Not an NIRA matchup. Today is this one
count Harvard will have the first try of the day
Erica Jarrell. Pipkin brought down. Harvard able to recover running up the field is Fella, she’s got the speed to the five and she’s tackled there but Harvard
gathers it again Bargell in for the try and Harvard is back on top it looked
like Romero was gonna have another nifty play but the defense got to her and now Agada, she’s got room to run and she will touch it down between the goal posts the
couple quick tries for Harvard makes it 22 to 7 Romero looking for room she’s got speed.
She’s got a whole one player to beat and Ari Romero off to the races will score
again for Harvard. Man what an incredible play there by Romero.
That’s the player that you don’t want to kick the ball to and she received it
made a few moves to hit it open a hole in one then it was then one on one.
There’s no one in this game that’s gonna be able to keep pace with her and she
doesn’t excellent job. Now back to the near side and Fella picks it up. Fella got it to Cantave and Cantave turns to me inside does not quite have
enough to get it all the way through picked up in and a reach across the line
it’s brought down by Delia Hellander. Her second try of the day. Mior over to the near side. Goes to Jordan Roe. Now Cantave. Mior Again stiff arm and across for the try. Headed back out for Kim. Under two minutes to play and here’s Jarrell. A stiff arm what a play. Jarrell passed five, dives across the try line and scores. Unbelievable effort with two minutes left in this match. Jarrell to burst through an open hole by the the midfield mark and then that incredible
stiff arm to send the opponent to the turf. The advantage has ended, the ref blows the whistle and that ends the contest the 64 -7 victory for the Harvard Crimson, who now move to 3-1 on the season and 2-1 in NIRA play. And they will take to the field again
next Saturday at Notre Dame College That will be played in Pittsburgh.