Hello, and welcome to Rockin’ Kats. This is another one of my fav games that I’ve played in my childhood, and it is hard. Maybe not “Atlus hard”, but hard nonetheless. Willy, our hero of this game, has to save his girl, Jill, from the hands of the Dog Mafia (or whatever they are called) in five different “shows.” With his trusty “Punch Gun” *as I’ll call it, in case it’s not that*, he will have to do various stunts, tricks and other stuff in order to save her. Sometimes, it’s hard to get certain things to work out right at first, but you’ll get the hang of it after a while. Stylish. With that, let us begin. The stage select screen. You can go to either one of the four available stages, check out the shop or play some bonus games for more dough and extra lives.. If you have any to begin with. ^^; Out of the four items in the shop, my fav two are the Hammer Punch and the Twin Balls. Just a heads up, I’ll be nabbing the Hammer Punch first for the extra power it has. Pipe Toss might be the best way to earn a lot of cash, but you will need very good timing and hand-to-eye coordination to get the best amount. Okay, with all that said. Let’s begin with the Channel 1. Atlus Soda… Self promotion much? I’m a bit rusty, but it is rather tricky to time the spin jump correctly. Plus, if you hit the B button again in the air, you’ll stop yourself in the air from moving further ahead than you originally were going for. That will be handy later on, if it will behave, that is. For grabbing things, you will have to hold the B button and then release when you want to toss it. Can’t aim it down, sadly. And not everything can be grabbed. Yeah, I don’t think Willy can jump that far, so it’s spinning time. The Smash attack is something that I hardly ever use, so don’t expect it much. Time for a mini-boss. Oops, I made it an angry bird now. *Gets beaned.* Ow. How convenient, a random skateboarder who politely offers his skateboard to the hero. I’d say that’s rather rare. Did I mention that I like the OSTs in this game? Um, thanks? And I will say that this part is one of my hated areas in the game. You have to time your jumps, with help from your weapon, to bounce off the walls and grab the pipes to spin jump upward to the exit. And if you bump into the wall when you’re spinning, as you saw. You lose your grip and fall. I could’ve used the Super Jump by punching the ground, but it sometimes fails on me. Rage… All of it! @#$%! We’re close to the boss, but be careful. Oops. Double oops. And it’s Boss time! Beware the music and falling lights. I really enjoy the boss battle music of this game. It has that feeling in it that makes me hum along to it. Also, it makes you not pay attention to what’s falling in the game. XD And there’s the first KO. Time for round 2. Boss down! And end of Channel 1. You can’t do it again after you beat it, and if you tried to access Channel 5 now, you won’t be able to enter it. Before we call it, let’s go buy that Hammer Punch and show off the Bonus games. We’ll get to equipping that baby in the next video. O-o; Um, I think this might be a bad sign. Lost $40 for it, but it’s better than nothing. And that’s it for this video. Next time, we’ll tackle Channel 2. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you next time.