Hey guys today, I’m reviewing The Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas located on the Hawaiian island of Maui We went late July which is supposed to be the driest month. However, it rained every day I’m not talking about a downpour more of a sprinkle for an hour or so The beach was gorgeous. It was pristine and absolutely no seaweed it was very large So we could take those long walks on the beach The southern part of the beach was more for swimming whereas the northern part had a coral reef and more for snorkeling the beach would Have been perfect except for the fact that it was extremely Crowded I was also very bothered by the fact that they charged $10 per beach chair and $20 for an umbrella So it was costing my husband and I an extra $40 a day. I’ve never been to a resort that charged extra for this 3.5 stars There are three major pools with sections on the property very beautiful Hawaiian island inspired Landscaping with waterfalls the North Pole included a waterfall one had a waterslide One was a designated kids pool that had a pirate ship Which I would have thought that was the coolest most fun pool ever as a kid. They were all very nice however again super crowded especially with kids four stars The grounds are beautiful everything was well kept in well thought out the resort had three restaurants spa fitness center tennis court basketball court 4.5 stars The room was very nice not anything special. It was clean. It was comfortable I do have to mention that these are condo type accommodations, so it included a kitchenette and Washer/dryer combo be careful here because apparently Our stay did not include maid service so when I called down to the front desk to inquire They said that they could bring up some fresh towels at $8 towel 3.5 stars The food was great But very expensive There were a lot of great restaurants near the resort there was also an hourly shuttle running from the Westin to Lahaina I definitely recommend going to you to Ululani’s in Lahaina for some shaved ice. It was so good We went back four times And we were only staying six nights the most memorable restaurant was Merriman’s at Kapalua Beach super modern and an elegant atmosphere the food was incredible in the views were incredible 4.5 stars Excursions Lots to do on the island of Maui so you definitely won’t get bored here I love surfing so that was a must do for me in Hawaii five stars There are many activities at the resort however they came at a price You can go snorkeling for $18 a day or $35 a week Unless you bring your own gear You could also go stand-up paddleboarding at $55 an hour Or you could just lay around on the overpriced pool floatie unless you bring your own one star We did not come prepared we did not know that we actually had to pay for all these extra things Overall Maui is beautiful The Westin Ocean Resort Villas Is definitely more of a family spot cater towards people with kids. This is definitely not the place for some peace and quiet and avoiding the crowds Everything came at a price here. I’ve never felt so nickel and dimed than I did at the Westin. I’m rating this trip 3.5 stars