This is an independent script based on a
story from the anthology ‘Jalajeevitham’ by the famous writer
Ashokan Charuvil. Folk Tune by Manikantan
Perumpadappu. Why is that man lying
like that, sister? It’s been a while… He has been lying down like
that since seven days. What’s wrong with him? Nothing wrong, he’s
just pretending! He tried to commit suicide. He is fed up with life,
he had a love failure! He was struggling
to get his breath, and I saw him when he was
about to fall off his bed. Is this your father? Yes, my husband’s. Where are you from? Poonkunnam. There is a level-cross
there, do you know? Yes, I know. I have come there. You are Sheela, right? I mean, this Uncle was calling out
your name when he was struggling. I thought he was calling for cloth…
when he shouted Sheela… Sheela… My full name is Sheelamani Sheelamani, nice name,
it sounds new.. Can you come near the cement bench
at the East corner of the hospital? I need to talk. Oh God! Who’s that? That’s mother, my
husband’s mother. Sheelamani’s husband has not come
to the hospital yet, why is that? He is not here; he works
in the Persian Gulf. That’s a good thing. How long is it
since he has left? Three years. When are they going
to discharge you? I don’t know, the doctor
has not said anything. You will go only after you are
completely recovered, I suppose? Actually, I don’t want to go. How can you not go when
you are fully recovered? Suppose I don’t want
to get recovered? I want to be a patient forever. But you are so already! What? A patient, a love-patient! I loved that expression! Sheelamani, you said it right. Love is a disease. It’s a disease that
cannot be cured. It spreads through
your body like cancer. Can I ask you something? Go ahead! Why did you attempt suicide? Just because I saw you… only because of that… Daughter, Sheelamani… come fast… he is very
unwell, call the doctor… father is very unwell… get that medicine… Father…father… What’s it? Move, let me see… Ask someone to call a taxi… Bijuvetta, have you any idea how
long I have been pursuing her? I saw her first during my
Class VII summer vacation time, when I went to my
Uncle’s place at Potta. I was coming through the
by lane after buying milk, and she came up walking,
wearing a parrot green skirt. She looked like
Monisha, you know. I accompanied her till
her doorstep that day. I lost my peace of
mind on that day. You know this Sudhi was first
in class till Class VII. Oh, everybody says this. It’s the truth! I have even won five soap
boxes, you know that? Now I am the worst
student of the class. How else can it be! The minute I open my book,
that girl’s face comes up. You know Bijuvetta? When her lunch box fell into the well at school, they didn’t
have to use the hell-scooper to fish it out of the well, Sudhi jumped in himself
to get that lunch box. And does she show any
gratitude for that? I am fed up of my life. If I had walked straight
instead of going after her, I would have reached
Pakistan by now! What’s the use of walking after her
like a dog going to the market? You should have a knack
for doing such things! Is it possible that a girl should
fall in love with you at first sight? Do you have the looks for that? If you had looked like me, for
instance…you are not like that, are you? So you want to swing on the suspension
of your granddad’s trousers, Bijuvetta? You do that then! Wait! Did you get hurt by that? Hey, I was only teasing you! That’s why I am telling you, you
should go and see VKP at once. – Did you get what I said?
– Will that do me any good? People usually trick
me and run off! Barber Manichettan took a new Seiko watch off
me promising me to write a love letter for her. (mumbling) So I lost that… Did you say anything? This guy is not like
your other teams. He is a Tiger! VKP is well-versed in
everything about love. If love is a school, he is the
headmaster of that school. And we are his students. You take heart and
go and join there. She will definitely
fall for you. Come… (Radio) My beloved, I am only
an impoverished singer (Radio) A shepherd who plays the
flute in the world of music Bijuvetta, there’s no one here… Sometimes he swims underwater
to the river and back; he has the life of a fish. Till VKP gets back, I
will tell you a story. It’s the biggest love
story of Pallipram. When you hear that, you will understand
your hardships are mere nothings. This was years ago, in the month of June
and it was raining heavily just like this. It was the day school reopened. – Swapna S
– Present – Paramu K T
– Present – Ammukutty V
– Present Sir It was during the roll call by Sahadevan Sir
that Prakashan first noticed Ammukkutty, the beauty with a
mole on a lower jaw. From that day, Prakashan began
following her around like a shadow. I will help you. Did you have breakfast? I asked if you had something
to eat in the morning. Yes, I had breakfast
before I came over. Have you brought lunch? Yes, I have, have you? Yes, me too.
Mother insists. The aroma of cashew
nuts…Who is that? It’s me Prakashan. Come we’ll go. Gone? In spite of the fact
that he was an orphan, in spite of the fact that he had no big
house or any of the conveniences you have, Abu was ahead of everyone
in helping others… Rasheed Sir’s Malayalam class… the students listen
to him absorbed … In the book that documented
the favourites of God, the first name was this… Abu, the son of Adam. Now I will ask you something,
you must all answer me, okay? Who do you want to be in
life when you grow up? Lakshmikutty, tell me I want to become a doctor. Swapna? I want to be a teacher. Subhash, what about you? I want to be a driver. Ammukkutty? I want to be Abu’s girl. Suni, how about you? Then I want only to be Abu, Sir. Suni, you stop right there… What’s it? You are not Abu, that’s me. So? Ammu is mine… You go man, if I look at
her, who are you to ask. Fight, fight, fight… Children, don’t fight… don’t fight… hey separate them
without just looking on… you are making them fight, huh? Till Subramani Appappan, our resident
drunkard, who had passed that way on his way back from the town selling
his little papads, separated them; they fought on that muddy path
on the side of the rice fields. Take your bags. Shanku, you move those kids… Children, go away… Prakasha, why do you fight
on the street like bad boys? Hey Prakash, are you mad? I don’t like her at all,
thin as a rake she is. I was only trying to tease you. I have been watching you follow her
around with a Champaka Flower. I like that fat girl,
Sarala Kumari. You can never stop hugging her,
she is like a soft cotton pillow. But someone else is
after your girl. That Karayogam
President’s son Suku. Both are Nairs, and
moreover his dad’s loaded. This Suku is an artist. Do you know what all he does? Don’t be scared. I am with you. We are now one! He threw hot water
over my pet cat. He is sitting near that stork
pond trying to trap chameleons. Come let’s go and bash him up. Prakash… come run… he
is going to kill you… I am tired to seeing
you boys fight. Always fighting! You stop there… You go man, you frog-eye! Are you not a beautiful flower… Am I not there in the
moonlight of your modesty Don’t say no, my pretty jasmine, Please don’t be angry with me Don’t go away Don’t take too long to speak I will be behind you all
the time now like the breeze Hey, look, Rameshan there… he stays next door to Ammu. If you can get friendly with him, you
can easily get Ammu to like you. Just offer to buy him Porotta, he
will jump into the well for you. Bro, get us two glasses of
