I was excited I couldn’t like sleep on the plane I think I went to sleep at like 230 three o’clock just thinking about the practice and what’s going you know I mean but I’m excited I’m ignorance but excited I live for this I love doing this this is my passion playing as my passion I can’t play no more the next thing I was coaching so if I’m gonna give come here six o’clock in the morning and I’m coming here I’m going to give my hundred percent I expect him to the one hundred percent I don’t care about errors mistakes I just care about them coming here and working hard I think this is like one of the best hard and on the goal practices that we’ve had since the beginning of spring a very intense environment I think that our team did pretty good come in as the first day especially coming off the spring break we knew what to expect and yeah just was a different change of energy I saw the video and some of the girls look out of heat and i gave them fair warning i said make sure i don’t care about your technique I don’t care about where the ball goes I care about you being a shape that’s what spring it get in shape get stronger and then taper down in the summer you know I just try to keep that yeah when I first walked in and I kind of got butterflies and a lot of people didn’t want to come in the gym yeah when i walked in i mean i was happy of course but i knew what was coming what six o’clock came and 93 coming here and right now i’m still in the same position you know i feel like i can still click you know I like you like you said I jumped in the drill like you know she couldn’t finish the drill I’m gonna jump in because that’s just how I am I want to do that you know so idle I think that my mindset is less the same I’m coming in I had Charlie you know and he pushed us so I’m going to carry that on you know and I tell them I’m like we just got to get a little bit more discipline on what we do get the discipline the arrows go away the team starts working together we’re all good