So Dany, I hope you’re ready. We have a little questionnaire about World Cups and the French team, the results they got. I hope you’ll do good, otherwise we’re gonna add some weight to the bar. Let’s go! When did Louis Picamoles honored his first selection? A. 2008 B. 2009 C. 2010 D. 2011 I’d say A, 2008. Good answer, you stay with this weight. Only one team played as much world cup matches as New Zealand. Which one? A. None. B. France C. England
– I’d say none. Bad answer, it’s France. It’s gonna go up quickly. Which affirmation about the 2007 world cup in France is true? A. Some games have been played in other countries B. Bernard Laporte asked his wife to marry him after the team lost in the semi-finals C. It’s the biggest crowd ever seen in the history of the World Cup. C. Bad answer! Come on, drop it. It was answer A. During the 2007 win against the All Blacks, how many tackles did Thierry Dusautoir get right? A. 8 : Not that good but he scored a try B. 18 : ah, alright then.
C. 38 : Yeah sure, nothing more 38. Good answer! What did NOT happen during the Wales-France semifinal in 2011? A. Sam Warburton took a red card for a strong tackle on Vincent Clerc. B. Maxime Médard tried to score a drop
C. Fred Michalak hit the post on two penalties B.
– Wrong answer! It’s getting harder now! What was Olivier Merle’s shoe size? A. 41 B. 49 c. 51 D.61 I’d say B.
– 49?
– yeah Wrong answer 51.
– Those are not feet bro. During the 1900 Olympics, only three teams competed in the Rugby tournament. Which ones? A. United Kingdom, New Zealand and France B. Basque Country, Auvergne and “Bassin d’Arcachon” C. France, Germany and UK. A.
– Wrong. In 2003, an athlete participated in two world cups, including the rugby one. Who is it? A. Harinordoquy in the basque strongness world cup, B. Namibian Rudi Van Vuuren in Cricket or C. Masahito Yamamoto in Moto-cross? What are those questions? It’s too long. B! Good answer I’m lucky Today you’ve been tested in your sports culture knowledge, and you didn’t do that good My advice for you is to work, get back to your books. It’s okay!