diluted milk, sweet eh…. also two boiled eggs. Ramesha, may I pay
for your food? Prakasha, should you
really do that? So what Ramesha, we are
class mates, right? Oh yeah… Bro, get me five Porottas and
a plate of meat curry… So be it… His stomach has not tapeworms
but Anaconda inside. And so Porotta Rameshan who
was a second-bencher now went on to become a
third-bencher in that friendship. And the breeze surrounded
the smiling jasmine buds, Touched them without
their knowing Ran hither thither
and tickled them And the breeze surrounded
the smiling jasmine buds, Touched them without
their knowing Ran hither thither
and tickled them Are you not a beautiful flower… Is it not in the mind,
did the mind not hide it? Did you not smile,
and hide the smile inside? Along these country lanes, did
it not float like a fragrance? Did it not await your arrival? Oh, beauty of the rainbow When you were coming back Did you not steal
a glance at me? Above the glow of
the melting sun As her mind is revealed Don’t be scared to say You are mine… And the breeze surrounded
the smiling jasmine buds, Touched them without
their knowing Ran hither thither
and tickled them Are you not a beautiful flower… (Maths Class) Base square plus Altitude
square is equal to Hypotenuse square I thought, and the thoughts
were always for you I hoped, and it almost came near Your pleated your hair,
wore glass bangles And came to the
riverside in my dreams I wrote your name, my love, all along
my mind’s wall, in an alphabet of love You, the one with
Kohl-rimmed eyes The one who jingles
with mischief Tell me your response Don’t you like me? My beloved, I am only
an impoverished singer A shepherd who plays the
flute in the world of music Which song is this? Beloved indeed… Prakashan, you may go now… That was great! Josekutty, come… The sun salutation over The worship of Saraswathy done Bro, you have been done in… Singing Maya malava gowla Was to practice my tenor I prayed to my guru… Blood… Are you not a beautiful flower… Am I not there in the
moonlight of your modesty Don’t say no, my pretty jasmine, please don’t be angry with me Don’t go away Don’t take too long to speak I will be behind you all the
time now like the breeze And the breeze surrounded
the smiling jasmine buds, Touched them without
their knowing Ran hither thither
and tickled them And the breeze surrounded
the smiling jasmine buds, Touched them without
their knowing Ran hither thither
and tickled them Suku and Prakashan
continued their battle. Suni stopped his studies in protest against a
change of textbooks and joined the coir industry. That Sunday, he came to see
Prakashan with a news with a twist. You are saved Prakasha… your time is getting better What’s it? Tell me I am telling you… look… I found someone who can give you
just the right help in Amuses matter. I came running to
tell you that fact. Who? This guy is well-versed
with woman’s psychology. He needs just to glance to
know what’s in their mind. There’s nothing under this
sky that he doesn’t know. He has been in love with even
the supernatural, you know? – No!
– Yes! And this skinny Nair
girl is nothing for him. You come, I will introduce
you to him right away. It’s your luck that
I met that buddy. Now Suku is no obstacle to us. You just see! (Radio) I wish I was a dream who comes
in the swing of a golden fan He is usually here He is not seen? He will be here,
where can he go… Where can he go as he plays
the song on the radio? (Radio) I wish I was dream who kissed
the boundaries of heaven (Radio) Every day, deliriously happy
on my swan feather bed Look his chappals are here… Then he should be here… VKP? Hey Suni, when did you come? We have been here
since some time. How much time have you
been under water! Won’t you feel suffocated? There is a mermaid
in this lily pond. She came in during the last floods from
the sea and has been held up here. We sit and talk sometimes. Is that your friend? Yes, Prakashan, my friend. We were classmates. In which class are
you Prakashan? In Class X So how many years have you lost? Three. Good, it’s best to study after failure,
you can win only after failure. Even I have failed much. Come, let’s go. But… Hey, you stop there. It may rain, you can use
this as an umbrella. How’s my guy? He is alright. But is he eccentric? No, I mean, there are
no rain clouds anywhere, but why did he give us these
lotus leaves to wear in the rain? And that mermaid who came
in during the floods? You didn’t hear that? Even I have felt that he
slightly eccentric at times, but one thing I am sure of; there
is nothing he does not know. Suni, why does
everyone call him VKP? What does it mean? Suni, you didn’t go? What magic is this VKP? There was hardly a
rain cloud in the sky. But when you said it would
rain, God made it happen! It’s no magic. You just need to look at
the nature around you. If the dragon fly flies
low, if the Punnagam blooms, if the Pulachi Tree bears
flowers, there will be rain. The Punnagam flowers will
fall only in the rain. Even if the humans make wrong
calculations, nature is never wrong. It’s the divine truth. VKP means Visham Kudicha Pankajakshan
( Pankajakshan who swallowed poison) He attempts suicide now and
then because he fails in love. When beautiful maidens
come and knock in love, he opens the windows
of his mind wide. And they usually
cheat him and leave. VKP came to Pallipram with
the pain of such a cheating. Please light this for
me, my hands are wet. Suni, you friend wants
to tell me something. That’s correct, VKP, that’s
why he came with me. But when he met you face to
face he was embarrassed. Why Prakasha?
What’s up? – I have…
– I will tell you. He likes a girl and has been
pursuing her since Class V. But he just adds business to the
chappal company people, with no gains. He tried even black
magic, but to no avail. There are good attractive
girls in his community, but he is interested
in only that Nair girl. What can one do, VKP, she
won’t even look at him! So if she looks at
him, will he be happy? Done VKP, that’s the
only thing I want. These radio waves broadcast from some radio
station located miles away elsewhere. It needs to come into this radio
on the shores of this pond. If we make the effort, we humans
can also send these waves. When you see her next, you look intently at a certain point on
the left side of the back of her neck. She ties up her hair, right? Yes, in two pleats. But I like it in one pleat. Huh? You forget that for a while. So what I was saying was, you look
intently at a certain point on her neck. And send the wish you want her to
turn back and look at you, in waves. Do that strongly. If she is a girl, she
will turn back and look. – That’s science.
– Really? Any doubt? If not, as the cleric said, I
will stop this business that day. Is that okay? Nouns are modified
with quantifiers… using what? Quantifiers. There are seven types
of Vibhakthis… how many? Seven types… Uddeshika.. Prayojika.. Why are you standing here? Go to your classes… Did that peacock feather I
gave you give birth to more? Yes, it did Do you also want to give birth? Go go… can’t you look
where you are going? Gosh, I can’t believe it… she
turned and looked a few times… You are getting lucky, eh? Look VKP… But how does he
make this happen? All the boys in Pallipuram
are behind Manjurani Chechi… I admit he is great! I told you he is someone to
reckon with, you got that now? Manjurani, if you don’t give me a
favourable reply, I have no other option. I will hang myself right on a branch of
the mango tree behind Manjurani Tailors. – That’s for sure.
