♪♪ -I’m here with Post Malone. And he’s gonna take me
to his favorite restaurant, Olive Garden.
-Yeah, very excited. -Now, you have no connection
to Olive Garden. Want to put this out
before we like — -Yeah, yeah. I have not been
monetarily compensated by Olive Garden
to do or say anything. -Me neither. I’ve never been
to an Olive Garden ever. Oh, dude, we’re here.
-We’re family. -Yeah.
We’re here, we’re family! We’re here, and we’re family!
Let’s do this! -We’re family!
-Let’s go, Olive Garden! ♪♪ -What the hell? Thank you, sir.
-Enjoy. -Your server should be
right with you, all right? ♪♪ -Hi, folks.
How are you? -I’m good.
How are you? -Welcome to the Olive Garden. -This is my first time here.
Yes, I’m a first-timer. -First-timer.
Okay, welcome. -I wore olive pants.
-Ooh. -Do you have booze?
-Free wine samples. Free.
-Free? -Free wine samples. -Wait, I’ve heard
only about breadsticks. So I can eat free breadsticks
and free wine? -So, you get a free wine sample
to start and breadsticks. And the bread sticks
are phenomenal. -Can we have the butter
with the breadsticks? Like a [bleep] load of butter?
-Extra butter. -It actually
says that on the menu. -[Bleep] load of butter! ♪♪ -Hey, salute.
-Salute. -Salute.
-Salute. -Salute. -What is that palate picking up? -Mm.
I’m picking up some, like — -A grape.
-Yep. -Like, an alcohol type of thing
or, like, do you think — -[ Laughs ]
You think it’s a grape — -Oh [bleep] it went in my nose. -[ Laughs ] You can’t snort the wine.
-[ Laughs ] -I don’t know.
Maybe you can. Can we snort the wine?
-Oh, yeah! -Let’s snort the wine.
Here we go. ♪♪ -All right.
I’m gonna show you how to do the Olive Garden breadstick,
Post Malone-style. -This is it. -Just get the butter
nice and open. Pick your stick.
You get first pick. It’s your first time here. That’s your stick.
-Wow. -And what you’re gonna
want to do is take a bite. -Okay. -Okay?
That’s it. Suck it up.
-Uh-huh. -It wasn’t the best thing
you’ve ever had, but now take your butter knife. Cut about
2 millimeters of butter. Just put it on. Cheers.
-Cheers, buddy. This is fun. The contrast. It’s garlicky.
-Mmm. -It’s salty.
-Mmm. -It’s buttery.
-Mmm. -It’s hot, and it’s cold. What else do you want?
-Nothing. -Holy moly. And these are free?
-These are free. [ Laughter ] How’s that?
[ Laughs ] -It was a mistake. ♪♪ -So I have some salad
for you guys. -Oh.
-Thank you so much. -You’re very welcome. -Healthy, too.
-Grazie. -I heard the salad’s
good here, as well. -Well, it’s free.
It’s unlimited. -Wait. What? What do you pay for here? -Would you like some fresh
parmesan cheese on top? -You know what?
I like croutons. Can I just get
a laundry basket of croutons? ♪♪ [ Laughter ] -Oh, cool! Cool! -While we’re waiting
for the entrées. -Wow! Jimmy, you’re the best dad ever. ♪♪ You look cool. -Hey, do you want to know
a little secret about me? -Yeah. -I have a special power.
-Okay. -I can guess if you like ketchup
or if you like mustard. -Okay. [ Laughter ] -You ready for this? You’ve got to look at me
in the eye, though. You think it’s easy. Don’t try to lie and try to —
you’re trying to fake me out. Look at me. Hey, can I ask you a question? Where did you go
on vacation last year? -Rome. -Oh, really? Did you stop by to see the
ketchup at the Vatican? -[ Laughing ] Am I right? -He’s good.
He’s good, guys. -Yes! -Chris, come here.
Do it to Chris. Does he like
ketchup or mustard more? -Wow.
This is tricky. -Yeah, he’s good.
-‘Cause he can look like — -He’s a brick wall. -I feel like my powers
are drained, but I’ll try. Chris?
-Yes, sir. -Did you have
a good birthday last year? You did?
-I did, yes. -Oh.
Because what was at the party? You had a cake
and you had probably a hot dog with…
mustard on it? -Oh!
He’s good! Yeah! -Get outta here! -He’s a mustard type of guy.
Everyone knows it. -I’m exhausted!
-Everyone — I know.
I don’t blame you. ♪♪ -Are you ready
to place your order? -We’ll take two chicken
parmesans, extra crispy. -Two chicken parm.
-That’s my jam. -Now listen.
Don’t worry about penne, ’cause I know you want penne,
but it’s only gluten-free. So we’ll have the rigatoni. -So you want —
So instead of spaghetti, rigatoni with marinara on top.
-Yes, ma’am. -Just some clarification here.
This is unlimited? The salad?
-Free, unlimited salad. -Do we pay for anything?
How do you guys make money here? ♪♪ -Extra crispy chicken parms.
-Mmm. -Ooh.
-With rigatoni and marinara. -That’s it right there?
-Mm-hmm. [ Clapping ] Rufio! Rufio! Rufio! Rufio! Feel free to just like dip in
whenever you want. ♪♪ -Hey, yo,
It’s my friend’s birthday. -Yes, we do
a complementary birthday cake. -Complementary?
-And we sing happy birthday. Is that okay? -You don’t pay for anything
at this place. It’s unbelievable. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ ♪ Happy birthday dear Post ♪ ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪
-Wow. [ Cheers and applause ] -Wow!
That’s how you do it. Hey, I really did
get you something. -You did?
-Yeah. Back when I did “Late Night”
we would tell everybody, “When you’re here,
you’re family.” -Mm-hmm. -And so the owners
of Olive Garden — even though I’d never been
to an Olive Garden — they legally gave me the slogan “When you’re here,
you’re family.” Because they were
getting rid of it. They were phasing it out
and getting a new slogan. -Really? -So I legally own “When
you’re here, you’re family.” -Wow! -And I want to transfer
everything over to you. -Jimothy…
No, sir. You shouldn’t have done this. Oh, my God. [ Laughter ] It’s done. It’s done.
That’s it. -How great is that?
-Thank you, guys, so much. -Let’s get out of here
before I have to pay the bill. -Here grab this.
Grab it. ♪♪ -Thank you again!
-Thank you! -I want to say thank you,
Olive Garden. Thank you, Post.
You’re awesome. -Bongiorno.
-Bongiorno! -Thanks, Jimothy. -You have a little wine
on your nose. -Oh. ♪♪ [ Cheers and applause ]