My name is Elias. I want to learn to play rugby. I play with a lot of people. We’re high up overlooking Rio
in one of the favelas. We’re lucky enough here to be able
to be at a school that overlooks Rio and be out here with the kids who have never seen a rugby ball
or never even heard of rugby. Can you see that big building
over there? I live under it. HSBC is introducing the sport
to thousands of kids and is also training coaches
to help develop the sport in Brazil. – Now, then, are you ready?
– Yes! I think knowing the type of athletes and the sports
that are played here in Brazil, you can see their footballing ability, and they quickly picked up the ability
to pass and catch a ball smoothly. The transition is
quite exciting for them. They’re really wanting
to use their feet, but they’re still out there having fun. The ball is round… It’s oval.
And you can’t play with your feet. You play with your hands. Rugby is a sport with
very well-established values and rules. It promotes courage,
teamwork and respect. These are very important values
for any society, particularly to develop
a country’s new generation. You need to be careful –
look at where you are throwing the ball, straight into your friend’s hands. No shots now! Since the Olympic inclusion,
the sport really has grown. With the Olympics in Rio it’s going
to be a real showcase for the game. It gives everybody around the world
the opportunity to start playing rugby. I feel like I’m a rugby player.