– VKP… When the Police come to
bring down the corpse, you must come and see me,
if you have time enough. And place a red
rose on my grave. I don’t want anything else. VKP, please don’t make me cry. If something happens to you, I
won’t remain on this earth. You are prepared to die for me,
but you will not live for me? How long did you say VKP
has been in this village? One month… Oh God! What will happen to
this village in a year? Why don’t you understand
my circumstances, VKP? Narayanettan who ran away from home, I
don’t even know if he is alive or dead. Its nine years since the
people hereabouts have been talking about me behind my
back or to my face as well. I have my own home, although
it’s only a small hut, and there’s always space there
for you Manjurani and your mother. No VKP, I will never get
that lucky in this birth. My life will conclude within the
wheels of this sewing machine. Life finishes the day your
dreams and hopes are over. Would you want to waste your life waiting
for someone who will never come back? If someone is missing for seven
years, the law says he is dead. It’s called civil death. VKP… He is a guru… buddy, a guru… VKP, VKP… mmm… we understood
everything, we saw… What? We saw you professing
love… to Manjurani Chechi… I too saw you both peeping
from behind the tree. What’s happening to your issue?
Has she turned and looked at you? Yes, VKP, she did. And today she suddenly turned and looked at me
like I had tickled her neck with a feather. Into my eyes. So, that’s enough? No, VKP, I want her to love me. Maybe not as much as I love her,
but a little, a small bit… Just a teeny-weeny bit… It will happen if you put
your mind to it, VKP. I am sure. My life will also be
happy like yours. Please don’t give up on me. Well, now we happen
to be friends. How can I not help you! Thank you I need know about this relationship in
detail right from the first moment. It goes as far back as
your Class V, right? You will have a lot to say! You are saying! There are stories and
stories to roll out! So, while Prakashan is
narrating his story, Suni please go to our Sarasechi
and buy a bottle of Amminikutty. I will be back fast, buddy. So tell me, when did
you see her at first? I saw her first in class. Rajappetta, Rajappetta,
what’s up today? Have the men of Pallipram
all gone on a pilgrimage? Even our Subramanya Pappan,
has not come in today. The only guy who put in an
appearance is that Kesavan Karuvan. They will come woman, you don’t
kill yourself over that thought. Let me sleep. It’s not something
that goes bad. Oh, let me go and take a pee,
how can I hold myself so long. And hey, keep an
eye on this place. Hey… Suku, because of you now we can’t get even a lizard
or millipede to boil in with the wash. Please let me continue
to make a living. You move off my way, woman! You… he should be beaten up… Hey, look who is coming in! Suni, how come you dropped in? I need a small
bottle Sarasechi.. Eh, Will your mother complain now that you
are splurging your hard earned money here? I don’t really want to
listen to complaints. Oh, it’s not for me,
Sarasechi, it’s for VKP! Eh, that new friend of yours? That man-mermaid? Look, go and tell him that I
have kept a special preparation ready for him, made from
jaggery and plantains. But I will give it only
if he comes in person. What! If he drinks that, he will say no to
everything else, that friend of yours! Sarasu, should this
happen when I am here? Come on! Here take the money. No, no, you keep that with you. Oh, you should not
have done that! Chechi… thorn..thorn.. What? There is a touch-me-not
thorn on your blouse. Ohh, what eyes you have, boy! Should I poke your
eyes out with this? Don’t cry, don’t cry, I said don’t cry! These girls are slippery. They will slip away every time without
letting us catch hold of them. Even the Lord above cannot understand
what happens within their mind. But we will find a way. Don’t you get tensed. VKP, that Sarasechi
is in love with you. When I said the bottle is for you,
you should have seen her face. She has made a special bottle of
arrack for you, go and get it, fast! That must have been
your misreading. She must have spoken
with affection. No, VKP, what I said is true. We can know that at sight;
that she is in love with you. – Really?
– Yes. Then it’s a good thing. Love is the most beautiful
thing in this world. Right Prakasha? VKP, tell me the truth, how many relationships
do you have in this part of the world? Want it? I will drink if you give me. Take just a sip, you are young
yet, and it will harm your health. That will do… It won’t harm me, VKP,
I am a working guy. That’s because you were
ousted from school… Okay, so Prakashan needs to be
loved by Ammukkutty, right? Yes, VKP, or I may die
of a broken-heart. I love her that much. I have been pursuing her
for such a long time. But in my opinion, Prakash, you
should not love her from now. Eh? Instead, you should worship her. Just worship her at every step. In the temple that’s Ammu, now there should
only be one worshipper, that’s Prakashan. Block every other
worshipper, completely! She should see only
you around her. And then one day, just
disappear from her view. She will start noticing your
absence in class with that. And ask a trusted friend to
watch her notice your absence. We will start with that for now. Not just she, but her
Aunt will fall for this. Will her Aunt also fall? I mean I just asked… So shall we begin, Prakasha? Let’s begin, VKP. Let there be love within you I am a harmless fellow,
please look at me Your beautiful form
should become mine Let there be love within you I am a harmless fellow,
please look at me Your beautiful form
should become mine You should know what my
enemy Sukumaran is up to Some day you should know
the truth of your love. I do so much adventure
to attract you, my love I hope you realise the sorrow
of this applicant to your love Every day as I wake, I
have only one thought Will you be kind enough
to smile at me today. When the masters hit us, throw
chalk at us, box our eyes, When we hear base square plus altitude
square is equal to hypotenuse square. When we see the logarithm
table and promptly faint When we loran poetry set to the
metre of kakali and manjari When we fail the Onam exam
and gape into the sky It’s only your beautiful
form in my mind I come to school not to eat Upma Not to grab the goodies
from Baby Chettan But inspired by my hope
of seeing my beloved. When I wait on the street,
if you glance at me, I bloom inside and my
mind dances in joy. Will you please leave me alone? Why do you disturb me like this? Will you please leave this
place for someplace else? You are just trouble! School prayer song… Namasthe Teacher. Sit Down What happened to your friend? He must be down with diarrhoea Did you write imposition? – Ammukkutty V
– Present Teacher – Rama T R
– Present Prakashan… Prakashan V S, absent? – Sukumaran…
– Present… – Saralakumari..
– Present. What’s there? Teacher, Paramu needs to shit. Go and come fast, Sukumara,
you too go with him. Hey Suku, why did you
say I want to shit? I feel so embarrassed. There is a reason. Look, I have no such sensation. Shut up and come with me Where are you off to
Suku, to catch frogs? To marry off your Mom… Why did you have to do that? May take the vessel? What did you have for breakfast?
This is a shame. Kallappam and tea The batter must
have gone sour… don’t waste time, go go.. Suku, tell me what happened
to you, what’s the matter? Have you gone mad? Today, in class, did you notice
her turning back to look at him? Who? That beggar Prakashan. But he was not in class today… Not that, she was looking
at the bench where he was not present, with
sadness, did you see that? I didn’t see, sorry, I was looking
at Saralakumari at that time. When you look at her, you
can’t see anything else. Well, I did. I saw her look back
again and again. This cannot be left like that. I know what to do. Don’t worry Prakasha, she loves you alright. All that anger is
love in disguise. Go ahead boldly; she is
going to give in to you. That’s guaranteed. But we need to bring out her
mind that’s in hiding right now. There’s a technique for that. We just need to smoke
that hole out. Means, you should
ignore her for a while. Pretend you have
not seen her even. Got it? Ignore! Why is that, VKP? Buddy, when he doesn’t look at her,
then she starts noticing her more. – Got that?
