I started beating the odds, getting past you
know getting outside of the projects, getting outside of them walls. And now I feel like it’s closing in, like
a lot of people feel like I’m Floyd or somebody. I got $500,000,000 and I’m just this and that. It just feels like it’s closing in. This is real life situations, when you start
getting to a certain amount of money and you young and people just think you havin’ it. Yeah, you havin’ it, but it’s like, “I got
it, you go get it” X had died that day. It was the night he passed away, I was just
in the mood where, ya know, a lot of young people dying … legends, you know. Speaker Knockerz, Lil Snoop, you know, it’s
a lot of people that was great that died at a young age, so I wanted to make something
in remembrance of them but at the same time just making people well aware of what’s been
going on. It’s like a trend or something, I don’t know. Every young nigga in the hood, or in the streets,
just period, that’s what they feeling everyday. Everyday they be like, “Is this my last day?” It’s a weird kind of feeling, but when you
in the streets, and when you grew up like that, it’s just a certain type of mindset
you got that’s kind of survival, it’s not just living. If circumstances come up like that, I’d rather
be the one living than the one my niggas is carrying. People with that kind of power they always seem to fade away or die or they fall off or something. I don’t know, it just be crazy. It’s a lot of 20s, 50s, 100s. They bent up, they been in my pocket just
sitting. Think I’m about to go shopping in a minute
or something. It’s a light day today, for sure. When I’m around Meek and all them, you gotta
carry around a ten or twenty piece, or something like that. When you boss up to a certain level, you get
a certain amount of money, every hood nigga dream to go get a Rollie. Once you get the Rollie, you ain’t got time
for motherfuckers. It just be like that. He was one of the ones out the city that made
it. It’s not just saying I’m ballin’ like an NBA
star, it’s like, nigga he came out the city and he ballin’. That nigga got bread. I always do that double meaning shit. People don’t be knowin’ what I be sayin’,
but I really be sayin’ some other shit and they be thinking I’m saying one thing but
I’m sayin’ something else. That’s how you keep niggas out yo mouth. We done drove a Porsche before, but it wasn’t
literally like a Porsche. It was just like any car. Fuck it, now we getting to it. I’m hopping inside whatever I wanna hop inside. The mattress never fails. The mattress definitely never fails. Putting it in the attic … I wasn’t even
talking about putting the money in the attic, if you wanna be real. But that’s another story. Niggas they ain’t solid like that. You just gotta remain solid, what’s the point? What I do in my music, I really just present
the good and the bad and I let you make a decision on what you wanna do. So me opening up about my own depressions
and things like that was just showin’ people that I’m a real person and I go through real
things. Everybody get … they chance to be what they
wanna be if you chase it. Holding your head up and being what you need
to be, in spite of all the bullshit that may go on, is very important.