Wait what, what just happened? We had to fill out declaration cards for a lady in Japan. And we were passing this area which is completely closed down and dark and creepy. And I said “oh, well there’s probably some pens right here”. And so we went to go take one of these pens on a chain, And, its a thermometer not a pen. So, we have SARS now for sure. All right Chris, what are we doing? So, it’s about 11 o’clock on a Saturday, It’s hunting time. The cricket, has come back from the dead. And this is the same fucking cricket, It’s not a different one. I’m going to harpoon it Shit, oh he fucking moved! It learned. It’s like that moment in Jurassic Park, When the velociraptors are opening the doors, -This is exactly like that. -Exact same thing. -It’s textbook. -Oh I got him! It was a dryer sheet the whole time! No, I missed him. I thought he was caught in the dryer sheet cause there was a fuzz. You’re a fuzz. Oh well, he’s gone quiet at least. For now.