– Uhhh This love is not a simple
matter, it’s playing with fire. A girl is a burning ember. It’s swallowing this burning ember
that people call falling in love. That’s why all lovers have a
fire burning in their hearts. Kurinji, what’s the curry today? Lentil sauted.. You and your karuvathi
can have that…. hey what’s happen to this cat?
Gone mad? Aha, no wonder. Why is the Karayogam President’s
son at this Karuvan’s place? You didn’t go to school
today, Sukumara? No, I did not. I dropped in here on
my way to the granary. Did you have lunch? Yes What was the curry? Lentils and Jackfruit seed. Hey, that’s pathetic… you should have had sardines
fried with green pepper. Lentils and Jackfruit
seed indeed! Is that a meal to be had at a
Karayogam President’s house? Shame! Can you make a knife
with this, Karuvan? What? I need a knife which
is sharp at both ends; which will bring out the
intestines in one stab. Sukumaran, you get up and leave. This is a place where I make work
tools, and not knives to kill men. Just leave, I have a
hundred things to do here. He wants a favour indeed! I can give you what
money you ask for. I told you in fair terms
that I will not do it. Now don’t make me
angry, you just leave. Go. That’s a real woman. If you want to bring a woman to
you, find such ones like this. That’s the thrill of it. Yeah, very easy indeed. VKP, I have seen many types
of women, but one like this! I have never seen anywhere. Why are you glaring at me,
buddy, did I not say the truth? I thought so. She is another kettle of fish. Some women are like that. They are like snakehead fishes, slipping
away as soon as you touch them. It’s easy to catch a snakehead, you just have to rub some sand
on your hands and grab them. That’s when they are
already on land. The question is how to
get them to the land. Whether on land or in water, there is a
method to catching each type of fish. If it’s Etta, catch them by their
fins without touching their bones. But as far as I hear this
is neither Etta nor Koori. VKP, will you write
me a love letter? – Me?
– Yeah. Any woman will give in when they
read something written by you. That’s for sure. That’s right. Then I only need
to give it to her. I don’t need to stay and speak. But see, I need a mood
to write a love letter. We’ll get stuff from
Sarasechi if you want, VKP. No, it’s not that. Blood should flow on to the
paper from a broken heart. Only then will it
reach her heart. That’s the science of it. Does she have a relationship
with any other boy? That singer boy? No, nothing like that. Are you sure? I am not that sure. That’s what we need
to know first. Make sure. Only then can we think
of the next step. How can we know if someone
has a relationship? There’s a way. There will be a mild mist
around a girl in love. When she walks, lilies bloom in the
fields where water has receded. The flowers open in
unison on the fences. Wind will blow into the
banana plantations. Her starched skirt will
rustle in that wind. We can know by that
that she is in love. Give me a hand… Be quiet… this way… Will she have gone to her
Uncle’s house or something? Oooo Why did you hold on to
places you shouldn’t? Prakasha, there’s your
future Mom-in-law. The Mom-in-law looks good. Look, stop that. Hey, just joking… The crow seems to
be calling out. Who do you think will
come visiting, Ammukutty? Someone from Vadakkeppatt
may come, Mother. Look, I will be in the garden. Hey girl, some gandharvan will come and get
into your body if you sit there at noons. Aha, then I am certainly
going to look out for that. I have wanted to meet a
Gandharvan since some time. There will be a mild mist
around a girl in love… Prakasha… your case is lost… Hey it’s not mist, it’s smoke.. Oops, I was scared… You are at peace now?
Let’s go. Wait, let me look at
her a little more You come man, I need to
take coir to Kottappuram (Radio) The fragrance of Ilanji flowers
spreads into my senses… (Radio) That fragrance that once your face
lend to the rosewater shower of my dreams That’s a snakehead,
look how it darts.. No it’s not a snakehead, Sivarametta,
that won’t dart like that. That’s the mermaid, and
it’s a signal for me. Oh My God, here’s a mad guy… He must have thought me mad, perhaps he
won’t give me toddy again when I ask… Hey, you folks didn’t go? We did. And what’s up?
Is there mist? No mist, not even a hint
of hint anywhere around. So that makes it sure she has
no other relationships, VKP? So now there’s nothing to fear. She is not committed.
But was there wind? Wind… well just a bit, and
it went off immediately. Does that matter? Well, not much, but a silent
lover is hovering around her. But forget that. Since her mind is not committed for
now, let’s go ahead with our plans. Suni, you go to that
cashew gardens and… Here it is, we have even the
touchings to go with it… No, you keep this.
You keep it… Nothing is free in this world. Now we need someone’s
help, a messenger. Messenger? Messenger, like the clouds for the
Yaksha, like the swan for Nala, like Adoor Bhasi
for Prem Nazeer. A messenger like that. Usually we select the closest friend of
the lover girl in question as messenger. But there are two risks in that. One, make sure the girl doesn’t fall
in love with you in the process. That will be big trouble. Then, don’t ever praise our beloved
one too much to this girl. The messenger should not get
an inferiority complex. That may hurt our cause. Now, don’t waste time, go and
work around the messenger. Let me get wet for a while. The mermaid has been
waiting for a while. If I delay more, she
will get angry with me. We are keeping this here… Okay. Hey, You want something? Manorama Ohhh, give me… Hey… a Champaka flower, give me… from where did you get this? Poombatta… Give me… You want… Come on…. It’s a risk now… leave that one. Now if you tell her about
Ammu, she may trick you… that’s dangerous. Don’t be tensed,
we’ll find a way. Let me think a bit. VKP, why are you here. That’s what I want to ask
you, why are you here. You didn’t go to Kottappuram
with the coir today? I did, I came back early. – Why?
– There’s Ayyappan Vilakku today. I came to call Prakashan. Okay, so you give
this to Prakashan. Love letter? No, my leave letter. Say I gave this. You, where’s your uniform? Sir, I have dropped
out of school. Sine 2θ is equal to 2SineθCosθ… Hey, it’s not about
food, sleep on. Prakasha, the Headmaster
is calling you. We are saved… Sir… So, who is making
the pilgrimage? My Uncle Give a leave letter and go I have it with me, Sir… VKP gave it you know Look, give this to
that Suganthi Teacher For the function, how
temples are you covering? – Five temples, Sir.
