rain helios it has a Trinity mount frame three 100
millimeter wheels and is the highest end rain skates that they make currently
let’s break this box open because man I’m so excited let’s go as usual with
any pair of inline skates that I buy from inline warehouse I order this bag
with it and it’s seven dollars to get this little bag it is so worth it just
to have an extra bag to carry new pair of skates around in now these skates are
made by powerslide which normally come in a blue and white box but the rain
skates have a different scheme here and a nice handle to carry them with so they
come with the wheels and bearings disassemble the the frame is mounted to
the boot it seems but we’ve got these nice soft prime wheels a set of six and
the website said they are 74a so they should be super sticky wicked abec
nine bearings here we’ve got the rain helios skate
with a katana frame this is supposed to be a rockerable frame so you should be
able to rocker the wheels it has a Trinity mount so you have two here and
one here in the middle I’ve done a little bit of research on it but I’ve
never skated a Trinity mount frame before according to the experts at power
slide the Trinity mount allows the wheels to sit higher up which allows you
to bring the boot closer to the frame I’ve heard that it minimizes vibration
because there’s more there are more points here to take some of the pressure
the frame should bend less and and flex less which will result in a higher
transfer of power a more instant transfer of power I don’t want to skate
with these wheels outside because they’re so soft I really want to save
these wheels to do something inside with there we go this shot isn’t really as glamorous as
it seems this is me getting used to how high up I
am in hockey skates the boot is really stiff and I’m used to being on the ice
with a group like this with a blade that sits much lower this is what I like to call the opening
phase where I just try to get the feel of a skate by testing my lateral agility oddly enough my brain is having trouble
separating my muscle memory from the ice because I’m in a hockey skate so at this
point I sort of feel like I’m tripping over my blade slalom doesn’t have a
great feel to it yet the boot is so stiff they’re unbelievably responsive
and as such they can feel a bit unforgiving I really can’t stress enough how great
the power transfer in these gates is though they feel much more stable than
anything I’ve ever skated them and surprisingly they’re really comfortable
even though they aren’t broken in yet they respond extremely well at hockey
drills and can handle a bit of dancey Freestyle movement after some practice
of course but my socks started to ball up at this
point and because the boots are so stiff I actually have to completely unlace
them in order to get my feet in and out of them and to top it off I think that
I’ve broken bearing already I’d hope that they’d be better for
slalom which which I never expected that it would be a slalom skate but I hope
that it would be better than it is so I think at this point we’re just gonna go
back to the car and ditch the baggage and hit the street
as hard as I can to get some exercise in before I go to work so I suppose the question now is do you
recommend me skates my answer is absolutely yes
I definitely recommend these skates in fact these are probably my favorite pair
of inline skates that I’ve ever owned I know I just got them and I don’t really
know that much about them yet however they just feel fantastic I like a pair
of skates the most when they feel good when everything I do make sense in them
and of course the best advice that I could give to any skater is when you
want agility and control and speed you want your skate to act as a tennis shoe
you want everything to be fast and responsive and you really need a boot
that is stiff for this endeavor this boot is made out of carbon fiber and it
has Kevlar woven into it so that it will maintain its integrity I’m not an expert
in skate making so I can’t tell you whether or not this boot is going to
hold up over a long period of time because I’ve only had it for a few days
and I’ve only skated in it for maybe four hours at this point but I can tell
you that I wouldn’t trade this skate for another one I can say for sure that the
skates that I buy in the future are probably going to have trinity mounts on
them I have a couple of skates in mind that I’ve really wanted for a long time
and I’m considering looking at other options in order to get a trinity mount
for things like inline freestyle slalom even if you don’t buy this skate my goal
is not to sell you a skate specifically but to help you better understand what
skates are good for which uses and why this skate is good for hockey agility
power skating and why it will be good for you if you like to do Street skating
and spend a lot of time running up and down stairs and and things like that
cornering and tight turns the demand that these frames can handle is
really impressive I’ve never I’ve never skated a skate that is so responsive so
that’s it for my review I hope that you enjoyed it and that it helped you make
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