(rooster crowing) – At the CVC here in
Columbia, South Carolina, the Gamecocks victorious in straight sets, and with a thriller in the third, we thought we were going to play four, but 28-26, Gamecocks prevail. Joined by the leading
attacker in the match Mikayla Robinson, and first take us through, have you ever had a set
as crazy as that third where you thought, “Oh
we’re going to play four”, but then the challenge
and then you guys win. – Yeah, I think last year against Florida we had that type of game, but I knew we were going
to pull it through. – [Tyler] How do you recalibrate when you’re out there on the floor and that happens? – You just have to stay focused and not focus on the error from before. – Now Mikayla, you take
a look at your numbers. You hit .611 on the night, 12 kills, you led your team. What allowed you to be
so efficient tonight? – I think the sets
really, when they’re high, I just swing (laughs). And I think the serve
receive was really good too. – Well, it was so fun to watch you play. You also added an
additional four blocks in, so that started off the entire match. What were you seeing on the other side that allowed you to get
those big time blocks to start us off? – I think them just keep
going to the outside, I just was closing to my teammate, and she was telling me, like my teammates were both
telling me where to go, so that helped a lot. – So how do you guys build
on this one moving forward? – I think if we just keep the same energy and just keep playing as hard as we can, then we’re going to be good. – Well, we appreciate
you sitting down with us. Thanks for the time, and congrats on the win.
– Thank you. – Mikayla Robinson, her team
with the straight set sweep. (college sports music)