– Oh? Moorkkanat Murali
Ashan is leading.. That’s great In the locks of Shoorppaka,
many birds nested…. Teacher, Kannappan and Manoj of VII
B are fighting, please come… ( she keeps the letter in the book
of Bhasura Chandran Master of XC) (Gramaphone) I will love you so much
that you be a maiden of the heavens… (Gramaphone) I will adapt these woods
into a nuptial venue Oh look, please check the pockets of my
shirt before you take it for washing… When those bangles are worn,
whose beauty is enhanced… Pappa, look rare guests
coming in, look… Sarasu, where’s my special. I heard you will give it
only if I come in person? Sarsechi won’t give us, but only
the new ones on the scene… Oh, it’s still
buried for maturing. We haven’t taken it out yet. I will give you the next time. My beloved, I may not have gold to give
you, but won’t I look after you well… This is our Subramania Pappan,
he had a love affair. Once upon a time. With an upper caste girl. Their folks did not
agree to the marriage. Pappan never married even after
Dakshayani Amma married. He started drinking
ever since that. He has never stopped. He is well educated
and well read. He was working in the steel
plant at Bhilai as supervisor. As the kaitha flowers bloomed on the brook
side, did I not adorn your hair with it… As I burn in my funeral fire, your memories will
burn like a fire tree that never dies out… ( the pooja occasion before a pilgrimage to the Sabarimala
commences, chants about the deity Ayyappa at Sabarimala) Come here… Look here, kid,
this is a chance… can you go into a
frenzy of prayer? This is such a chance for
you to shine before her. I can’t pretend a frenzy…
I am scared. Once someone faked things like this and the leopard
got him at Sabarimala, my Uncle told me this. Don’t be scared, you go into frenzy
and then apologize to God afterwards. Really? Yeah, you have acted
in dramas before. That was as a soldier. And you were shivering then. That was because I was scared
seeing the people out there. Wonderful! Look, that Sabu who goes into a frenzy just listening
to devotional music on the radio is there. If he starts before you, you
will lose all limelight to him. You do this if you want to. Should not we ask VKP? He is romancing
Manjurani Chechi there… you just go there fast… Should I? It’s for the Lord, don’t
be scared, just go. Look it’s starting
over there, go… Love drips sweeter than honey Love fills my eyes
and words today I wish to fly and
rise like a butterfly My mind wanders through
flowers in search of dreams Love drips sweeter than honey Love fills my eyes
and words today Has the sky come to my
fingertips to stroke Has the mind, fair
and cool, shattered In my heart love birds sing In my eyes stars shine silver In my heart come always like
a dawn of light sunshine It’s because human love
each other that it rains, flowers bloom and there’s
breeze on this earth. It’s not like your teachers at school say,
that it’s tilt of the axis of the earth. They don’t know what they say. Love drips sweeter than honey Love fills my eyes
and words today Who’s that stealing cashew nuts? Stop there… When we love, the woman we love will be
the most beautiful one on this earth. Her crooked nose, ugly lips, and
crossed eyes will look gorgeous to us. We feel then, just like that, that she has a
speciality that no one else has on this earth. To tell you the truth, it’s not the
woman, its love that is beautiful. You spread like the ocean
in the red of the dusk sky Me, the sun of the
day, melts in it. The pain that burns is so sweet The earth is more
beautiful than usual Come, love, near me, like the
breeze that hums a chant Panda, I told you
someone is behind him? This is he, that
outsider beggar. Why don’t we call in our
teams and bash him up? He is playing the smart
fellow in our village? We have time enough, let’s
see how far this will go. But before that, we should
teach the other one a lesson. That beggar Pallan. He is behind everything. Guys, haven’t you learnt the
laws of gravity in school? What? Leave that, do you know
who is Issac Newton? That guy on whose head and
apple or orange dropped? Not orange but a Jackfruit… why
do you go to school? For the noon meals? Ok, so what I meant to say was, love
has defeated even the laws of motion. Do you know that? The moment a person falls in love, he loses
his gravitational force that instant. The rest of the people are affected by
Newton’s laws, but not for the ones in love. Good that I dropped out. Love drips sweeter than honey Love fills my eyes
and words today I wish to fly and
rise like a butterfly My mind wanders through
flowers in search of dreams The romance between Manjurani
and VKP blossomed profusely, disappointing the
boys of Pallipram. In spite of dedicated
help from his close pals, Prakashan’s romance floated about
like a coconut fallen into a brook, reaching neither shores. Come, come, go inside… I thought it would rain, as
soon as I washed the clothes. How many days will it take for
Manikutty to deliver a calf? Her condition shows it
may happen in a week. My beauty is not eating
in spite of that? You eat it all, meanwhile
I will get a coffee. Oh, why, what’s
happened, Manikutty Go and check on her Prakasha, we should kill him, he put in a rod into my Manikutty whom
my mother brought up with such love. She should have given
birth this week. Poor thing, it’s
in so much pain. I can’t bear to see it. As far as I have heard, he is
more poisonous than you think. But however poisonous, God has not
given it the skill to walk back. We should use that
weakness to lock him. It’s quite late and he
has not been seen yet. He will come, VKP. After his rounds, he settles for the night
after drinking the blood of a black hen. In this area only the teashop owner
Dharman Chettan keeps black hens. When I spoke to him frankly,
he said he will be with us. He will come in search
of the hen, for sure. Without another person’s
help, that Karayogam President himself cannot get out of
that trap, forget his son. The more he pulls with one hand, the
blades sink deeper into his arm. The rest of his gifts he
will get in continuation. On his body, which is now devoid
of the smell of castor oil, that mix of naikurana powder
and the bark of the cheri tree which we had added is going to itch him till
it hurts for eleven days and eleven nights. The lizards, centipedes, chameleons and frogs of
disturbed Pallipram now began to live in peace. And time moved on. Time never turns
back once it’s gone. The annual exams of Class X was
over, and the school closed. Oh cuckoo, lower your tones, my
beloved is asleep, don’t awake her Oh moonlight, soften your light,
don’t let her dreams be snuffed out Prakasha, come and eat I don’t want If you skip dinner, you will lose the
weight of half a dove, they say. I said I don’t want it. Mom, those who don’t want
need not eat, you come back. Prakashan is upset. He has scraped through his exams and joined
for Pre-degree at Saraswathi College. He is worried about where
Ammukutty will join. She had scored
well in the tenth. Heard she is going to join
some college in the town. Today we will know if the shrimp
is in the pot or in the pond. Wait, there’s a smell of blood. Suku, when he returned from his
time in hiding, went straight to Kesava Karuvan’s workshop
along with Pandan Paramu. Instead of that two edged knife
that I asked for that day, can Karuvan make me a gun? Look Sukumara, I told you once already
that this is not the place for your games. Karuvane, don’t you want to take
forward that proposal from Nilambur that came for your elder daughter
and celebrate the wedding with pomp? By the time rains set in, don’t you
want to replace the leaking roof? This is the drink
of the white man. The intoxication will last
three days and three nights. This is not your wage,
but an advance. I will give you any wage. Anything you ask. Years ago, my father had made your grandfather
a double barrelled gun for him to go hunting. It was not a civet or a leopard, this gun
shattered the head of a killer tusker. I will make you a weapon which
is better than that one. That’s enough, Karuvane,
that’s enough for me. Banner: Saraswathi
College Pallipram Prakashan’s college opened the
next week after Suku returned. Look she is here. It’s a surprise. Saralakumari Hey Prakasha, you passed? I didn’t fail. You didn’t see Prakashan? I did. There’s no change in her VKP,
she is even worse than before. She didn’t even look
at my face and smile. I wish I had gone to
learn some trade. Don’t be disappointed,
we’ll find a way. I don’t think she will
love me ever in this life. VKP, you told me once you had a relationship
with a Yakshi once, is that true? You haven’t forgotten that! No I haven’t. I was once at
Palakkad for a while. She stayed on a Kadaka Pala tree in the corner of
the compound where the house I stayed was located. The Yakshis that live on Karimbana
trees are a little scary. Those who stay on Pala
trees are usually milder. This was a mild one. The Gandharvan living on the banyan tree on the way
to the Devi temple had been after her for a while. – She was that beautiful.
