into the top 100 What number do you reckon? He’ll be in the 2019 season. Let me know in the comment section below He’s also pulsing pulsing you have definition the hustle his face will be right there He’s more quickly Wide that number 87 move across that was silly. Why did hang on let me look at this. Let me look at this Oh What am I doing, I want to see why that number 87 moved across and gave him space Why is the 87 moving across obviously for a He’s gonna try and do what Quarterback gives it to number 28 and running back at this point number 68 is trying to hold JJ Watt the wide receivers coming across I’m gonna study this game man. Watch 2017 season ended prematurely due to injury Last year, he made the list after playing in three games This year he makes it after playing in only five games man Players devote for guys have been hurried for majority of the season to me. It’s crazy I feel like you should really go off the production each season we talk about like How humble guys are and I think JJ Watt was 35 last year and he came out and said there’s you know That’s kind of BS. I shouldn’t be on the less empty. There’s a season and As much as I dislike the Houston Texans, that’s a pretty cool thing to say. Yeah it is You can’t get mad at JD why because people respect him like that Person I think if you get hurt, I think it’s kind of hard to be top Why don’t you player cuz you know fish down here You won’t lay that dominant and then just completely lose it Great players that get hurt or can’t play for other reasons They make the list they deserve to bill this because the player is the one who decide Mack Daniel Aires said it let it be so Yeah, now that’s true. But I tell you what if he doesn’t play many games this season He most probably won’t be on the top hundred D Ricky, I don’t know. Anyways, that was JJ Watt Definitely done now. I hope you guys have enjoyed I certainly have I said this before but yeah, I can’t wait to see him an upcoming season and Once again, if you have liked this video Chris, like if you want to subscribe, please do and I’ll see you guys