I`m Nikki Eysselt, head of production for the Beach Majors. I’m responsible for everything from planning to execution and turnkey handover to trade for beach volleyball tournaments. We’ve been working with Röder on tent construction for many years. As a result, we have a truly reliable partner who we have collaborated for many years without ever encountering serious problems or difficulties. In principle, of course, everything starts with us figuring out the planning stages on paper. We then visit the construction site, where the first thing we do is determine where the tent will be put up and where the grandstand will be. We also make sure that these plans go ahead as they should. The reason why we actually chose Röder many years ago is that it offered a flexible approach to solving problems. In some cases, we put up tents in places where things were not so easy – especially when cranes were involved. It can be challenging to get large tents to where you want them. Of course the product range is another bonus. The main reason is the customer care provided by Röder. Even the way the process flows from offer to final product – and Röder also has certain tent solutions that you cannot find from other manufacturers or suppliers. The variety of Röder’s product range is a decisive reason for us. There’s always a solution, even for the seemingly impossible. A second important point for us is that we want to offer the same product worldwide – especially in the VIP segment. There are no problems that cannot be solved, and there is never any muttering along the lines of “No that can’t be dont!” They always look for a solution, and that is what matters most. At the beach volleyball event here in Vienna, we expect as many as 150,000 visitors in total. The entire site covers more than 50,000 square metres. We’re bringing up close to a hundred lorries, which makes 500 tonnes of sand for the event so that our players can play. There are around 80 to 90 lorries with steel for the grandstand equipment and everything that goes with it. Röder alone is bringing about 25 to 30 lorries for its tent equipment, and that is a logistical feat in itself. With so many tradesmen, it goes without saying that time management is extremely important. With Röder as a partner, we are absolutely satisfied. We hope that we can work together again in the future. Of course I would recommend Röder. We’ve been working together so closely and for so long, smoothly so many managing so many construction sites. Thats why we cannot recommend Röder highly enough.