– Really? Her curly hair when opened would
reach her feet. It was that long. She smelt like a flower. Because she chewed betel leaves
her lips would always be red. She used to like me a lot. I got this habit of chewing
betel leaves from her. I wish so much I
could love a Yakshi. The first love is
always difficult. Once you get started then it goes
on to be a celebration of love. Every one you look at
will fall for you. But to get one started off, you will have
to cross a river full of crocodiles. What meat is this, Sukumara? I have never had such a tasty
meat preparation in my life. It’s so good. Manoharetta, you take this too. Sukumara, you didn’t tell
me why you called me here. It’s nothing else Manoharetta. You know that Tailor
Somettan’s son Prakashan, his cronies and that Man Mermaid
whom they are hanging round with. That Lover Boy? That’s not a nice guy. His approach to
women especially. I have been noting
him since some days. Manoharetta, you should be after that lover
boy and his cronies full time from now. You should inform me of their
movements immediately. Only that? Leave it to me. You gave me this huge treat
for this minor matter? When I asked for all they had,
that woman’s eyes popped out. You should have seen it. My Goddess, you have bought
up that arrack shop entirely! Like Manoharettan
was astounded today, like Sarasu’s eyes popped
out at the arrack shop today, I will see one more
person gape today, Paramu. You wait and watch
this Suku’s game. Ammu, smile please… A few days later, Suku went
to the typewriting institute with prints of her photo
taken from the lab at Bombay. In those days, photos
are a big thing. VKP, you swim about in the pond here in peace, that guy now
has shown his power and given Ammu a ride on his vehicle. We believed everything
you said till now. Why should you care
what happens to me. I blame only ourselves who
started out hearing your advice. It was I who told him
VKP was someone great. I just failed in front of him. I listened to what you said and
I have lost even what I had. I feel like dying. Have you finished
ranting, Prakasha? – Then you get ready.
– Why? You want to embarrass me in
front of everyone today again? No, buddy. Remember you asked me
once if it was possible to make Ammukutty love you
and bring her close to you? It was not yet time
for that then. But now it’s time. It’s the best time to use
the Vaishika Tantra. I need to know which gana she
belongs to, Shankhini or Padmini. I need to know if she
is Bala or Taruni. I need to know which Satwa
guna she belongs to. Then, we do Vashya prayogam. Prakasha, you said you wanted
to make her smile at you. It won’t just be a smile. I will make her come
after you, all smiles. Ammukutty will come
after this Prakashan. She is not Bala, but Tharuni. She is not Padmini or
Hastini, she is Shankhini. But if you need
to know exactly… no, it’s best you don’t
know that exactly. Her guna is Gandharva Satwa, that’s
why she loves the branches of trees. We’ll do Vashyam later. We’ll do bana prayoga now… Pancha bana prayoga. The sounds aa, i, u, e, ou.. These five sounds are
Kamadeva’s arrows. You have to chant these
sounds at least a lakh times. I will tell you the moolamantra. Om Kameswara Mohayya Swaha. Repeat please Om Kameshwara Mohayya Swaha.. That’s it, nothing more. Ideally you should chant on
a mountain or in a forest. But for now, you can
use a deserted place. Kamadeva, please bless me. Go you dog! Once the mantra has
been made your routine, you have to practice a certain breathing
routine in pranayama, like this. Sit like this and… show me… No, it has to come from here When you chant, draw your
breath inside, like this. When you look, send your breath
out with force, like this. That’s the arrow. There was thazhuthama here
plenty, can’t find even one now. Good god, Vanaja, come over here. What’s up mother? What has happened to the boy? You ask Soman to call
that astrologer Kesavan You have to send out the arrows to five points
of the body of the girl you want to attract. The first arrow to her heart. The mantra is Om Kamadevaya
Padmasaraya Am Swaha. If that does not work, then the second
arrow, to be shot to her chest. Om Kamadevaya
Ashokasharaya Im Swaha. That’s Am, this
is Im, that’s it. If this also doesn’t work,
the third arrow to her eyes. That should be cunning. The fourth to the centre,
and the fifth… no, you are not old
enough for that. Four will do for you. Shake hands, wish
you all the best. May Kamadeva bless you. Are you mad? Why are you staring at me? I have been tolerating
this for so long. If you do this again, I will
slap you with my chappals. Dirty guy. – Sometta…
– Yes? Could you pluck a Jackfruit
from that tree in the yard? We could make a curry with
Jackfruit and mango for dinner. You like that no? Let me see. Why are you following me about? Why can’t you go
and hang yourself? Mom, what are you frying there? It’s sardines, why? Nothing… Eat slower, idiot. You will die if a
fish-bone suffocates you. Get me some water. Why are you crying? It’s spicy… Go and get it yourself. Here is a wrist watch. Wear the glasses too. Go now. Prakash, what’s happening? It’s a mess VKP, all this arrow sending
and shooting won’t work with her. She called me mad to my face. My heart broke. That should not have happened. Did you not chant before
you drew your breath in? I did exactly that. Do you know, he would have
breathed his last today? It was pure luck that his mother fried
sardines, he escaped by a thread. Prakasha, so we will need
to fry many more sardines. VKP, it’s all a joke to you. She called me a madman in front
of everyone, I felt so hurt. I just wanted to die. He has bought a camera, VKP. It’s a magic camera. Whomever he photographs with
that becomes his slave. This was leaked by mistake
from Pandan Paramu. Right? Yes, is there such
a camera, VKP? Not in our place. But it exists outside, in
Japan and Czechoslovakia etc. The electromagnetic waves emanating from
the camera during the time of photography, influences the mind of the
object being photographed. That’s true. You must attract her to me
somehow before that, VKP. I beg of you VKP, otherwise
I will kill myself. Even if sardines are fried. VKP, please help him. What’s your loss here? Prakasha, I got it, get up, don’t
you have anything better to do? This VKP does not know anything. He was just tricking
us all the time. You didn’t get it, right? A garland which
adorned a corpse… a moovila leaf which blew
in with the wind and was gathered by the left hand
before it falls to the ground… the feathers of a peacock, the eggshells and bones
of a crow pheasant, wings of a bee, leaves of kayyonni and
poovankurunnu shrubs soaked in the juice of kallila and ground
by a virgin at a graveyard, bring me these things. If you do, I will attract
her to you that very day. But remember one thing, not one
of these should be missing. Only then can I prepare the ashes
needed for the attraction procedure. Did you get it? When will I get
this into my hands? To make heated iron mature, it needs to be soaked in oil which
has been boiled with Pala flowers and kept for 41 days without it
being exposed to the rain or the sun. When you pull the trigger its body
should not shiver even for a second. The gunpowder inside the gun
should be as fierce as your hate. You want to shatter the
head of your victim, right? Yes. Leaves of kayyonni and
poovankurunnu shrubs soaked in the juice of kallila and ground
by a virgin at a graveyard… this is a tough one, Suni. I can manage to get the leaves, my grandmother
knows every single leaf there is, but which virgin will come
with us to the graveyard? We can take them somehow, but
is it possible to get someone? That’s the issue, buddy,
where is the virgin? Why not your cousin Bindu,
wouldn’t she come if you call? That won’t work, she
is not a virgin. Eh? No! Yes! It has happened on the eve of the
wedding of Vasanthi Chechi next door. With Kunjettan. And she gives me a kiss now and
then to keep me in silence. You are not saying! Promise, upon my Ammukutty.
