Hello, my name is Dwayne Blais, and today’s video is an Advanced Look at Picking up Passes in our Feet. No matter what level of hockey you play or coach, you’re gonna receive or see bad passes. That’s just part
of the game. You’re gonna get passes in your feet or in tough areas. The better
players can get at using their feet to get the puck from their foot to their
stick the more opportunity and the less time they’re gonna waste on the ice. When players are skating with speed and they receive a bad pass in their feet it’s
very important that they control their body. If I’m skating up ice and the
puck is coming from the right side of my body, I want to transfer my body weight
to the left side. So I want to have my body weight on my left skate. That frees up my right
skate in order to be able to kick the puck forward, move the puck back, or kick
the puck out to the side if I’m trying to get around a defender. If the pass is
coming from the right side of my body and it’s a little bit behind me, then I
want to transfer my weight over to my right skate that’ll free up my left
skate to gently lag behind and be able to scoop that puck up in order to get it
into my stick. The only way that players can get better at picking up passes with
their feet is by practicing. Each player is gonna have a strong side and a weak
side. They’ll feel more comfortable on their right foot or their left foot and the
more they practice the more that’ll level off. You can set up a simple drill
where players skate from the red line in or the far blue line in and players or
coaches give their teammates a pass in their feet. And the players that are
skating with speed need to adjust their body in order to get that puck from
their skate to their stick. So the puck is coming from the right side, they’re gonna
use their outside foot, so the right foot to kick that puck up. If it’s behind them
then they would use their inside foot, their left foot, to scoop the puck and
bring that puck up to their stick. The more comfortable players become at picking up pucks with their feet the more opportunity they’re gonna have in a game.
They’re gonna be able to hang on the puck longer, they’re gonna be able to turn a
bad play into a good play. Like the old saying goes, “You can’t give a good
player a bad pass” and this comes true when you look at the elite of the elite.
These players get bad passes in and out all game and they always tend to get
that puck from their skate to their stick in order to make good
plays on the ice.