Here we are at the Haven, the home of the Terrigal Trojans. I’ve been involved here for well over 30 years. It took a long while to get it going. But if you persevere
you get there. (INTERVIEWER)
How would your players or the people
you’ve coached describe you do you think? I would think more of a life coach than a football coach. Because I am more interested in their future as a person than I am as a footballer. What do I get out of catching? Improving the individual.
You can only improve the ones who listen. It’s not what I say that matters, it’s what they hear. The most satisfying thing is seeing something you started so many years ago being very successful now. And you come here to training and there’s kids everywhere. If young people are lacking in confidence, playing a team sport with the right coach can give them that confidence. The discipline of team sport is something they can take into their life into the big world. The big game that has to be played by all of us. You can’t run anything without good solid sponsorship. Backed up by plenty of volunteers. Particularly in junior football here on a Saturday morning that get here set everything up and there they are seven hours later pulling it all down. You just can’t sit on the fence in life. They only thing you get sitting on the fence is splinters in your bum. you got to get out and do things. Mix in the community. Become part of it. Iv’e bitten off more than I can chew
and I’m chewing like blazes.