Jon Clark, Widnes Vikings. Pat Ah Van. Without – undoubtedly. Rolls
in eyes still shut, gets through training – not sure how – and then goes home back
to bed for about eight hours. ERRR, Eamon O’Carroll’s pretty funny.
Although he’s short and fat he’s pretty funny. Um, Kev Brown, coffees, coffees, coffees,
coffees – it gets him through the day I think. Err, best mate, eugh, that’s a tough one.
But we’re all pretty close on there. To be fair there’s no real cliques so, um,
to be fair I cant really pick one best mate really. Oh. Me. Easily. Ha! Err, worst haircut: Pat Ah Van’s pretty
– pretty special with his mullet. I’m not sure it’s the worst but Willie
Isa. One day he’ll go in he’s got some hard rap stuff going on and the next day he’ll
come in with Marvin Gaye on so, you can never pick with Willis. He;s got a bit of an eclectic
mix. Err, Macgraff Leuluai, by a mile. [examples?]
Err. Take your pick, take your pick. Err white white socks, long shorts, vests. He don’t bother. Willie Isa, there’s a video of him dancing
in front of a load of primary school kids, with a primary school teacher, the other day
at the sports awards – at the presentation night, so that was pretty special. Diva? Um. Paddy Flynn, I’d say. Yea,he likes
things his own way; sulks if he doesn’t get his own way. Gets back on the wing and
err – feel he’s done me out a few times so he’s – he’s pretty diva-ish.