Enough? How bad this is. So no hope there too. So what do we do now buddy? We’ll drop this, Suni. Let her love any frog-eyed guy. I am not fated. Leave it? Look here, after
all this hardship? Suni, that Nun was
looking for you. Did you say you will pluck
the coconuts at the convent? Go there fast. Oh, I had forgotten that. Look, I will be back. You be here. I don’t want the coconuts to fall
on the Nun’s head because of me. Suni, come, we have to go somewhere. Where? You just come. Prakasha, you both have
swelling on your faces. Where were you? You would not have got the items
for making the ashes, huh? You just leave it Prakasha,
I told you it’s not easy. We’ll find another way. A leaf which blew in with
the wind and gathered by the left hand before
it falls to the ground. Three of them. A garland from the graveyard. Egg and feathers from a
female crow pheasant. Peacock feather. The wings of a bee. Leaves of kayyonni and poovankurunnu shrubs soaked
in the juice of kallila and ground by a nun. Nun? A nun is a virgin. So the graveyard? The place where the church is
now was a graveyard before. Can’t you attract
her to me now, VKP? Yes. Now we can. This VKP will do it for you. Our Kurinji has been missing
for two days, Chandrika. She must be with kittens and lying
in labour in the shed or something. You can see it come after
two days with its kids. It’s only the month of Kumbham
and it’s hot already. Oops, I am feeling so cold. You are the real friend. There wouldn’t be another
friend in history that has done so much to fulfil the
love needs of a friend. Take this, go at midnight without anyone
seeing you, smear this on her inner step. In another 3 hours, she
will be your slave. You just wait Prakasha.. Under her feet? Midnight? How do I do that VKP? Our Rameshan lives next door. Go there and ask him to sprinkle some
sand on the window sill of her room. Then she cannot close
the window at night. You can open it simply at night. How do I know which is her room? What sort of a lover are you if you don’t
know which room your woman sleeps in? Her home is two-storied, right? If that’s so, girls of her age
will have her room upstairs. And probably sleep with the window
open in constant expectation of a Gandharvan who will swim
across moonlight to reach her. Suppose the house
is one-storied? Then she will sleep
on the roof… You go and do what I said. Go. You go and see Rameshan. I will finish some work by that
time, I need to cover up the husk. Buddy, now you go alone. I will keep watch for you. If someone comes, I
will drop a signal. Watch your step, okay? Love is a stairway from
hell to heaven, Prakasha. In what in you did
I fall in love Is it your pearly teeth, your cheeks where the
nose ring reflects Or your lotus shaped eyes? I don’t know, I am an
innocent forest damsel Love is a fall, a fall with
no dimensions specified. That’s why they say
one falls in love. Whenever I hear the sound of
a sewing machine somewhere, I feel like I am listening
to Yesudas singing. I didn’t know a sewing machine
had so much music to its sound. So long I had been a
one-winged bird in the sky. I was given this human
birth to love Manjurani. If you call me out VKP, this Manjurani
will come with you to any death. Manjurani, I have no death. Your love has made me eternal. I have never seen such a night
and moonlight before, VKP. All the stars are in
someone’s eyes today. That’s why the moonlight
is so beautiful today. And who is more beautiful than that, the
one who wears the costume of moonlight… Hey man, bring down those boxes Yes Sir. Narayanetta… How long have I been waiting, thinking
you will come today or tomorrow! You could have written
me at least a letter. I ask the postman
whenever he comes… He cannot play around
much now, Suku… Her mahout has landed
to take care of her. That’s not enough, Panda. That man should know about
all his dirty stuff. Not just him, but all the
people of this village. People should chase and stone him like a
mad dog, like they did me that day… I will take care of
that part, Sukumara. There is no one like me in this
village to gossip and make trouble. What meat is this? I have never eaten such
a thing in my life. This meat will have exquisite
taste, Manoharetta. When he bit me yesterday, I decided
I would put him on the boiler. Who? The itchy-scratchy dog of the toddy
shop, which was trapped by these hands, it’s that dog’s meat
that you just had. What? Dog meat. What you had yesterday was the meat of
the cat, Kurinji, of Karuvan’s house, which I had strangled
with one hand. Varghese, what happened, the
mail has not come today? It will come,
two-three hours late. The train is late
today also, eh? Pappan, why are you here? Did I ask you why you
are here, at this hour? Your business fell into a
loss, eh, Pankajaksha? If you insist that what you give has
to be got back at the same measure, then you have to call
it business, right? I just mentioned this. If the clouds ask the grass for a fee for
making rain happen, what will happen? I just said it… Prakashan went round floating after
Ammukutty, without any gravity. Subramania Pappan melted to nothing
thinking about Dakshaayani Amma who is living elsewhere
with kids and grand kids. And VKP was swimming about in the
thrill of a love he had never known. I never imagined Kumari Sarala would
do this, even in my dreams, VKP. It’s nothing… let her love or marry anyone. You too love someone Suni. Let everyone love everyone else. The wind may love this
tree, the tree these birds, the birds love the clouds, the clouds love
the sky and the sky loves lightening… VKP, does the sky and
clouds listen to you? Sometimes… Pour, Suni. Wait, did you hear any sound? That’s that Shobechi
washing clothes. Not that, a bird singing? Yes, an owl hooting? Not owl. It’s the Kalanemi bird’s song. If you hear it at dusk,
that’s death for sure. The God of Death is on the prowl,
you be careful both of you. In Kesava Karuvan’s workshop, the last phase of the
making of the gun for Frog-eyed Suku was complete. Here, the bullets are here… My work is over here. Now Sukumaran, it’s you
and your business. Don’t pull me into
the midst of this. Sarasu, give me one more. Narayanetta, that’s enough. You will need four people
to carry you home. You go woman. I will drink as much as I like.
