[Music] [Announcer] He’s coming off one of his best games of the year Down the middle of the field and in stride is Batch and a big play for the Crimson off the first snap. In the early part of the game, he’s made his presence felt Kurt Rawlings is going to have to take care of the ball a little bit better. Rawlings, back across and intercepted, Isaiah Wingfield Watson in motion And this is Watson and Harvard has the lead Second down and 10, Borguet trying to get to the perimeter again, turns the corner Aiden Borguet down the far sideline and another long touchdown run for Aiden Borguet [inaudbible] Borguet, who has had huge day already turns the corner again and here goes Aiden Borguet. He has another long run and this one is 60 yards Inside, here’s Borguet and for the first time today… No, he didn’t. Aiden Borguet has taken off out of a stack of Bulldogs and he’s scored again. Unbelievable. And Harvard going straight for the endzone and it’s caught. Cody Chrest a touchdown. Here’s Rawlings, throws to the endzone and caught So first and goal from the five for the Bulldogs and this is Dudek, touchdown for Yale