JIMMY KIMMEL: Hey. First I want to say, I was
in Children’s Hospital. And you showed up
dressed as Spider-Man to entertain the kids, which
was a very nice thing to do. [cheering and applause] By the way, do you know
about this basketball? Or is this just like
some random sport that Brits are not
familiar with and you pretend to go along with it? Are you a basketball fan? Firstly, I am
[bleep] at basketball. JIMMY KIMMEL: You are? Like, it is so bad. But I was lucky enough
that the first ever basketball game I went to was
the Golden State Warriors. Where did you go? In New York. – Oh, so playing the Knicks?
– Yeah, they were. So I was lucky enough
now to say that I can support the Golden State
Warriors without really being a glory hunter. JIMMY KIMMEL: So you
went to the game. And instead of the home team,
the Knicks, you decided– I supported the winners, yeah. –to attach yourself
to the team that probably won that
game, I assume, just based on their histories?
– Absolutely. So you’re a
front runner, then. 100%.
I’m not even ashamed. I’m not even ashamed. JIMMY KIMMEL: Robert, I
see you at the Lakers games every once in a while. Yeah. I have a photograph here. Is this the first time you
met Kareem Abdul Jabbar. And, really, I only show
it because it’s funny. [laughter] ROBERT DOWNEY JR: You know,
the funny thing about that, I think he was actually
kneeling in that picture. [laughter] JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, it’s weird.
You don’t know what to do. And you just feel like a little
boy or something, you know? Yeah, I know. It’s “Honey, I
Shrunk the Downey.” Did you ever do
anything like Tom did where you went undercover
at, like, well, in his case– – Undercover?
– –a high school? Well, he was kind of
undercover, wasn’t he? Let’s see. Yeah, he was. I was prepping for
“Chaplin” 25 years ago. [applause] Thank you.
Thank you. That’s right. Remember that? And there’s a scene where he’s
playing tennis with Fairbanks. And Kevin Kline’s playing
Douglas Fairbanks. And I see he’s playing. And then I look at
one of the tapes, and he’s playing left handed. JIMMY KIMMEL: Chaplin was? Yeah. So I went back and learned how
to play tennis left handed, to which everybody said– bring it. [cheering and applause] To which everybody
said, don’t do that. It doesn’t matter.
You’re wasting time. It’s going to take
too many takes. And they’re probably right. That’s cool. They were definitely right.
I’m just going to tell you that. It worked out fine. But don’t do that, OK? – Yeah.
– All right. Well, congratulations
on the movie. It is unbelievable. It’s called “Spider-Man
Homecoming.” Robert Downey, Jr., Tom Holland.