Who are you to ask? You just need the money, right? Narayanetta, why are you
talking like a stranger? Don’t our mothers belong
to the same family? When I have money, I have
so many in the family. When I was loitering around,
Narayanan had no family. Don’t tell me the
qualities of the family. I was not speaking with
your money in mind. Just saying you shouldn’t
drink yourself to death. Huh, as if I am going
to die drinking this. I have drunk much more at star hotels
in Santa Cruz, do you know that? Even if I die, who
suffers a loss? You? If it was to die, you could
have died right there. Why did you have to come back
and make that poor girl cry? Yes, I will make her cry. Not her alone. She has poured fire
right into my mind. When I saw that black thing on the clothesline,
like dead crows on the power line, I knew she had cheated me. When I left this place, she wore jumpers,
when I come back, she wears brassieres? How is that, tell me? I bought five red ones from the
Matunga market, do you know that? He doesn’t know me well. I have seen blood aplenty to reach
this life, I will fry that pig. Do you want papadams, to fry? Small ones? I might, for his death ceremony. Keep some ready. The ceremony is only after
death, are you going to die? I am going to kill, not die. Who decides whether we are
going to kill or be killed? It’s all His decision. Give me that. It’s his end today. Are you not going home today? I am asking you. Should I? You going to stay on here? It’s 9.30, the Police
can come in any time. Keep that there and go home. Rajappetta, wake up, something is wrong, you
please go and see Pankajettan, and ask him to hide himself. That Narayanettan has
something on his mind. There’s something wrong here. I am scared. Sarasu, don’t be scared. Pankan will be alright. I will go to him right away. Don’t give anyone
anything more tonight. Prakashan and Suni somehow came
to know of Suku’s secret moves. We will stand here. VKP can go home only this way. We will go after him
till he reaches home. Right, here we can also see
anyone going to the pond. Don’t tell VKP. If we tell him, he may say
no to our going with him. What is he doing in the pond?
He is not seen till now. Suku is more angry
with me than them. He must have understood that
I was behind that incident. I thought he would get
better after that incident. What’s the use? A dog’s tail will remain curved
even if we try to straighten it. True. Some people are like that. They won’t change. Cursed lives who are
not fated to enjoy the fragrance and music of life
till their last moment. Oops, someone is coming. Narayanetta, that Sarasechi
has understood something. She has sent Rajappettan
out to warn that guy. I was pretending to be
drunk and sitting there. But she sent me out as soon
as you had been sent out. I felt a doubt even then. I heard everything as I hid. Pappan you are late? I am a little late. Usually at this time, I would
have had my first sleep. Now, the dawn is not going to hold
itself because Pappan was late to sleep. But, you are on the right time. Look here he comes. You sit right there, let him see
only me, don’t come out now. Why are you here at
this hour, Narayana? I am waiting for
someone, Rajappetta. A small account to settle. I don’t think he will come now, but I am not going to leave
this account unsettled. We will finish this. Hey, Narayanetta, what
do you have in hand? You have several sins to redeem
over several births, Sukumara. You will be born next birth
as a dirty diseased dog. You will also be born as a
lizard, a snake and a worm. How many ever births you may take, you will
go from here after suffering everything due. Go, go and suffer. Come… After a few days of fever,
Shanku the Idiot came back to the country paths to
get his share of sunlight. Although his father’s
money got him off the case, Paramu’s death by rabies and Ammu’s total
avoidance of him made him lose his mind. Kochu Baby Chettan sold more of his
goodies to new Prakashans and Ammuttys. Bijuvetta, tell me, did Ammukkutty
not love Prakashettan, then? Have patience…
I will tell you. I am fed up, Prakasha. How many years have
you been after her? Has she shown any
love all these years? Even a rock would have
moved in its place by now. I am telling you,
please let this go. Find another girl. That’s best. Don’t you have better looking
girls in your college? That’s true. There are many more
beauties in my college. I look at them too. But it’s only when I see her
that my heart beats like a drum. My palm sweats. When she looks in anger,
my limbs go cold. You know the feeling we
have when we swing high? I feel that way the
rest of the day. Only when she smiles do I feel
weightless and float in the sky. I tried to give up, but
I just can’t, Suni. I know Prakasha, I only said this looking
at your sad state. You do as you like. What else can I say? Its many days since I
turned up for work. If I don’t go today,
I might lose my job. Affairs at home are not good. My mother is down
with back pain. May I go now? Call me if there’s anything. I will come. VKP prepared for another journey, putting
an end to his tumultuous life at Pallipram. These are copies of my love
letters and suicide notes. This is a greeting. This is my broken heart. Every line in this bears
the warmth of my heart. All this is now for you. When will we see next, VKP? This world is small, Prakasha, we
will see each other somewhere. I need to go to the
Pond once more. To ask permission for
this temporary journey. Prakashan, you
should come with me. Prakasha, there are no
short cuts to love. It’s a revolution. One should go through it
knowing every pain it offers. Those pains will purify your love,
like the water of this pond. Love is magic. It brings alive everything. Stones, trees, the pond, the mermaid, the sky, the
clouds, the winds, all start to speak to you. Lust is grabbing and
making something your own. Love is sharing. A sacrifice. Lust will say, what I
want is what you need. But Love will say, I will wish
for you to have what you need. Love is not a bondage, it has
a freedom, it’s a journey. In real love, we may
even not get it back. If we desire like that, it’s
not love, it’s selfishness. This is the truth I understood
after so many years. You should go and meet
Ammukutty in person, Prakasha. Look into her eyes, and say all
you want, without hesitation. Only then will she
understand you. Ammu… Who are you? Is Ammu here? Yes, what do you want? From where are you, child? I am Prakashan, I
am in Ammu’s class. I wanted to ask her
something urgently. Could you call her? Yes, She is in that
garden, studying. You want to clear any doubts? Yes… Why, why did you come here? To see you, I came
just for that. Just to say that if you hate seeing me
so much, I will not come before you. I like you that much. I love you more
than you hate me. Look, I have been following you
like a shadow since Class V. Prakashan has gone after only one
girl so far, and that’s you. Have you even turned
and looked at me? Oh, how can she, she
is that princess! You will go before a stranger
you have never seen in life, all dressed up and in the
name of bride-viewing. But you cannot love someone who has carried
you round in his heart, even a little? No, you need not love me now. I don’t want anyone’s love now. You remember one thing, all the bird-brained
girls who have rejected sincere love, will write their life story in Agony
Aunt Columns of pulp magazines. I hope that does
not happen to you. Even if you hate me, tease me, even you spit on my
face, you are my life. Even if you don’t love me, I will love you till my death. You alone. I don’t need anyone’s
permission for that. Prakashan will never come
before you saying this again. Never in my life. Prakasha, did you
know something? Our Subramani Pappan died. He asked for a black tea from his aunt
and went and lied down on the veranda. When he didn’t get up for a while, Babyechi
went and called, and it was over by then. He looks like he is sleeping,
with a smile on his face. We are going to Dharmettan’s
place to get petromax. You go over there. One more thing happened. That Dakshayani Amma
came to see Pappan. She was in such tears. One could not bear it. As I burn in my funeral fire, your memories will
burn like a fire tree that never dies out… There wasn’t a day when we hadn’t met, now
it’s so long since we met, my beloved. The love affair of VKP’s was one
that created a ruckus in Pallipra. Two communities even fought
each other over this. But no one could separate them. They got married too. But God did not allow them to
live together for too long. Prakashettan now lives
in those memories. He continues to romance
Ammukuttyechi. (Radio) Can we separate
from each other? (Radio) My darling bloom
in me as new life